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A Muppet Family Christmas

An awesome Christmas special
I remember seeing this special when I was younger and I recently acquired the video. I've watched it a few times already. It's so cute and involves all the muppet characters (including fraggles and Sesame Street characters). My favourite parts are when the turkey tries to 'woo' Camilla and when the Swedish Chef tries to cook Big Bird. It's very amusing. And of course, Miss Piggy must make a grand entrance! I highly recommend this movie if you are in a giddy or childish mood. Every child I know enjoys this video.

Final Destination

This was a great teen movie. The premise is haunting: a guy has premonitions of who among his friends/classmates will die next. The film takes the viewer on a ride on a gory and violent experience. If you are weak in the stomach, you'll want to close your eyes for parts of the movie. Though not necessarily a "scary" movie, the film was intense and leaves you walking out of the theatre stunned. I give it 4 stars, 2 thumbs up, etc.

The Skulls

Overall poor movie
The main draw to this movie, at least for me, was Joshua Jackson. The characters were not well developed which left most of the weight lying on the actors and actresses. Unfortunately, Jackson's portrayal was ok at best. My advice, wait for the video. Not to say that the movie was all bad, but, unless you are extremely intrigued by secret societies or Joshua Jackson, you'll walk out of the theatre asking yourself why you just spent money on the film.

Scream 3

not worth admission
In this horror trilogy that changed the genre forever, the final installment was a letdown. True, it ended where it all began (literally), it did not have the magic that "Scream" had. Of course, there was plenty of gore & violence in the movie, but the killings came to be very expected. I, myself, am a dedicated Scream Trilogy fan, but I'm glad to see it end. For those of you who haven't seen the movie, wait until it comes to video.

Joan of Arc

This is an awesome movie
The story of Joan of Arc was never really interesting to me until I went with a friend to see "The Messenger." Milla Jovovich did an excellent job as a tormented Christian who was dealing with the question of "has God sent me?" Dustin Hoffman's rendition of "the Conscience" was thrilling. The movie really leaves you questioning your own beliefs about religion. Although the movie was on the gory side (they were fighting a war, and all), overall the film was excellent. I highly recommend it.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

What an awesome movie!
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me was a great comedy. There, of course, was Mike Myers. Of his three characters, Dr. Evil was by far the funniest. With his confusion over the decades (money-wise) and his "compassionate & sincere" duets with Mini-Me, he definitely made the movie worth seeing. Other characters such as Felicity Shagwell and Scott Evil had their moments too, but Dr. Evil was the greatest part of the movie.

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