Hysterical, fast-moving, thought-provoking, nasty
I loved it. While watching the movie, I was taken with Reese Witherspoon's facial contortions, the sweetness of the football player, the iconoclasm of the sister, the self-deluding idealism of the teacher. I could identify with them all. And I particularly appreciated that each had a sympathetic side, as well as an over-the-top aspect. At first I thought too much was crammed into the movie -- and it did continue just a little too long. But I keep thinking about it. Why do we all hate the kid that is so eager to answer the question (even if we respond the same way ourselves)? When is it OK to sabotage what is our perception of evil? Does any of it matter?

Wag the Dog

A brilliant satire
This was the best political satire I have ever seen. The plot was outrageous and yet so much of it was familiar and rang true. The actors seemed to have great fun with it. A movie for political junkies and cynics.


Don't look to this movie for facts.
I watched this movie because I was interested in Harlow's story, but that is not what the movie attempts to show. Caroll Baker had no magnetism, and seems a creature of the 50s not 30s. It focussed on her virginity at the time of her marriage to Paul Bern and the marriage ruined her because of her sacred ideas of sex and the marriage vows. It completely ignored that she had been married previously. And it gave no insight on her death.

Home Alone

Too violent!!
This movie reminds me of "War of the Roses", which many people thought was too violent and nasty. I was bothered by the cartoonish violence, and certainly would think twice before letting a young child see it.

Lost in America

Rich yuppies take to the road and lose everything. Boo hoo.
This is the worst movie I have ever seen. It was boring and obnoxious at the same time. My husband and I both found ourselves checking out the architecture of the theater rather than the movie. We use it as the standard for bad movies.


Ghosts in purgatory try to save souls by corrupting prudish banker.
Hysterical movie, great characters, and watch for ghosts carrying Roland Young through lobby of hotel. Plenty of social commentary -- totally politically incorrect. My all-time favorite comedy.

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