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Merry Christmas, George Bailey

An excellent radio broadcast that elaborates on "It's a Wonderful Life."
This is a quirky and unique presentation of "It's a Wonderful Life" done as a live radio brodcast. The excellent acting done by the star studded cast, and even some goof ups because it is filmed live, add to the fun. Possibly the best part was watching the sound effects man in the background doing everything from knocking on doors to pouring out buckets of water.

Mortal Kombat

Not a BAD movie, it is worth sitting through just for the special effects and music.
This is just an action flick. Don't try to watch it thinking anything else. It has very little plot, and that which it has makes no sense if you don't know the game. Nevertheless, I still find myself glued to the screen simply because the music is awesome and the special effects are fantastic. Not a good movie, but it is very entertaining.

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