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Grounded for Life

This is actually quite funny
I've no idea what the series is that I'm watching (Jan 2003) but ITV2 are showing it and at first I thought I was watching Mira Sorvino but later turns out I'm not. Thing that makes this different is the relationship the main character Sean has with his father and brother. It's quite clever so I make time for it. As long as the jokes dont become lame it will still be good

Boston Kickout

A storm of a film about being too big for a small town!
This has nothing whatsoever to do with Trainspotting. It's a drama about a group of friends who have reached a focal point in their education and wonder what is it they want from their life, friends and their town.

Trainspotting is an anti drugs related film. This film contains no drugs if memory serves me right. Habitants of similar sized and socially unactive towns should be able to relate to parts of the film.

The film isn't one of the greatest made, but it's got some great lines, great moments and some great cinematography

The Young Americans

One of the best low budget British Films you'll ever see
You HAVE to remember that he made this at a young age and little examples of first class directing shine through. The Cinematrography is also of a high standard. The subject matter is of the dark world of London and what it holds for young Britains. For some enjoyment and a way of living is achieved through working for an American crime lord who has taken to living in London. Our hero has to decide whether to follow in the footsteps of his own father's past and accept a secure life of working for the American or to change tune and try something different. Those who have seen it and enjoyed it should check out his earlier film "Play Dead". It's probably "Young Americans" with more money and more experience

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