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Garage Squad: Phoenix Firebird
Episode 3, Season 7

A TV show with masks is a complete waste of time. Why should we have to try to listen people talking with their mouths covered. My mother taught me not to talk with my mouth full. They should just keep showing rerun until they're not afraid to go near people anymore. I don't think I'm alone in this. There's a name for what's going on here. But, I doubt they would publish this review if I use that phrase. So, I'll just. I'll be back when I can see faces and her voices clearly.

United We Fall: You're Doing It Wrong
Episode 6, Season 1

Sam McMurray is great!
Sam McMurray is a great addition to the series. It looks like they've only planned two episodes for him. But in the future, they should find a way to give him a bigger role in this series. He's a funny talented man on his own, and here, working with Jane Curtin they're great together. Is this episode we get to see the conclusion of story lines started in the last episode. Will Sasso continues being the comedic anchor for this enjoyable series.

United We Fall: My Favorite Marta
Episode 5, Season 1

Dealing with a helicopter parent!
A story about the clash of ideas between a normal family and one where they control every moment of their daughters life. They thought they'd give a young girl some freedoms she doesn't get in her parents home, and the consequences of their actions. And Bill decides to get his long lost father back together with his live-in mother with interesting outcomes.

United We Fall: Participation Trophy
Episode 4, Season 1

A common problem in this era of cell phones and tablets!
Another meaningful story about a family coping with raising child, when all they want to do is stay inside and play with their devices. It's such a relief to see a family situation comedy with a normal family! Not a bunch woke kids and parents that are dumber than those kids. Will Sasso is hilarious as the father-figure in this otherwise all female household.

United We Fall: Date Night
Episode 3, Season 1

So great to see relatively normal parents in a situation comedy that aren't going completely over-board to be politically correct and/or woke. And it's always good to see Will Sasso, like most of his work. He's truly funny in this. In this episode Bill & Jo have to trust gramma to babysit in spite of Bill's concerns.

United We Fall: The Biter
Episode 2, Season 1

Common Sense vs Today's Values
It's good to see a show that shines a light on some of the all to real child rearing problems seen in the United States. Problems that actually started showing up 20 years ago or more. The family that's the focus of this show is just a normal family with the usual kinds of quirks here and there, and the kinds of things they run up against with two small children. One of the children is completely new to school the school seems to be run in a way that would more than please the most radical helicopter parents. Which clashes with the way this family has been raising these two little girls up till now. Will Sasso is terrific and has the usual rough edges on his personality that you might find in working man. And he and his wife have agreed, for the most part, no how their kids have been brought up so far. Through in the VERY quirky grandmother (Jane Curtin) and so far there's a been a lot of laughs. And some very welcome to see more traditional values in the home and as it relates to the way their children are schooled. This is only the shows second episode. And as the title makes clear one of the kids has a biting problem at school. And in the current environment where everything is a crisis and problems are blown out of all proportion. The writers manage to come up with a well written episode that is sensitive to both sides. But definitely leans towards a more common sense approach, all done humor. Just watching Sasso's expressions is a lot of fun.

United We Fall

It will be good to see Will Sasso on a regular basis.
If you enjoy Will Sasso you will almost certainly enjoy this show. For a pilot, they did a pretty good job. Most other pilots don't have much good material. This was a pleasant surprise. And it was great to see Jane Curtin again playing Will's mother. She'll be a really asset to the show in future episodes. In much the same way John Mahoney did in Frasier. Even the kids are fun and interesting on this one.

Forgotten Victory

He helped feed the world!
Another amazing story that lends credance to the idea that God is looking after the United States. There have been almost inumeral number of events/turning points in the history of the United States that have been unbelivablly important to well being of this great nation. This is the story of a man who may not have even known at the time, how important his worldwide journey looking for hardy seed stock was. It's not clear if he was specifically looking for just wheat. Or if he was just a study of agriculture and traveled the world studying. And just happened to find something that changed history, and has fed hundreds of millions of people over the decades. And interesting story, well told!

The Blacklist: The Kazanjian Brothers (No. 156/157)
Episode 19, Season 7

Should be a lower number of stars.
I only gave this episode 5 stars because of past performance by this series. Most of the previous episodes had good stories that were well told. But this episode was only about half bareable, so it gets a five. That's five out of respect and zero for this episode. This program, up until this episode had consistantly over-performed. It's been steadilly improving from the first season. With the last two or three seasons packed with episodes that deliver movie quality plots, characters, stunts, and effects. And that's not easy to do in something like 42 mins every week. Then we get to this episode. I think the producers have lost their fricking minds. Out of nowhere at some random point in this episode they starting cutting in an out with whole scenes done in low resolution 1970's level comic book style animation. I guess they're hoping to open up a new demographic for this show. But for my money, they're alienating some other demos. I didn't just find it distracting (it was), by half-way thru I was getting more and more angry with every cut to the low grade animation. I suppose will consider this hip I get to differ. I hope this isn't a trend. You won't find any spoilers in this review. I was too upset with the format of the episode to keep track of enough details of the story to pass them along here. I was grateful to see this program was givn at least another season going forward. But if they keep this up. I'll be moving on.


I watch a lot of this type of program!
This is both a compelling and a chilling program. The catch-phrase for this show is "All murder is bad, but some are DIABOLICAL." And so far, everyone of the episodes they've done has shown there can be a difference. A lot of murders stem from a sudden emotional out-burst, and some are related to other types of crime gone wrong, resulting in a killing. But this show has done their homework and continues to find murders that are truly hainous in their nature. Murders committed by people that the victim would have seen as a friend, family member or spouse. All these victims were done by people they trusted and some they loved dearly. That's what makes these episodes so compelling. This show really gives you a lot to think about. Not just about the stories but, how you look at your own life and the people that surround you. Excellent show. Very well told and very well done.

Body Cam: Flight Risk
Episode 10, Season 2

This one contains a clip seen before on other shows.
This was a pretty good episode. But I can't give it more than that. It's made up of three separate incidents. The problem is one of them is of an incident that been shown on two other shows before, and it's far from a current event. Like the others it's compelling. It's just a little shop-worn. Aside from that fact this episode is in the same fine direction that all the other episode have followed. And gives us an excellent look at the kinds of things the people we ask to protect all-day everyday see. This is an episode well worth watching. My one complaint only applies to people who may have seen one of the clips used to produce this episode.

Live PD: 11.15.19
Episode 18, Season 4

I didn't think they could up the excitement level in this program! I was wrong! They used to follow eight departments during each episode. Now, they're following 12 departments. Which obviously gives them more incidents to look in on. And for this first 12 department episode there were five or six chases, some very long, all successfully brought to a close. Which just added to already interesting and exciting program. By having so many departments involved and staying with each incident. We get to see the variety of enforcement methods and tactics that exists out there from state to state, county to county, and city to city. It's an exciting learning experience that I believe will ultimately help many departments across this country. And not just by showing that law enforcement can be adept and be very successful in dealing with crime. It shows that the police don't have to be feared. And that they are just doing the job doing the job, they don't want to hurt anyone. And if a person behaves they will be treated respectfully from the start. This first 12 department episode bodes well for future shows. It will be good.

God Friended Me: All Those Yesterdays
Episode 4, Season 2

Who Wrote This!?
This show has had some really good moments. This was not one of them. The story line about the adopted asian girl had a serious plot hole. When Joy gets on the bus with the girl to stop her from running after someone who may help her learn more about her ancestry, the young girl never questions how she knows what she knows. Not one question. Even the young girls farther just accept it as gospel with no questions. That is impossible to believe. Finally the adoptive mother askes a few carefully worded questions. But that's it. I think they should have stuck to one story line for this episode so they could spend a little more time developing a more believable story.

Carol's Second Act

Pretty darn good comedy set in a hospital setting.
I only looked in on this new series because Patricia Heaton was a part of it. And I was surprised to find it's a pretty well researched effort. I wouldn't have expected a sit-com to be this well done. I'm a retired RN who worked critical care for a number of years and ER on the Eastside of Detroit. And I especially like the character portrayed by Cedric Yarbrough. On many units in most hospitals there is one RN that unofficially "runs" the unit, someone that others turn too. I've known several Nurse Dennis's, but we never called them Nurse anything, nurse is typically not a prefix anymore. But I think they do that to assure that people understand what his position is. The first few episodes have been entertaining and not as far-fetched as you might think. Interns do come in bewildered and worried. Usually they are people that went right from highschool to a four year undergrad program, then completed four years of medical school. After that they released into hospital training programs to learn the actual nuts and bolts of taking care of human being. Some have never treat a living human being for any length of time if at all. So them come nervous and unsure. They have a ton of knowledge and have to learn to use it in the field with no instructors around acting as safety nets. It's very competitive. And it means a great deal to their future. There is a lot of humor amongst people working in hospitals, its a defense mechanism. It's necessary to make it possible to keep coming in everyday. You have days where you think, "I can't keep doing this". But your scheduled to be there, so you come back because you can't let your friends down, and you can't stop doing the best you can for patients. So so-far, I'm enjoying this show. The first episodes of most new series, especially sit-coms or dramadies start off shakey but get better. If you doubt that, look at the first episodes of shows like Friends, Frasier and Cheers. It's a show that follows a few recent medical school graduates as they get used to be interns in a hospital that's not part of their medical, and on their own. Worth a look to see if it's your cup of tee.

Armstrong Circle Theatre: The House of Flying Objects
Episode 2, Season 9

This would probably still scare me. Even today!
I'm writing this review 60 years after I first watched this with my parents as an 11 year old boy. This program had a powerful effect on my young mind. I never forgot how it made me feel. The details have become fuzzy over the years. Basically, a family with young children moves into a home and sets up a household. At first they didn't notice what was going on because it seemed like accidents or coincidences. But soon it became impossible to not notice that objects around the house were falling to floor and or flying across the room. At first they tried to explain it with rational ideas about what might be going on. But it rapidly moved to large objects being upended. Making all common sense explanations impossible. In one case I remember very well a bookcase wedged tightly between the foot of a bed and the wall turning over. The situation rapidly moved toward chaos. And this is where my memory fails me. And perhaps that's a good thing. I won't be able to spoil it for you. Here in August of 2019, I can't find a copy of this program. I think the Armstrong Circle Theater was performed live, making it possible the old kinescope of this episode is lost. I hope not, if you can find a copy, watch it. And see if you agree with me that it's a well done (for the time) piece of work. And I'm guessing will stand the test of time. Enjoy!

Mom: Toilet Wine and the Earl of Sandwich
Episode 19, Season 1

Toasting a Felon?
Only in Hollywood can they write a story about a group of women sitting around a table toasting a women who embezzled four million dollars from a bunch of people who trusted her with their retirements. There's a lot to like in most of these episodes. There's even a number of funny lines in this episode. But, friend or not they acknowledged that she was a felon. They didn't have to treat her poorly, but they shouldn't have celebrated her either. But Hollywood can't help themselves. And why not, they live in over protected neighborhoods that have little to worry about from crimes by outsiders. Unlike the rest of the population of this country. There are already enough movies and TV shows that glorify crime. This is just another.

Smiley Face Killers: The Hunt for Justice

Questionable at best!
This "Smiley Face Murder's idea is being misrepresented here. As of January 2019 there is not official police investigation in any jurisdiction in the U.S. This is a theory and nothing more at this time. The only place this is being pursued is by the production company responsible for the show and the Oxygen Network. In the first episode it mentioned a few times that there was a transaction after Dakota James was known to be dead. While they liked to mention that it occurred they never mentioned looking into it. Something like that is easily explained, it could have been a pre-order of soon to released item. Or a repeating order that repeats monthly, such as can be done on Amazon. For some reason they didn't bother to go any further then that with that detail. Possibly because it would remove tension they want to have associated with this story. The journalist associated with story seemed to want to pick apart the remarks made by the retired Corps of Engineers employee. The journalist was actively arguing a story line when all he should have been doing was fact finding. The Corps had the flood gates open, but he wanted to imply some sinister goings on. Granted the autopsy could have been handled better. But there no knowing for sure how long that body was in the water, not every single case will be like the next in every detail. And there's not way to know for sure if that body snagged on some underwater obstacle causing some of those findings in the autopsy. This show is built on grieving people that are clinging to the hope they can find out something to explain the unexplained death of a loved one. With the facts shown in this show. It would be a waste of taxpayers money to do a major investigation of this case without more compelling facts. The investigators seemed to be glossing over details that didn't support the story line of a series of so-called smiley face murders. There are smiley faces drawn, carved and painted all over the United States. Just because some bodies have turned up next to them does not mean they are connected. The smiley face my be one of the most ubiquitous symbols seen in the United States. I gave it a 3 because many times during the telling of the story I was angry with the way the investigators seemed to be steering this story, instead of letting the chips fall where they may.

The Extraordinary Seaman

A man seeking redemption for past mistakes.
I don't understand all the really bad reviews for this film. I don't understand why it attracted such venom. It's a quirky, poorly written, well cast film. This is not a film warranting a 4 or worse. There are some good and a few really good actors turning in fairly good performances with material that's just so-so. material. It's not a bad movie, but it isn't great either. It's an interesting story line that's been done before in movies like "A Connecticul Yankee in King Arthur's Court" and a few others. It's not done anywhere near as good. But just having David Niven and Faye Dunaway in the film makes it worthy of more that a four.

The Cool Kids: Funeral Crashers
Episode 10, Season 1

A Disgrace!
It is possible to write comedy that involves a funeral and a funeral home. But the writers and producers of this episode failed. There are very few if any laughs in this episode. As usual they do outrageous things but this time go far beyond anything that could be considered good taste. And apparently when they realized their story wasn't funny they seemed to think a bad taste unexplainable story-line including about an Air Force Colonel who picks up a woman at his own wife funeral would be a good idea. It wasn't. As a veteran I was disgusted. This was a field grade Air Force Officer. The uniform they had him in was an inaccurate mess. Which he wore while singing the Air Force hymn with at his wife's funeral with a bunch of his friends supposedly as part of joke on the funeral crashers. Does any of this sound funny. It's not. And it's very disrespectful to the uniform and the military.

Shipmates Forever

I enjoyed this upbeat film!
Surprisingly good pre-war film about a former radio crooner (that's a singer to you Millennials). Dick Powell finds himself trying to deal with military life at the Naval Academy at Annapolis. This was an enjoyable Hollywood look at their take on life of a cadet moving through Annapolis. He has a poor attitude, but does well with his studies. But, has few friends and little support amongst his fellow cadets. He's seen as having a silver spoon. It was refreshing to finally see a film get when NOT to salute correct in a film. It's one of the things that Hollywood just can't seem to get right. They like to have actors throwing salutes around willy nilly. When actually there are rules. They don't give an accurate account of how tough four years at the United States Military academies can be. But there are some good characters and it's well acted. And you find yourself caring for the characters.

Portrait of a Rebel: The Remarkable Mrs. Sanger

Not surprising that Bonnie Franklin would be involved with a film like this. But, it's difficult to watch Margaret Sanger being celebrated. And not because of the organization she founded. But, because she was a staunch supporter of eugenics, and a rabid socialist. While those two philosophies have come together once before and led directly to the holocaust. This program completely glosses over Sanger's both of these issues, and tries to elevate her to a near sainthood level. It's not badly done, the problem is, its written to support the nearly life-long work of Sanger to promote abortion as a birth control measure. Her efforts in the black neighborhoods has also been neatened up here. I thought we had learned our lesson at the end of World War II, when the world saw what socialist eugenics wrought.

The Curse of Oak Island: Depth Perception
Episode 3, Season 6

More of the same.
This is a show that makes you wonder what makes people what a particular show on television. This show has been on for six season and has not yet delivered on the promise of the show. Finding a treasure, any treasure on Oak Island. Nearly every episode has six or seven of the same characters riding in cars for a noticeable amount of time, having long meetings in a building built for that purpose at the site, on the island, and the two brothers Rick & Marty Lagina on camera talking about the latest issues involving the hunt for treasure. Those three things make up the majority of this show. In six seasons they've found a small lead cross, a few old coins, some buttons and a bunch of old wood, and some tiny pieces of human bone. That's it, that's six seasons worth of discovery. Less than half, some times far less than half of each episode actually involves seeing them actually doing anything, and so far. Virtually nothing has happened. I guess the same thing that keeps these men going back to this seemingly barren island every year, keeps viewers coming back. You've been warned. There's just not much here.

Murphy Brown

Liberally Progressive?
Don't make me laugh! Calling this show liberal progressive is like Khamer Rouge a group of lobbyists trying to persuade for change. This is just another network sanctioned attack on all things conservative. A better description would be "Murphy Brown returns from re-education camp". They story lines are twisted in knots to tow the far-left agenda. Without the slightest hesitation to bend a story and avoid any other position but that of the left. If you believe more in fairness of outcome then in equality of rights; you'll love this show.

A Million Little Things: Pilot
Episode 1, Season 1

Where can they go with this?
This one weird premise. And it doesn't show much promise. This amounts to however many 60 minute episodes they wind of making of people living with suicide. How long before the audience feels like suicide? Is this a premise they've used to get the show on the air and the plan is to turn it into a late evening soap opera, is that fair to fans of the show the way it is now? This is one of shows for people who like go AWWW! while watching videos of puppies, kittens, and babies. If you have an interest in the issue of suicide for some reason, this is the show for you. So far, I'm two episodes in, I've heard enough. We all know suicide is bad. Most of us would try to help a friend who was contemplating it. But where do you go with that? What will their stories belike at the end of 22 or 23 episode season? I find this to be a manipulative attempt to make money on suicide. And in the process bore about 50% of population to death. So if you're into a show then sends you through wild emotional ups and downs while going almost nowhere. This the show for you.

Elementary: The Visions of Norman P. Horowitz
Episode 18, Season 6

This was another very interesting episode of Elementary! But it was marred by the producers sticking their and the management of the networks political views into the story- line. It was clever, it's injected in such a way that they probably assume it will just wash over the majority of users who won't think about it. It's a subtle form of brain-washing. Instead of beating us over the head with boring rants they stick their messages into popular TV shows to get them heard by as people as possible. Unfortunately they put a lie on the lips of Sherlock Holmes in this storyline. He extols the effectiveness of gun buy back programs and claims they are very effect. What they are effect at is rounding up all the rusty, broken, useless outdated guns. The vast majority of the guns turned in ancient rusty non-working relics. Why not dig out some gun you haven't used in 30 years and get some money out of it. God knows only the government would pay money for. And while you go home with some green in your pocket. The bureaucrats get what they want, statistics. They trumpet the numbers of guns turned in. But they don't mention anything about the condition of those firearms. But Hollywood gets in a little jab at our freedom. Our freedom to peace- of-mind for those of us willing to protect ourselves. 911 can not save you in a home invasion, or attempt by anyone to harm you. 911 will send out someone to write a report and MAYBE find the person that beat you within an of your life or even murdered you, your spouse, your family. But that makes Hollywood uneasy, so they come up with stuff like this. I'm not going to give the episode a bad review. It was another good story, well acted, albeit with a couple unfortunate anti-American lines. Why is it anti-American? Because proper rights and liberty are the basis for the American experiment.

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