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Good premises, but lacks structure
I much agree with the reviews written by JohnFilmFreak and bente_rogne.

I think the beginning of the movie is very good and interesting, about a young girl being a champion dancer but struggling with bulimia. But then the focus changes to her very religious family, and a very creepy stepfather. Which is also interesting; it just gets too much and we never really learn anything about anything,a dn move constantly changes its focus.

Overall the acting is great; it's nice to see Josefine Frida move on from her character of Noora and does so convincingly. None of the adults are very likable. But acting is good.

I think the "attack-scene" towards the end of the movie was distasteful. Way too similar to what actually happened at Utøya at 2011 when 69 people were killed.

Agatha Christie's Marple: By the Pricking of My Thumbs
Episode 3, Season 2

I actually liked this
I wasn't too thrilled with Geraldine McEwan in the first movies of the Marple series, but I've gradually come to slightly enjoy her. I feel like they made her part smaller which works great, at least to me. I was also very excited to see Tommy and Tuppence being portrayed for the first time. I absolutely loved Greta Scacchi. She was fantastic, and giving Tuppence an alcohol problem worked fine. The chemistry between the two main actresses was also great. I know there are changes from the book, and accept them. I've read the book several times, and when watching it on TV, it's kinda nice to see some changes. Good acting from the rest of the cats, especially June Whitfield and Lia Williams. Hope to see more of Tommy and Tuppence in the future :)

The Ghost

Not that bad...
OK, this is not the best movie ever made, and the start was really horrible, when Julie Lee was playing this cleaning lady... I more or less compared it to "Out For A Kill", which is truly awful, and expected a similar movie. But somehow it actually got a lot better after that. The fighting scenes are great, and Julie Lee does a decent job. She sounds like a man, and, yes, she reads her lines slowly, but so??? Of course its very predictable, and I didn't quite buy that guy with no legs, but it is quite funny at times. Sometimes without trying. I think you just have to be in the right mood when you watch this. It is not Oscar-material, but for what it is, it's OK...

AFI's 100 Years... 100 Songs: America's Greatest Music in the Movies

I saw this program a few months ago, and was absolutely delighted. So many fantastic songs from so many fabulous movies. There were some songs I wanted to see there, like "A Whole New World", and also "The Morning After" (The Poseidon Adevnture), but all in all I must admit they made a pretty good list. Many of the songs I had never heard before, but fell in love with them after the program, like the song from Snow White, and Evergreen. It was also interesting to see how many songs Barbra had on the list. What an amazing artist.This is he kind of program you can watch over and over again. Personally, I wouldn't mind hearing more of each song, but guess the program would then be too long :( And Audrey... What a beautiful actress, and also a very very good singer. Outstanding!

Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge

Surprisingly good
I have seen similar movies several times before, so I didn't really have high hopes before I started watching it. But can admit it was a really good movie, and much better than expected. Heather Matarazzo does a wonderful job as the "victim", and it is easy for us to put ourselves in her situation. She just wants other people to like her...Ally Sheedy does a good job and I was also impressed by the girls mother, played by Sara Botsford. I am not surprised to see this was based on a true story, it was very believable; most people in Glen Ridge believed "their" guys, and of course they can't do anything like this. I am afraid similar things happen every day all over the world :(

Lit foh chin che 2: Git suk chuen suet

I loved this movie. I didn't know anything about it before I started watching it, but decided to give it a go, since I've seen some really good Japanese movies lately, and must admit they can do it really well in Hong Kong too. I am usually not a big fan of action movies, but for me, this was pure magic. I loved the story, the wonderful music and the actors (Sky is lovely). They mixed the racing scenes very well with a really nice story. At times very sad and emotional. Easy to get familiar with the characters. Very well acted.It reminded me _a little bit_ of "West Side Story", and also some elements from "Lola Rennt". Wonderful. I would recommend everyone to see this.


This is a kind of movie I've seen several times before. The movie starts with one of the final scenes, and you are about 95% sure what will eventually happen to Laurie. But I really enjoyed it. Mostly because of Marne Patterson as Michelle. She was *awful*. She was so bad. One of the worst female characters I have ever seen on TV. And she did it extremely well. At least *I* was convinced she was the psycho she turned out to be.

Read that someone said that *too much* was changed from the original story. Too bad. Still worth watching though, indeed...

Witness for the Prosecution

I had already seen the 82-remake when I watched this original version. I was a little nervous to see how Dietrich was as an actress, since I had never seen her before, but geez, she was amazing. I knew about some of the twists, but towards the end it was just getting better and better. Lots of great lines, and great actresses; especially Elsa Lanchester is marvellous. Also liked Una O'Connor, and Norma Varden. Charles Laughton is also very good. I loved the way Christine introduced herself. "I do not think that will be necessary..." I can see this movie again and again. Also loved "Death on the Nile", and ""Murder on the Orient Express". Like these two movies, "Witness..." is also very amusing.

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