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Sweet Thing

Moving and engaging in the best of ways
From American indie stalwart Alexander Rockwell (In The Soup), comes this beautifully crafted personal gem. Not only is it's story, which is told from child protagonists' POV, deeply poetic but the film also feels hand crafted partially due to it being shot on film. Cinematically it feels genuine as its time and textures sucks you into a world of kids and their problems at hand. It is surprisingly engaging and gripping with performances so natural that you end up almost feeling part of its world. Which is what you want a movie to do.

Funny Story

A film festival darling of a film
Awkward moments, abandonment issues, love, betrayal, and loyalty all clash in this wonderfully charming dramedy between family and friends. Great performances ground this story for a wonderful ride along the California coast and within the psyches of characters hiding their secrets, trying to love and coming to terms with life's curveballs.

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