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French Twist

French Twist is well worth a look
With wonderful acting by the entire cast, The French Twist is a fine comedy and very much worth seeing. The finest aspect of the film is that while, as in every comedy, some exaggeration and plot contrivance is necessary, the characters in this film behave in ways that are consistently genuine and truly human. That is a pleasure to watch.

The Creeping Terror

Lots of redeeming value
I agree with all of the comments made here, except those that state that "The Creeping Terror" has no redeeming value. I couldn't disagree more. Just remembering scenes from this turkey has given me innumerable laughs over the years! That is worth a lot. Yes, it makes "Plan Nine" seem like sophistication itself. Yes, it is the worst movie ever made. But that doesn't mean it's not lovable!

Just thinking of the contrived staging in order to make it seem (unsuccessfully) plausible that this laboriously slow-moving creature could catch anyone who was not unconscious brings on a giggle. It gives new meaning to the stage direction: "Stands rooted in fear." Watching those Army guys squeeze themselves together into a "catchable" grouping, so tightly packed that they don't even have space to aim their weapons, is hilarious!

And to think that this "indestructible" creature is ultimately killed by some guy running into it with his car is a total hoot! No Japanese super weapons needed here!!

Considering how bad the sound is, maybe the funniest thing is that when persons are eaten by the creature, their screams are just as loud after being swallowed as they were on the outside.

If you're missing the laughs in this movie, maybe you need to view it a couple more times. "The Creeping Terror" is a terrible/funny film.

A Simple Plan

Wonderful ensemble acting
Like the ending, or hate it, it was the only possible ending for the film and it was very, very right. Before you arrive there, however, you are treated to one of the finest displays of ensemble acting you'll see for a long time. Every role had weight, and each was played wonderfully; and the whole was better than the sum of its parts.

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