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  • This documentary is absolutely fantastic. I was really astonished that you can make with so less money such amazing fx. Especially the scenes of the birth of the Diplodocus babies or the sad story of the big flying dinosaur were wonderful and breathtaking. Well the only flaw was: It was to short!!
  • I wish I would have the whole series on video because this breathtaking event is a must-see for everybody who is interested in nature. David Attenborough shows footage which was never seen before. "Life on Earth" belongs to the most important television series of all time because it shows that the life on our planet is in danger to disappear forever. We need more series like "Life on Earth". Maybe then the mankind will understand that we can't do with our earth what we want.
  • Farewell, Goodbye and Amen is still the most successful television movie of all time. 125 Million Americans (that are more than 70%) have seen that film. David Ogden Stiers has given his best performance here especially in the scene where the Korean musicians have died. I only could say "Farewell, Goodbye and Amen" belongs to the best television-movies I've ever seen.
  • D. A. Pennebaker belongs really to the best documentary film makers of our time. Woodstock Diary is a great music film without extern comment. The only thing you can hear and see is the feeling and the music of that time. And there is surprisingly previously unreleased footage in it.
  • Every evening on the new years eve is a very special television event in Germany. It's called "Dinner for One". It tells the very funny story of an old lady called Sophie who celebrates her 90th Birthday. Her butler James represents Sophie's friends which have died long years ago. During the meal with various courses the butler has always drink to the old lady and he has to play all the deceased persons. At the end of the sketch the butler is totally drunken. The sketch was founded in England at the beginning of the 60s. But it was surprisingly no success there. It runs since 35 years in Germany and it belongs to the most popular television shows here.
  • This is one the funniest adventure films I've ever seen. Russell Harlan's camera work is top notch and John Wayne gave one of his best performances. But that what this film makes so legendary are the little elephants and of course Henry Mancini's "Baby Elephant Walk".
  • First of all I must disappoint everyone who thought that Walt Disney made the first long animated movie. Long before him there were people who made animated masterpieces. The first was Windsor McKay, the man who brought us "Gertie the Dinosaur" and another important person was a woman from Germany. Her name was Lotte Reiniger. She is the inventor of the so called silhouette film and she has made with "The Adventures of Prince Ahmed" (1926) the first full length animated movie of the film history. Papageno is a 10 minute example of her extraordinary film art. It based on the "Magic Flute" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Nothing against computer animation but the handmade silhouettes have more live than all computer animated figures of the modern cinema together. Watch the films of Lotte Reiniger and you will agree.
  • Pippi Longstocking was the heroine of my childhood. When i was a little girl I wanted to be so strong like her and I wanted to have such beautiful red plaits. Now I am a thirtysomething adult woman and it still fills my heart with joy when I watch the film. Astrid Lindgren has really written one of the most beautiful children's books in the literature history and all the Swedish Pippi Longstocking movies are absolutely awesome. Georg Riedel has also written a memorable and wonderful title song.
  • This is a very thrilling and beautiful photographed animal film for everyone who is interested in nature conservancy. Seven years has it taken to make this film but the images are unique. Eugen Schumacher and his cinematographer Helmut Barth have photographed some of the most endangered animals of the world like the Kakapo (New Zealand) or the Javan Rhinoceros (Java). Unfortunately is this film out of print but i hope that the distributer will make a new release.
  • Solondz is really a new direction wunderkind. His characters in "Happiness" where somewhat sick but you can see that the director has loved the losers in his film. I only could say the screenplay was better then the screenplays for "Shakespeare in Love" or "The Truman Show". The actors were top notch and the close scene with the dog belongs to the best scenes of the year. If you like the films of the Joel Coen or Quentin Tarantino you will like the films of Todd Solondz. Nevertheless I will try to get his first film "Welcome to the Dollhouse" on video.
  • This film has really deserved the oscar and it should be shown in every cinema around the world. Together with Schindler's List that is the most important movie of the 90s and I would like to thank Steven Spielberg for his Shoah Foundation.
  • 23 February 1999
    It was planned as a feel good movie like 'Desperately Seeking Susan' but in fact it is unfortunately only goofy and boring. I don't know why such a accomplished writer like Nora Ephron had written such a bad screenplay and the poor actors and actresses like Ricki Lake, Dianne Wiest, Peter Falk, Brenda Vaccaro, Lionel Stander or Jerry Lewis have had no chance to show their talents. And poor Emily Lloyd. I think it costs her a lot of sympathy in Hollywood and have had prevented to become such a big star like Gwyneth Paltrow or Winona Ryder in the USA.
  • I've read only two novels which scared me a lot. The first was "1984" and the second "A Clockwork Orange". But while the two movie versions of "1984" lack a little, "A Clockwork Orange" is a true masterpiece. How can I compare these two movies? Both films deals with controlling human beings and both heroes were victims of a higher power. I would even say "A Clockwork Orange" scares me more than "1984".
  • Outrageous is a very special film. Imagine you live in the 70s and you were in a club or theatre anywhere in Canada or the USA. The announcer says: Ladies and Gentlemen. Mrs. Judy Garland. You think by yourself. Judy Garland? I thought this woman is dead. But the women on the stage is not Judy Garland but Craig Russell (a Canadian), one of the best female impersonators of our century. Because he was not only able to imitate the look of his idols (many great actresses and singers from the 30s to the 60s). He could also imitate the voices of the women. In the film he plays a gay character (which he really was) who shares a flat with a schizophrenic woman and makes his unbelievable shows at the evening. Craig Russell died too early of AIDS and he made only two films: Outrageous and the sequel. Craig Russell was a unique person and after his death Canada and the world had lost one of its greatest idols.
  • Though it was not the first awarded film which deals with transsexual people I must say it was the best of the films which I know (the second best was "Outrageous" with Craig Russell) For those who were not common with the subject "Transsexuality". Transsexual means that people believe that they were born with the false gender. The character of Dil was such a man who believed that he is a woman and Jaye Davidson played this part with such intensity that is was a pity that he didn't win the Oscar.
  • This is one of the most overlooked film of the 90s. Ok the original novel by Bobbie Ann Mason was better but the direction (the foreign view on the Vietnam war was an very interesting aspect for me to watch the film) of Norman Jewison was as well as the entire cast. Many critics have asked why the leading role wasn't played by Winona Ryder. Ok Winona Ryder may be a better actress and much more successful but Emily Lloyd is also a good actress and she did a very good work (the second best after Wish You Were Here). Bruce was never better than in this film. His apathetic and depressive Vietnam vet was very convincing.
  • This is not only a great musical with some wonderful songs (like "Fame", "I'm here on my own", "I sing the body electric" it is also a touching drama about outsiders and lost dreams. It was good that Alan Parker had chosen all kind of outsiders like the jewish girl, the black men, the Puerto Rican, the rich mans daughter, the gay and it was good to see how they make their way. I believe It is a very realistic film because many of the actors and actresses in the USA are unemployed and have not such a good life like Leonardo di Caprio (but sometimes more talent).
  • I've read comments like "garbage". Ok, if people don't like the genre I think they must be fair and write it in their comments. (It is the same as If you were a fan of classical music and you must write a critic about a Rock n Roll band). Ok but now to "Star Wars". I've seen the new edited Star Wars version in 1997. This was the first time I've seen Star Wars in the cinema. I've seen the old version (from 1977) on TV before and I was a litte disappointed because there were only a few new scenes. But nevertheless Star Wars has found its place as one of the best films ever, like the Jungle Book or Casablanca. I am looking forward to the new Star Wars movie.
  • In the last year some film experts found the most famous film line. It was from the James Bond movies. But I think there is a film line which is much more famous. This is called "Nobody's perfect". The film line is on the end of the best US comedy ever made. Jack Lemmon would have deserved an Oscar but unfortunately the people from the Academy don't like man in drag and so it is not a wonder that men who plays women's roles never get an Academy Award (like Craig Russell, Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman or Jaye Davidson)
  • The Serengeti is one of the biggest paradises of the world. In no area of the world you can see more beautiful animals than here. The film shows what Michael and Bernhard Grzmimek had done to rescue the Serengeti National Park in Tansania. "Serengeti shall not die" is beautifully photographed. It's a moving and sad movie because Michael Grzimek gave his life for the wild animals of the Serengeti.
  • "Die Feuerzangenbowle" is an adaption of a novel by Heinrich Spoehrl. And it is perhaps the best comedy which ever was made in Germany. There are many jokes and funny scenes in this movie. For example "Pfeiffer" with three "f" one before the "ei" (or in English "egg") and two after the "ei". The entire cast is top notch. Heinz Ruehmann is one of my favorite actors. And one of his films "The Captain of Koepenick" received an Oscar nomination.
  • So what can you say about one of the best movies ever made. It's a cult classic. The characters were the best which I've seen in a Disney feature. The music is the best in a 60s movie and it was very sad that the Song "The Bare Necessities" didn't win the Academy Award. I will give 10 out 10 or like Roger Ebert used to say "Two Thumbs up" PS: I have watched this film one time in the cinema and 10 times on video.
  • It was nice to see Emily Lloyd again in a British film. I was both disappointed and surprised . I was disappointed because of the direction and parts of the screenplay. The dialogue lines were full of clichès but some scenes e.g. the dog in the betting office were very funny. I was surprised about the erotic scene between Emily Lloyd and Sean Bean. It was the best scene in the whole film (though it was too short) and I hope they were not doubled!
  • This is cinema how it should be. A great and funny story. Great direction and actors. The fight scenes against the demon were the best choreographed that I've ever seen. Music, photography and editing were top notch but unfortunately this film was overseen at the Academy Award nominations. Unfortunately I've watched this movie only on television. But the film must be seen on the biggest screen you can find in a cinema.
  • M*A*S*H is my absolutely favorite TV-series and a legend. For example Gary Burghoff as Radar is so sweet and lovely that I'm in love with him. The rest of the cast is top notch and I was very sad when Larry Linville, Wayne Rodgers, MacLean Stevenson and Gary Burghoff went out of the series. The dialogue lines are very different from that of other series. They are fresh (even after the third repeat), funny and very intelligent. M*A*S*H is a satire that uses black humour against the war. Because war is the most unnecessary thing in the world.
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