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What can I say? Awesome, Totally Awesome!
This can be compared to Guns N' Roses back in the hair band days, when that album (Appetite for Destruction) came out, it kicked all the other hair bands butts! Why, because they brought raw and real life like music back into the mainstream, resembling 70's metal, but much more powerful and much much more fun! How is Airwolf compared to that? That's easy! The 80s were not only filled with cheezy hairbands, but it was also filled with very cheezy T.V. shows that starred vehicles as the stars of the shows. Knightrider, The Dukes of Hazard, Streethawk, The A-Team. When Airwolf came out in 1984, it might have starred a vehicle, but a very good one. The show was much more dramatic and realistic like feeling than the other shows at that time that starred a vehicle. Airwolf is also the only show from that era that should be made into a big budget Hollywood Production!

2002 MTV Video Music Awards

This historically marked the return of perhaps the greatest hard rock band of all time: Axl Rose and his new Guns N' Roses Band! Awesome, totally awesome! It may not be the same lineup, but who cares, Axl Rose is and always will be Guns N' Roses, if it weren't for him, there would have never been any Guns N' Roses!

Hidden Obsession

Jan-Michael Vincent in top Wacked Out Form!
Jan-Michael Vincent should've been nominated an oscar as this pshyco pathic woman killer/beater. He did one hell of a job! Heather Thomas, she was just nice to look at. Vincent could've of had you fooled into thinking he was a Mr. Nice Guy Ladies' man. WRONG! Think again Ladies! Great movie, I just wished they had made it with a bigger budget, and the acting was better on the other characters behalf. Don't get me wrong, Jan-Michael Vincent did a kick butt job at his acting! He got all the cool "lines" too!

Rear Window

A TV Movie Masterpiece, "Superman" actor is amazing!
I saw the original movie two months ago in History of Film, but I fell asleep through it! It was stupid! This movie had me on the edge of my seat, and I recorded it commercial free! Christopher Reeve's return to acting was awesome, and he delivered one of his best performances ever! When I was a little kid, he was my favorite movie star, because he was the best Superman ever! Way to go Christopher, and I pray for you and others that you will someday walk again!

The Jerk

I saw this film on TBS Sunday, November 22, 1998, and it is hysterically funny! Now I know where the films Dumber & Dumber and Kingpin actually originated from, it is like those two films, only blended together! I've always liked Bernadette Peters, she is both sexy and funny!

Raw Nerve

Great Suspense B-Movie Masterpiece!
Jan-Michael Vincent did it again, playing a superb cop, who was right the whole time! He knew that the so called "Loverboy" Guy was the killer the whole time, great movie!

Apocalypse Now

One Hell of a Film!
This is in no doubt the best war film ever made! Martin Sheen's performance was unbelievable! There were many problems in the making of this film, but it turned out to be a masterpiece behind the master mind of Francis Ford Coppola!

Executive Target

Kidnapping the President for Profit, ha ha, that's hiliarious!
I really like this film, Michael Madsen, one hell of an actor who is so underated, it's sick, because this man has talent! Even though The Getaway (1994) is still his best movie, this is one Madsen flick any fan should see! Kidnapping the President and selling him to another country for billions of dollars is hilarious, and a good never before seen plot! Imagine some one doing that to Bill Clinton, now that would be the day!

Red Line

This Movie Burns Rubber!
This movie is excellent for Race Car drivers and fans of Nascar, because this movie looks just like my video game, Top Gear Rally on the Nintendo 64 system. This movie has a great deal of good action, stunts, plot, exceptionally good acting, and stars from the past. Chad McQueen did an excellent job as an actor and a stunt car driver in this film, on how he set up two different organized crimes, and they killed each other while he ran off with a ton of smack. Jan-Michael Vincent did an excellent job too, even though his age is really starting to show in this film, but he did have a motorcycle accident the day before they started filming, at times in the film, you can actually see his hospital band believe it or not! Jan-Michael Vincent, dominated this film, just like all his others! Since now that his age is really kicking in, he makes a perfect bad guy or a psycho path (Hidden Obsession). I recommend this film to all Hollywood B-movie fans!

Hit List

Hard Hitting Jan-Michael Vincent Action!
A very good movie, Airwolf's Jan-Michael Vincent totally redeems himself, along with Alien's Lance Henrikson!

The Mechanic

Charles Bronson's best, and probably Jan-Michael Vincent's Best too!
This movie is incredibly made, considering the year it was made in (1972), the relationship between Charles Bronson and Jan-Michael Vincent is a lot similar to that of today's action films, such as 48 Hours, Lethal Weapon, and Beverly Hills Cop! the neatest thing about this film is its ending, watch and see for your self, it is truly a classic!

The Birth of a Nation

Truly an Early Masterpiece!
I saw this film in my History of Film Class at North Eastern Oklahoma A&M Jr. College at Miami, Oklahoma, and it was incredible! This was the very first feature length film, which was written and directed by the very cocky self-centered, racist, D.W. Griffith, he did a wonderful job of story telling, and showing the very first signs of close-ups of the actors and actresses. Many critics at the time did not like this film, because it showed white actors painted black with fake giant lips, and worked in out in the fields, and looked like they were enjoying it, which was absolutely sick!

The Great Train Robbery

This Film Really Rides the Rails Good!
I saw this film in my History of Film Class at NEO A&M Jr. College at Miami, Oklahoma, and I loved it! This film, which was made in the early days of film, showed the early signs of editing a picture, and was the longest made film at the time! There was even a couple of stunts in the film, which was a first, it had both action and humor to it!

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