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The Day After Tomorrow

Save your money for GAS!
What a lame, liberal flick. Cliche after cliche..... If you are a student of special effects, this is a good one to watch but the movie plot is unbelievable. It's sad so many people were duped into paying their hard earned money to see this liberal expose. To cap it off, at the end, when the people in space are looking at North America frozen over, a place where 200 million people have just died including their friends and family, what's last words?..... now we have clean air. Gimme a break! I'm surprised the closing credits didn't have "Vote for Kerry".


Best original sight gag.
One of my most enjoyed scenes was when he fell asleep in the chair at the art gallery. Mr Bean's s-l-o-wwwwwwwwww, silent, unconscious descent from the chair to the floor is an original. I've never seen this gag before. Fans of Mr Bean won't be disappointed.

The Winning Team

Good movie but ending is unrealistic.
Alexander saves the world series for the ST LOUIS CARDINALS against the New York Yankees, yet the fans at Yankee Stadium all cheer him....and a New York cab driver and policeman help Alexander's wife (Doris Day) get to Yankee Stadium in time to give Alexander much needed moral support.

Jing wu ying xiong

Great action, great slo-mo
Great action from the start and throughout the movie. Some scenes obviously sped up but the slo-mo shots show Jet Li's martial art expertise (i.e. flying double kicks, etc). Not for young 'white belts' because of the violence but great for the rest of us.

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