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The City

This show is the strongest on Canadian Television in recent years. The characters are believable, the interwoven plots are full of suspense, and the acting is outstanding. There is no way this show would last on American television, but here it should remain on for sometime. If you get Canadian television you don't want to miss this show.

The Norm Show

Same old, lame old.
This is the one show I had high hopes for this mid season, but even with it's well seasoned cast, "the Norm Show" failed to be spicy. I was hoping the writing on the show would match his routine on SNL but the show turned out to be a boring, dull, tired half hour trash fest not fit for the likes of Jerry Springer, with its only moderately funny and utterly tasteless jokes about prostitutes and sodomy. Better luck next time, Norm.

It's Like, You Know...

It's like so BAD...
Today ( march 24) the first episode of this new series just debuted on ABC. This show has to be the worst mid season in recent years.Combine the inane ramblings of the shows Seinfeld wanna-bes with the standard perky blond bit and they cooked up one dull and utterly unfunny series. It's like you know...has a serious been there done that feel. Please people steer clear of this show because you will waste 30 minutes of your valuable tv watching time.


Ally McBeal for whiny teens
This show is about a doe-eyed girl going to school in NYC. Except from being cute( Felicity) this show is mindless dribble spewed out in classic form by WB. Unlike Dawson's creek this show is boring and predictable from beginning to end & in an unbearable form. A watered down knock-off of Ally McBeal for teens unworthy of 60 minutes of airtime. Skip this one!!!

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