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Allegro non troppo

Great Animation, Pathetic Frame
The animation in Allegro non troppo (1976) perfectly captures the spirit of the music that it animates. The Evolution sequence set to `Bolero' is particularly effective. The magical effect of the movie is repeatedly broken by sequences of a very bad old women band. What was intended as a parody of Fantasia's interludes with its orchestra, merely comes across as a very annoying distraction. Allegro non troppo (1976) would have been a much better film without this frame.

The Last Dance

A quiet celebration of life and slowing down to live life
Maureen O'Hara gives a quiet, confident and masterful performance as a retired schoolteacher, Helen Parker. We gradually learn about Helen Parker's past as she become reacquainted with one of her former students, Todd Cope. Todd Cope, Todd Cope's family, and we discover the importance of not getting caught up with the details of life and to slow down to appreciate what life has to offer.

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