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Meet the Deedles

Nobody should ever be subjected to such a horrible movie
I simply cannot find one good thing to say about "Meet the Deedles". At no point was I remotely interested in anything that was happening. It's a real shame that Dennis Hopper appeared in such a horrible movie. There is no reason for this movie to have been made. The plot was incoherent and uninteresting, while the characters were undeveloped and dull. It is the only film I've ever considered turning off in the middle. This movie isn't worth the time it takes to go to the video store and look at it on the shelf.


A great movie
I read the play in my college lit class and i thought it was terrible. It was unconcise, choppy, and generally all around horrible.... or so i thought. When I saw the movie, I was completely astounded by the complexity of the whole plot. The actors are mere puppets for the screenwriter moreso than usual for this movie. Mamet is truly the driving force behind Oleanna. He has chauvinistic ideas, and he isn't afraid to tell about them. The ending is truly powerful and we are happy to see it happen.

The Matrix

Matrix is great
When I walked into the theater to see Matrix, I didn't know what to expect. Honestly, I wasn't expecting all that much. The previews that were shown on talk shows were really cheesy, but I gave it a shot. I have to say that Matrix is one of the best movies I have seen in a few years. The special effects are very special and the acting is surprisingly great. I loved the concept of the movie and best of all, it made me think. If you don't like to think while watching a movie, then don't see Matrix. But... if you want to see a good movie that makes you care about the characters and outcome.... Then see Matrix. It is worth your 7 bucks.

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