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An excellent romp.
I have seen all the movies in the franchise, and this one was as good as the original. The characters were believable, the science was wonderfully geeky (even if ... well, science about ghosts), and when Holtzmann did her thing, it was amazing.

And Patty wasn't a stereotype. She was the non-scientist and brilliant at it. It takes a combination of skills to make a good team, and this lot made a good team. Kevin? Icing on the cake. Fluffy, airy, piles of sweet icing on a solid, well-performed story.

And more than anything else, the characters had distinct, very believable personalities that had foibles and weaknesses. Fears. Doubts. And who changed and became strong together as the movie progressed.

Corny? Of course. Silly? At times. Fun? Definitely. My only criticism is that there were just a few too many harks back to the old movies. But I almost cried when I saw the bronze bust near the beginning.

See it. Take your daughters. Show them that science and engineering and technology are amazing. She'll be the *next* generation.

The Eruption of Mount St. Helens!

Pretty pictures, few facts
I'm surprised that the film won a short-documentary Oscar - it's so light on facts that it could have been a photo-essay - or maybe that's what it was. Lots of really lovely views of the mountain and the ashfalls and the devastation, but no real explanation of why it happened, how far it affected things, what the end results were. I like my documentaries to have facts, which is why I voted this one low.

Bob Roberts

The scariest movie I've ever seen.
It's darkly funny. It's terribly plausible. And that very plausibility is what makes it so scary.

Made 10 years ago, it gave a hint of the possibilities available within American politics. It showed the manipulations and scheming that forms many campaigns, all the more disturbing because you realise that such things <i>are</i> actually happening.

And that such a set-up could occur just freaks me even more.

Watch it. Properly watch it. And promise to never accept any politician at face value ever ever again.

Shifshuf Naim

A Porky's Wannabe?
The acting is lousy and (at least in the version I saw) the dubbing is abysmal. This supposed 50s-style teen angst comedy is best viewed really late at night so that the rotten acting and putrid storyline can fight with the pathetic 50s music soundtrack in sending you to sleep.

Against this, "Porky's" deserved an Oscar.

Maxim Xul

Not even cheesy - just bad.
The acting is pitiful, and overblown. The story is awful (Babylonian demon is killing people, ace reporter and smart detective find them, aided by mysterious professor played by Adam West). The sword flexes like plastic. The sound isn't sychronised. I've seen better plot and acting in low-grade porn. It screams of an Adam West vehicle that took five years from shooting to production/development and should not have ever been released.

Lady Caroline Lamb

Stinker Extraordinaire
The story has been mangled. The acting was unconvincing and the dialogue improbable. I can't believe I managed to stay awake through the whole thing. And the costumes ranged from not bad to "which polyester knit fabric was that?" For curiosity value only.

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