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Space Ghost Coast to Coast

How does this stuff get on TV?
Something that couldn't happen on network TV: A talk show that's actually funny. As Jeff Foxworthy put it, "These are the stupidest questions..." Space Ghost basically abuses his guests; when Donny Osmond came on his show, and attempted to plug his book, SG flipped to film of a panda in a cage. When Adam West attempted to do the same thing, he was just glared at. Of course, it's not just cheap entertainment at the expense of the guest...the shows often have a plot behind them that the guests are used to help out in some way. Of course, sometimes he just eats them. Zorak and Moltar are fun to watch, as are the rest of the council of doom (especially Brak and Lokar). This is one of my favorite television shows, and when I'm sitting alone in my house on a Friday night, it's on the tube.


Perhaps this was a good movie, as so many seem to think. I would tend to disagree. James Cameron, for whatever good qualities he may have, is not an Oscar-caliber director. The script was shoddy (Proper girl runs away from her betrothed and gets dirty with a street urchin. Street urchin is properly glorified and the betrothed vilified), and the acting was subpar (the only character I actually liked was the ship's designer). That leaves this movie with what every other James Cameron flick has: special effects. Unfortunately, they're not great enough to redeem the three hours plus this movie takes to endure. I was looking at my watch more than the screen when I first saw it, and I'd point anyone who wants to see this movie to films that deserved an Oscar but didn't receive one due to the Academy's buying the hype.

Pink Floyd: The Wall

So you thought you might like to go to the show?
An interesting movie, the Floyd takes us to insanity and back. It's a combination of the life of Roger Waters and Syd Barrett, so another tagline for it could be 'Sex, Drugs, Rock'n'roll.' The acting is excellent, and the music is superb. Anyone who hasn't seen this movie at least twice is missing out.

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