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No Man's Land 14

one of the best in the series
No Man's Land series of all-girl adult videos continues to set the standard for the genre among the ones that at least have a semblance of a plot. This one may appeal to those who do not normally go for the all-girl adult videos while for those who enjoy this type or erotica it is well worth a rental, IMHO that is .

Dyke Bar

box is better than the contents
A bit of a disappointment given the cast and the premise. It's passable for a fan of the genre, a couple of hot scenes with Nina H doing her masculine persona but the video suffers from the cheapie production values that are evident in repetition of shots... a 5 minute scene takes 10 due to use of repetition of the scene which tends to destroy the little mood that was created. If a fan of Ms Hartley or any of the other participants and of the genre, then you might consider a rental.

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