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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm giving up halfway through Episode Five. This is a muddled clutter. Some great performances, but overall, this is just unnecessarily complicated, and stupid.

    "The Stranger" herself is the problem. Total miscasting.

    I'll just save time, and go to Wikipedia, to find out what happens. MAYBE.

    I just binged over four hours, and I am REALLY annoyed.

    The production value is great, BUT ENOUGH with the drone shots. Just because you CAN, doesn't mean that you SHOULD.

    My recommendation? Don't even START watching this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is about 80% fiction. "Dramatic license"?

    I love history, and facts. I am not surprised that Olivia de Havilland sued the production.

    Great production value. Acting is extremely hammy.

    Most of this, never happened. The nature of the beast, I suppose.
  • The two movies were apparently made back-to-back, in Atlanta, Aug - Oct 2019. Thus explaining some overlapping of actors, and I image, crew.

    Both films look underproduced. Technically, fine. But especially in this film, the "crowd" scenes are ridiculously lacking extras. I've worked on TV movies or miniseries, with hundreds of extras.

    More energy was put into "Superintelligence." This was apparently just treated like an extra thing to do with the crew.
  • This pulled me in, then ended up as a train wreck. I actually stopped watching the last episode. I am walking away from this, without understanding the conclusion, BECAUSE I DON'T CARE. Seriously, the last two episodes became idiotic.

    "Sophie" is NEVER particularly "interesting." She is supposed to be some "Lolita." She's basically an annoying "millennial."

    It really angers me, when I waste my time watching a series like this. It started out fantastic, then just butchered it all.

    Again, A TOTAL waste of time, Apple+.
  • "Harry" keeps doing idiotic things. It's distracting. And Pullman's mannerisms have become far too exaggerated. This newest season feels like a mimic of NBC's "Hannibal."

    I like the previous two runs.

    But THIS one? In each episode, Harry just screws up. I realize, obviously, that the plot is intentional. But it's impossible to become "invested" with a character who acts illogically at almost every turn.

    And it's not just Harry. I just keep thinking to myself, "Hey, that person would NEVER do that!" And I'm not discussing "Jamie," who is unbalanced.
  • And I HATE it. I did appreciate the homage to "The Dick Van Dyke Show" set.

    But, to use a "Southern" phrase, "this is SO precious."

    Yes, I've only seen one episode, and it will be my last. Yes, I am aware that the first episode, is only the hint of things to come. BUT, it failed. Silly.

    Not interested...
  • As a 58 year-old Southern, gay man, I can tell you that this is absolute "precious" idiocy. Cartoonish characters. Alan Ball at his worst. Seriously, this throws everything in the mix.

    It's really bad. It made me angry.

    Clichéd performances beyond belief.

    I am about half-way through, and I will attempt to finish it. But I am guessing that it will be about as awful, as I expect.

    I just find it "gratuitous."
  • I am a rabid fan of documentaries. I have seen hundreds. But this ranks as one of the worst.

    It is "all over the map." It lacks cohesiveness, on so many levels.

    I am quite shocked that it is on HBO.

    By the halfway mark, I found it totally confusing. Of course, I understood the main concept. But interviews come across as haphazard, with no coherent structure.

    The "story" is fascinating, but this documentary is far from it.

    Structure matters. Don't throw a bunch of "stuff" in a blender.

    I'm giving up. Wikipedia (ugh) will fill in the holes. And when I feel the need to go to Wikipedia, then the documentary has failed.
  • I lasted halfway through this garbage. This is pablum for the masses. Lots of people spouting gibberish. A TOTAL waste of time.

    This is WHY, we can't have "nice things."

    This is manufactured. Seriously.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just people doing stupid things.

    If they had truly wanted to be controversial - the two parents would have killed their daughter for the whole mess.

    Regardless, EVERYONE made the DUMBEST choices possible. Seriously.

    HOW can you take a film seriously, when everyone is so stupid?
  • The usual garbage, made even worse by an incomprehensible final thirty minutes.

    Everything was thrown at the wall, to see what would stick. This is absolutely inept on so many levels.

    Just pointless. Streaming sites need to do better than is pablum.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What's with the narrator voice from every science film that you saw in high school?

    The "Disco Mastermind" wrap-arounds are cringe-worthy.

    This feels like a Masters Thesis.

    I do disagree with The Village People. Those songs were DEFINITELY "double-entendres." Please.

    The "disco years" were my high school era. I owned all of the 45s.

    And "Can't Stop the Music" was left out?????? The death knell of disco, by far.

    Back to The Village People. Weren't there all kinds of issues with that group. In-fighting, etc. That's not even dealt with. Thus, the band members come across somewhat poorly, when interviewed.

    This "documentary" is really bad.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have made it through two episodes, after binge-reading the novel.

    WHAT? The ballpark arrest...the exterior courthouse shooting? SO inept. Two AMAZING scenes in the novel. Two horribly directed episodes. I was hoping for some amazing Brian De Palma stuff - slow motion, spilt screen amazing-ness. JUST TOSS-OFF scenes! WHAT?????

    Why is everything filmed in darkness?

    No color?

    Total miscasting.

    HATE IT.

    THEY HAD ten hours to "do this right." SO LAME.
  • Bad script, inept direction, awful "acting," etc. This was obviously written around the location, in the hometown of the producer. The "house" isn't frightening, in the least - just a decades-old "Federal" styled mansion, next to a freeway. (The property is apparently being converted into a business, housing, and retirement complex? I found a few old articles on Google, but didn't explore further.)

    How this kind of stuff makes it onto a major streaming entity, is puzzling. It was aired on a cable channel originally.

    I read an interview with the producer, and it is cringe-worthy.

    By the final fifteen minutes, I was laughing, and not in a "Plan 9" kind of way.

    Skip it, by all means.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Season 1 hooked me, and I binged on N-flix, which recently "dropped" it. Then I started Season 2, which became increasingly annoying as #$%%. But, I held on. Now I am in the Bryan Fuller pablum, that is Season 3. Style over substance. A Fuller Fault. He never knows when to stop.

    GOD, this show is annoying. And repetitive.

    And it LOVES the gore. HOW did this air on NBC?

    SO many pointless scenes. Over and over again. Yes, the critics LOVED it!!!!

    SO, Fuller is trying to get another season, STILL, on N-flix - rethinking "Silence of the Lambs," now???? In 2020????

    Again, I am a MAJOR "binger" - I watched ALL of "Breaking Bad" one weekend in late 2013. And I've binged it two more times.

    I am having to FORCE myself to get through Season 3, and I won't make it. I just don't @#$#^% care.

    I am a big fan of "Manhunter." Fuller, stop with your pretentious garbage. You're fooling some people, but not everyone.
  • If you want to watch an Amazon Prime show kissing its own @#$, here you go.

    Tim Gunn should be ashamed, for being a part of this.

    I had just binged Season 18 of "Project Runway," and really enjoyed it. THEN, I binged THIS. It is a boring, ridiculous mess.

    It's not about "design," at all. Just "commerce." What can you designers do, to make bazillionaire Amazon sell something? And WHO are some of these "judges"?

    This is manufactured Amazon garbage. "Project Runway Lite." But amping up the commercialism.

    I realize that it was filmed prior to the pandemic, and social unrest. But it still comes across as crass.
  • I lasted 15 minutes into this. Seriously, N...x, THIS is worthy? Technically, fine. But overall, a hot mess. Great Student Film!!!!
  • Seriously, how can you actually believe any of this scripted garbage?

    I have been thirty-three years in the industry, and in the past twenty, have turned down every "reality show" inquiry as a crew person. Do you honestly believe that Nev (and whatever co-host) show up at some stranger's home, without a producer first obtaining an NDA/release form? You don't think that they carefully mold the scenario? PLEASE.

    Notice that a van or two of crew people are ALREADY at each location.

    True, they are likely not getting "location" permission to film at most of the sites (reality shows are VERY cheap).

    By the way, they pay their crew at a miserly rate. I can make professionally in a DAY, what they offer for ten days.

    It's "Jerry Springer" for the current age.

    They take advantage of very unstable people, for your pleasure (?). These "victims" will have this on their backs, for life.

    Oh, and Nev is a narcissist. MY GOD.
  • We KNOW, that when watching something you've created, it will eventually turn into gibberish. I am walking away, halfway through Episode 7. I don't care.

    This reminds me of a crazy, fellow film student at USC, 35 years ago. How precious!

    How enlightened!
  • Just terrible on so many levels. Acting. Script. Set design.

    Technically, it's fine, although the sound/dialogue is clearly dubbed at times.

    The lead "actor" obviously isn't one. Supporting performances are amateurish.

    If you haven't started watching, don't bother. This is streaming service filler.
  • Seriously. Why does EVERYBODY, in EVERY episode smoke? Yeah, it's a period thing. But REALLY? This is ridiculous.

    The overall set design is great in the series. So WHY be so inept with the smoking?

    In this show, if it's possible for ANYONE to be smoking, he or she will be. It's a lazy manner of implying a "period." Believe it or not, everyone did NOT smoke prior to the 70s.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Seriously. On so many levels, this is garbage.

    OK, the "lead actress" character lost her entire family, so nobody will look for her. But the OTHER visitors? None of them shared with family/friends where they were going? Nobody mentioned their "friend" who took them there? Nobody bothered, in 2019, to find out ahead of time, if there was a wireless connection?

    None of these "visitors" high-tailed it out of there after the "cliff scene"?

    Why make the "visitors" clichéd, stupid people?

    If you want to see a more satisfying "cult horror" flick, check out the "found footage" 2013 film, "The Sacrament." A riff on Jim Jones.

    THIS film is just annoying. Gibberish.

  • I am not surprised that Vincent Price regretted taking part in this film.

    The production values are sub-TV movie. The acting is awkward. and the script ridiculous.

    This just oozes the 1980s decade at its worst.
  • This thing looks as if it were produced by a local TV station in the 70s.

    In addition, I cannot BELIEVE that ANYBODY was gullible enough to buy into the schemes of this guy. Totally ridiculous. Seriously. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??
  • Lame on every level. "Into the Dark" continues to be sub-par. It could have redeemed itself, without the final scene.

    Please. Who writes this pablum, Blumhouse?

    We did better at USC Film, in 1985.

    And Sands, GOD. How FAR you have fallen.
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