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The Others

Check Out "The Other" Classics!
Before I saw this movie today,I read the reviews & they were very positive & given high ratings,so I decided to see it. I was very disappointed in it. I was expecting alot more & kept waiting for something good & scary to happen for the first while.I found alot of it to be confusing. For example: What's the deal with the husband showing up from nowhere in the fog,and what was the purpose of him in the plot? Am I missing something? Also, how come "Ann" was the only one to see the intruders? I left the theater trying to figure it all out. On the other hand alot of it was copied from other movies & predictable. I did not feel scared during this film overall. It had only a few creepy moments worth mentioning. One of them can be seen on the 30 second tv spot.(Ann as the old woman with the white vail) The other is the photo album that Grace(Kidman) finds. That was creepy!

Everyone seems to be comparing this film to "The Sixth Sense" I liked that better than this but,I was disappointed in it as well. If you want to see a true classic ghost story then rent or buy the DVD of "The Changeling"(1980) starring: George C. Scott. That blows this movie away! Lots of scares & a much better story. Also "Dark Places"(1973) starring: Joan Collins & Christopher Lee, is another well done scary ghost story with plenty of twists & suspense. There was also an episode of "Unsolved Mysteries" they did about "Ghosts" & one of the segments was about the "Queen Mary" being haunted. That scared me more than this movie! It was very well done & gave you chills up your spine & left you with a really creepy feeling.And I didn't have to pay $9:50 to see it! I wouldn't say "The Others" stunk, but I wouldn't say it was great & worth seeing either. I give it a 4/10.

G3 Live in Concert

Satch Rules!
I bought the Laser Disc of this concert a few years back because it had one of my favorite guitar players in the world on it, "Joe-Satriani". Joe is an unbelieveable player & a true gentleman. He is in a class of his own. Seeing him play live is a spectacle to behold. Pure Awesome Power! SatchRules! Steve Vai & Eric Johnson are great players as well,but Joe has the big edge in my books. I wish there had have been more songs on the disc but what was on it still makes up for an enjoyable concert of some of the best guitar players in the world today. For all you "Satch" fans, check out his upcoming DVD release of "Joe Satriani-Live In San Francisco" coming out on Aug 21st 2001....It's going to be nuts!

The Last of the Mohicans

The Best Remake Ever!
I never got to see this unforgettable picture when it was released back in September/92. I've owned the Laser Disc of it for over three years,but never got around to watching it until last summer(99). One of my fellow co-workers told me that it was his favorite films of all time,so I invited him over to watch it with me. I can't believe that this much time has gone by without me ever watching it. This movie is amazing! I just finished ordering the soundtrack for it from Amazon.($13.99) They wanted $36.99 for it here in Canada! This is another one of those film's where the music adds so much more impact to it. I sometimes will put on the part near the end when they are running up the side of the mountain.That scene along with the music leading up to the final cliffside battle with actor Wes Studi is one of the best climatic scene's ever filmed! There are no words to describe the power of that part.Wes Studi was excellent in his part as Magua. I now have the DVD of it, but was a little disappointed that there were no extras with it. Not even the stinkin trailer! But the movie itself & the sound & picture quality far out weight that minor error. I hope director Michael Mann will release a collector's edition of it someday.This movie is worth that much... Thank-You Chris,for telling me to watch this classic!

Prom Night

Comedy Horror!
This movie has some so-so scary parts, but mainly really funny one's.One of them is when the killer is phone his next victim.Look carefully at the yearbook he is ripping the picture's from.You have to use your step button on your DVD remote to see the face behind the one he is tearing out.It's hilarious!! Another funny part is the police officer that is assigned to the case.He is sitting at his desk thinking about how to get the killer.His line:"I've gotta get that B*****d before he Butchers someone else" is priceless.

I also can't picture Leslie Nielsen being in a movie like this.He will always be Frank Drebin from the Naked Gun films.I still like this film regardless of the low budget quality about it.I always remember driving by the old school house shown at the beginning of it. The movie was shot around Markham & Toronto.There was one seen shot down at the Scarborough Bluffs.The old schoolhouse used to be a girls reformatory at one time,it was demolished shortly after this film was made.All in all this film is good for some laughs & suspense.

Shania Twain: Live

Canada's Bestselling Female!
This is another fine DVD release. "Shania Twain" is the best selling female artist of all time, & this concert proves it. It is from her "Come On Over" World Tour & the sound & picture are excellent. I hope that they release all of her music video's on DVD soon...Her husband Robert John "Mutt" Lange of Def Leppard fame,has really sent her music career over the top. Look forward to their next release.

Pat Benatar: Live in New Haven

The Queen of the 1980's!
I was glad to see this concert come out on DVD. It was shot in New Haven,Conn at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum. It is 60 mins of Pat & company at their best. The picture looks great & Rhino Home Video also added a 5.1 track as well. Pat was 30 when this was shot & she looks great. She was the female queen of the 80's what "Shania Twain" is to the 90's. Her music brings back alot of teenage memories for myself. She is a rock legend & her music will always stand the test of time..All the best Pat & Neil...


Forgotten Masterpiece!
"Beavers" was just released on DVD last week,so I decided to buy it. What a beautiful film. It was amazing to say the least. Director Stephen Low has done it again with another top notch outing. This film is just as good as his later effort of "SuperSpeedway" The thing that I can't get over about this film,is that it is nearly 12yrs old. I don't ever remember seeing any ads for it back then. This is a must have DVD for thos who enjoy this kind of quality entertainment. The sound is amazing in 5.1 & there is a "Making Of" Documentary. I hope "Stephen Low" & team keep making these highly enjoyable films.

The David Cassidy Story

Like Father,Like Son
I just finished watching "The David Cassidy Story". Andrew Kavovit gave an outstanding performance as Cassidy.At times I thought it was really him. He had him down to a T. The movie itself was good. It's a shame what happened to him after his Partridge Family stint. When you see what fame can do to a person, it makes you be thankful that being a nobody(like myself) can have it's advantages. I was a "Partridge Family" fan years ago & still listen to there music to this day on CD. I also have two David Cassidy solo CD's. If you read this David, I commend you on a very fine life story of yourself. Sorry about your Dad. Your appearance at the end with Andrew was a nice added touch to this well done story..... Was a little disappointed that "Reuben Kincaid" was not mentioned in it.

This Is Spinal Tap

Twisted Old Fruit!!!
"Spinal Tap" is a comedy classic. There are so many funny

parts in it. Some of the best one's are when there manager

is trying to get the band into there hotel rooms & there

is a problem at the front desk,"Twisted Old Fruit" then

the part where Nigel is having a difficult time in trying

to make a sandwich. Then the part when "Harry Shearer"

gets stuck in that Pod on stage & he's in there for the

whole song only to finally be released from it at the end

of the song. The pose that he strikes after it is hilarious!!! Like most of the the comments said, this movie is that

much better on DVD. You get a ton of extra stuff. It's

well worth the money...I don't like alot of language in

movie's but I found myself laughing at the way they said

certain words in this. The british accents made the difference. I am very surprised that a sequel never came out after all

this time....I don't think it would have topped this one.

The San Pedro Beach Bums

These "Bums" Were Gone In 90 Days!
This lousy show of the late 70s was off the air in 90 days! If I was the producer of ABC,I would have axed it the same night it started! It was about 5 young "beach bums" who lived on a houseboat. It was a pretty lame plot to begin with & this cast of nobodies ended up going nowhere in there acting careers.These "BUMS" are a forgotten memory!!!!! This is one show that "Aaron Spelling" would love to forget about...

Starsky and Hutch

One Of The Best Cop Shows Ever!!!
This has to be one of my all time favorite cop shows. David Soul & Paul Michael Glasser were both great working together. All of the 88 episodes were fun to watch. There Grand Torino is a trademark in television history & I hope that they will show reruns of this classic in Canada soon...

Hawaii Five-O

Jack Lord Was Great & Will Be Missed...
Hawaii Five-O is another cop show that was a big part of my life.It was excellent to say the least.Jack Lord was born to play "Steve McGarrett". It is sad to know that he is no longer with us. I will always remember him as being the first "Felix Leiter" In the first James Bond movie "Dr.No. He will be missed. This is a classic show which lasted 12 seasons...

A Vow to Cherish

Powerful,Heartfelt Movie
I just finished watching"A Vow To Cherish". Its a very powerful touching movie. There needs to be more top quality movies made like these one's. These are life-changing movies & I challenge Hollywood to finally wake-up from there immoral stupor & start making some decent family value films.This movie is a real winner.... God bless The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association!!!

In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro

90,000 Baboons? True Story?
This movie is suppose to tell the true tale about how 90,000 baboons went on a killing spree because of a severe drought in 1984. This movie bombed badly at the theaters. And it bombs badly as a movie itself. Did this really happen, I don't know. This movie is good for a laugh.

A Stranger to Love

Another Great True Life Story...
Each year when all the big TV networks are planning there Fall schedule,I always look forward to another season of fact based movies."A Stranger To Love" is one that gets my full approval rating. It is a well done film about a married man who gets beat up & then loses his memory. He relocates to another city, where he starts up a new life. Beau Bridges,Pam Dawber & Tess Harper all give outstanding performances. This is a movie worth checking out.

Too Young to Die?

True Life Tragedy...
"Too Young To Die" is a well done true life story. The acting is top notch from "Juliett Lewis" & "Brad Pitt".This is a very tragic story about the life of a 14yr old girl whose life is torn apart by the hands of people in her life, which lead to exotic dancing,drug abuse, and ultimately murder. I found this movie difficult to watch at times because of the sad circumstances of her life. At the end of the film,you be the judge whether or not justice was served? I feel it was not...


Good Scary Film
This movie scared the crap out of me when I first saw it as young teenager.

Susan George was really good in as the babysitter (Amanda). She is terrorized by the baby's estranged father. This movie has a really creepy feeling to it. It was filmed in England, and most of the really old houses there just seem to have that eerie look about them. This is a movie worth checking out......


Congratulations, it's a mutant.
This very low budget film is really called "Monkey Boy". It is a really crappy movie. The only good thing about it was the Laser Disc jacket that it came in.

It was another .50cent disc that I took a chance on. I mainly bought it because of how funny the cover looked. It said: They made him. They raised him. Now he's coming out to play.

Then they have a picture of him, with the title "Monkey Boy" under it. On the back it has the statement:

Congratulations, its a mutant...

Its a .50cent disc that I have had alot of laughs with. But, "Monkey Boy" is another movie that I can't figure out why they would release the Laser Disc of it. Let alone even make.

Highway to Heaven

Another Hit For Michael Landon...
"Highway To Heaven" was a very well done show. I really like most of the episodes. They were really well written & directed. Michael Landon & Victor French worked so well together as Mark Gordon & Johnathan Smith. Landon wrote some really hard hitting stories about, Love, Hate, Forgiveness & Racial Issues. I don't agree with all of the points that Michael was trying to raise like, referring to the Lord as "The Boss" or "The Man Upstairs". Overall the show was a touching one. And now as I still watch the reruns of it, I get a weird feeling in knowing that Michael Landon & Victor French are now no longer here anymore. It's a big loss. They were both really great actors. I miss them both...

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

One Of Travolta's Best Movies.
I can still remember this movie when it was shown on TV back in 1976. I thought it was a good story. It still is, but I was extremely disappointed in the DVD release of it. It's a really bad transfer & the packaging that it came in is really pitiful. I can't understand why they (Essex Entertainment) would want to cheapen the best format in the world?

There was also a huge error on it as well. On the disc they have: "The Boy In The Bubble".

It's a shame that this great movie had to be wrecked by a very poor DVD release.

The Quest

One Of Jean-Claude Van Damme,s Best...
I really liked "The Quest". I think that it is Jean-Claude Van Damme best movie. I was glad to see Roger Moore in it as well. The scenery is beautiful in it, and reminded me of "The Man With The Golden Gun. It was filmed in Thailand. This is a fun movie to watch..

First Blood

Good Movie, Marred By Too Much Profanity...
"First Blood" was a movie that had a lot going for it. A good cast, a good location, and a good story. The one thing that I hated about this movie was the constant use of the Lord's name taken in vain. There is no reason for it in this movie or ANY movie! I bought the DVD of "First Blood" after not seeing it since its theatrical release in 1982, & was disappointed by a lot of the dialogue. When I was listening to the audio commentary by author David Morrell, he too was surprised by all of the language in it. "First Blood" could have been a great movie. You blew it Ted!!

The Island of Dr. Moreau

What Is The Law?
"The Island Of Dr.Moreau" is the remake of the H.G. Well's 1933 Classic "Island Of Lost Souls". Burt Lancaster is great as Dr.Moreau. This is a very well done movie. The make-up of Tom Burman & John Chambers is outstanding. All of the creatures look very realistic. This is a movie that I would love to have on DVD. I never saw the other remake of this. But from what I have heard, it was pretty awful. Classic Lines:

What Is The Law? Not to walk on all fours.

What Is The Law? Not to shed the blood of another man. That is the law.....

Mission: Impossible

Best Show Ever Made!!!!
I could watch this show 24hrs a day!!! All of the episodes were well done(168). Mission Impossible was such a great show to watch, it was so full of action & suspense, it kept me glued to my couch. Peter Graves was excellent in the role of Jim Phelps, along with the other cast members over the 7seasons that it ran. The late Greg Morris who played Barney was the only cast member to be in all 7seasons. (Graves was in 6) Greg Morris walked out of the Mission Impossible movie starring Tom Cruise after the first 40mins calling it Blasphemy!!! I agree with you Greg, it was a real disapointment to show. Why make Jim Phelps the bad guy? I was glad that 6 laser discs were released from the show. Now that DVD is here I hope that all of the shows will come out soon on this great format. Mission Impossible is the best show Ever!!

Gilligan's Island

Really Corny, But Still Worth A Few Laughs..
Gilligan's Island was a great show when I was a kid. When I got older and watched the same shows I could not believe how corny the show really was. There are a few episodes that are still really fun to watch.

They Are:

1) High Man On The Totem Pole: Gilligan,the Professor & the Skipper find a totem pole carved by the Kapuki tribe. Gilligan cuts off the head & when the Kapuki headhunters notice it missing they search the Island to find out who is responsible for doing it. Gilligan looks like the Kapuki great God "Mashuka" so the Professor tries to teach Gilligan some Kapuki. Classic Line: Poolou See Bagoomba. When Gilligan tries to talk to the headhunters, one of them says to Gilligan why don,t you speak real "Kapuki". Gilligan then falls & pushes out the cut off wooden head. The headhunters get scared & escape from the Island in their boats. Gilligan saves the lives of everyone & is a hero...

2) Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Gilligan & the Skipper go completely bald, all because of the bleach they use for washing their cloths with. Classic Line: Our Heads Look Like A Couple Of Coconuts... Lots of laughs in this one.

3) Don,t Bug The Mosquitoes: A Rock band called The Mosquitoes want to get away from it all so they decide to land on the Island, for some peace & quite. They are driven nuts by some of the castaways. This is my favorite one out of them all.

Gilligan's Island may be corny, but it still has a few episodes that are well worth watching.

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