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  • When I first heard the premise of "The Box", I was excited because I had seen the 1986 "Twilight Zone" segment "Button/Button" (that this movie is based on) and really enjoyed it.

    However, I was a bit apprehensive because the 30 minute "Button/Button" segment was the perfect amount of time for this story. I wasn't sure how the story could be stretched out for a full-length film.

    Well ... now that I've seen it ... I know (and I'm not surprised) that it should never have been made into a full-length film.

    The beginning of the movie wasn't too bad ... but as it progressed (and got more confusing and made little sense), I found myself wishing the movie was over.

    In fact, towards the end we fast forwarded the movie because there was just so much garbage filler in the movie. It's like they were grasping at straws to stretch the story out.

    If you haven't seen "The Box" ... don't bother ... it really is a waste of time. Instead try to catch the segment "Button/Button" of "Twilight Zone". It's really well-worth seeing and ends just as the story should.
  • We don't often rent movies. We have DirecTV with HBO, Starz and Encore channels so we Tivo many movies and make best of what we pay monthly fee for.

    This month Blockbuster sent a coupon for $1.99 deal for movie rentals until end of December.

    I had seen previews of this movie on Black Dahlia DVD and it looked like it might be a good horror movie.

    Boy, was I mistaken. This was one of the worst movies I've seen in I don't know how long.

    The acting was really horrible. The story line ... for lack of a better word ... stupid.

    The movie made no sense to us and the flashback between current time and past wasn't necessary.

    During the movie I kept saying I couldn't believe I'm wasting time that I can never get back. Also wasted $1.99 of hard-earned money for this useless piece of garbage.

    I can't recommend this movie to anyone ... if it airs on cable or DirecTV and you can see it there, judge for yourself ... but don't waste money renting this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My husband accidentally picked up this movie instead of the "Hide and Seek" starring Robert DeNiro.

    We both enjoy thrillers, suspense and horror movies and the description of the movie sounded pretty good.

    It started off pretty well and had some promise but we were disappointed in the ending.

    There were a few things that didn't make sense.

    We didn't understand why the husband would call the fertility clinic to talk to the guy who worked there (who happened to be the kidnapper) to ask if he can remember anything about their visit there that might help him figure out what happened to her.

    Just didn't seem to make much sense to us!

    The kidnappers first lead Darryl Hannah's character into believing the egg used was the kidnapper's wife then later the kidnapper says it wasn't his wife's egg.

    Later on, the kidnapper wants to do an amniocentesis test - at that point we thought "oh oh, it's his sperm and he's worried the baby will have the genetic lobster hands and feet".

    What would have been a better ending would have been the baby being born and having the lobster hands and feet ... meaning the kidnapper's sperm had been used to artificially inseminate Darryl Hannah's character.

    If anything the movie was humorous ... at least Jennifer Tilly brought that to the movie. She's always kinda funny and quirky in most movies she's in. So if you're a Jennifer Tilly fan, this one is for you.
  • I happened to run across this movie on Starz a few nights ago and found the description intriguing so I thought I'd give it a watch. Little did I know I was about to see a truly amazing film! I suppose it might be considered somewhat of a "chick flick" being it's a love story ... but I can't imagine anyone seeing it and not having it touch your heart, if it doesn't ... you just may not have one! I'm quite surprised this one didn't receive any Oscar nominations. It definitely was worthy enough. James Garner and Gena Rowlands were superb as was Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. In fact there wasn't a bad performance. Don't miss this one if you get a chance to see it!
  • Don't waste 90 minutes of your time on this boring movie. A total disappointment! Even though it's an indy film (which most of the time I find are boring) we gave it a chance because the description sounded like the movie might be a good thriller. Halfway through the movie I kept wondering where the terror part of the movie was going to be. One of the most enjoyable things about the movie was the scenery. But the best part of the movie was when it ended! I'd rather watch grass grow or cars rust than ever watch this one again!
  • Shawshank Redemption is one of my all time favorite films. So when I spotted the spoof "SharkTank Redemption" on my cable guide, I just had to watch it!

    Couldn't help but laugh the entire time! It was so wonderfully done and for those very familiar with Shawshank, this is absolutely hilarious!

    Enjoyed seeing Morgan Freeman's son Alfonso and would love to see more of him. Like someone else mentioned, it would be wonderful to see Morgan and Alfonso in a film together as father and son.

    If you're a fan of "Shawshank" and you get a chance to catch this hilarious short film, don't miss's definitely worth seeing!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I heard the song "Christmas Shoes" for the first time last holiday season and every time I'd listen to the song, I could not keep from choking up and crying. So I was curious about the movie. This movie wasn't anything spectacular but was touching and of course gave one some food for thought as to what's really important in life.

    ***Possible Spoilers Below***

    There were a couple of things at very end of the movie that didn't seem to quite add up.

    First of all, the son is shown as an adult at cemetery visiting mother's grave and he leaves behind red pair of Christmas shoes he bought for her the Christmas Eve she died. If the shoes were so important and son wanted his mother to "have them when she went to heaven", why wasn't the mother laid to rest wearing the shoes? Did the son buy more pairs of the same shoes later? Secondly, the son was also wearing the baseball cap that was given to him by Rob Lowe's character's mother. I wouldn't think a baseball cap that fit a child's head would fit a grown adult's head after he grew up!

    As for the song "Christmas Shoes", there is a short segment played near end of movie as son runs home with the shoes. I found myself getting a bit choked up, but not sure if I would have felt that way if the song hadn't been played during that scene.

    Given the two things I mention above that had me thinking "humm" -- overall the movie was enjoyable and worth a watch.
  • I've seen The Jericho Mile several times. In fact it's on my TV right now as I type this. I've always thought it was one of the best TV movies ever. Peter Strauss is outstanding in this role.

    To sum things up...if you haven't seen The Jericho Mile, it's definitely worth a watch.
  • I really enjoy horror movies...good horror movies, that is. I read comments here and decided I'd check this movie out for myself because sometimes I don't agree with other people's likes and dislikes when it comes to movies. this case the negative comments were right on target. When I saw the cast included a somewhat known actor (John Savage), I thought it might not be too bad. I was wrong. This movie was very slow and the story didn't really hold my interest. I found myself wishing it would hurry up and end. It seemed like the plot was made up as they were filming the movie. I'd have to list this movie as one of the top 10 worst horror movies I've ever seen.