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De fem benspænd

Rent this one. However...
...'The Five Obstructions' is not for everyone. This is for you if you love documentaries. This is for you if you respect the maverick minds of filmmakers playing with each other's head. This is for you if you can appreciate the intention behind this documentary. This is for you if you would like to see a veteran filmmaker being challenged to remake an earlier short film of his.

Also if you are so used to being spoon fed with a steady dose of ulcer generating colored candy, forget all about renting this gem.Here's hoping there wont be people who watch this, get disgruntled and then plaster all over the internet with not so kind reviews.

Instead, here's hoping these filmmakers come back with a sequel- if that beautiful being called Jorgen Leth agrees!.

Fahrenheit 9/11

I am not a very big fan of Michael Moore. I never hated nor overtly loved documentaries. I am not particularly fond of politics or admire any contemporary politician. But for a piece of work that got one of the longest standing ovations at the Cannes film festival, I was piqued with curiosity as to how Moore managed to get his documentary so much attention. So I went with my dad and father in law ( a first in the world combination for a movie outing) to watch Fahrenheit 9/11, this weekend's biggest grosser and the biggest ever grosser for a documentary. Yet my expectations were low. Because I believe one need not be a genius in compiling all available information to make a successful documentary.

But this 125 minute documentary opened my eyes to something else. Yes, I may be no fan or follower of any political school of thought or any party's philosophy. I belong to a growing generation of people who believed it is a laudable attribute to possess, if I did not think or be concerned about politics. But this documentary reminds you once again, that it is this very dangerously fast growing, politically ignorant generation which can provide more opportunities to the powers that be to misuse some of its powers, wherever and whenever they come to hold power.

But then again, this film may be wrong or may be even right. It may be politically misleading. Or may be revealing. I don't care. But let me celebrate the news that documentary film-making has arrived. And how! But will it be heard in all earnestness by its target audience if documentary filmmakers succeed in reaching the masses with a honest message? Or is this a dangerous trend which can whip up waves of anger and hatred ?

I think I got this answered during the screening of this film and also at the end of it.


I am among those very fortunate few in this world to have seen the 'dekalog' series in a theater.And i am proud of it.I knew precious little about Kieslowski until i saw this series which was shown during the 29th international film festival of India, held at Trivandrum. ever since i have respected,admired and loved this man for his skills. Anybody can learn a lot from the these 10 little gems. Even a lot many contemporary so called serious movie makers have lots to learn from this extremely intelligent filmmaker.

Shot mostly in stark black and white, the camera seems to have a knack to bring out the faintest of internal turmoils each of the characters undergo. This man has proved how good an observer of life he is. His way of putting across ideas in a simple but intense manner will leave an everlasting impression in our minds.

'A short film about killing' and 'A short film about love' may have found its way to the theaters and gained more attention. But i strongly feel that one has to see all the 10 episodes (in any order and do note that) which covers issues from adultery to incest to treachery and what not. Even more amazing is the fact that all the episodes seem to have been shot in the same locality, covering the occupants of a large residential complex.There are very few characters in each episode(which is about an hour each)and they ALL seem to leave an imprint in our minds. Krzysztof Piesiewicz,the screenplay writer for all the episodes has done a marvellous job.But i am sure i have lost the essence of some of the dialogues as i saw only the subtitled versions.

There are no grandiose attempts while making these episodes-say through utilisation of huge sets or big stars or slick camera movements. It is kept down to earth,realistic and bereft of too many cinematic elements.The camera moves snail pace but something keeps you alert because you realise that the man behind it is making an attempt to speak not just though dialogues. I wish i got a chance to see more of his works and keep away from the commercial crap we are being forced to view everyday.

I sincerely hope more of Kieslowski's offerings find its way to my country and more people from all over the world get a chance to see the works of this genius. This man is SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL !!!

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