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Aunque tú no lo sepas

A great love story
This isn´t a usual love story, but we can easily identify with it. The story is simple, but the way the director portrays the characters and the surroundings (mid 70s Spain), and the excellent work of the young couple (Brondo and Gertrudix) gives it the feel that it has also happened to us, or dream at least that it can. A good movie, and an excellent love story.

Muertos de risa

Not only because of the premiere in Bilbao, one of his best films
De la Iglesia is back with a tragical comedy about two Spanish comedians of the 70s. Including homages to old shows as "Un, Dos, Tres" and "Directísimo", this is a comical (Or tragical?) approach to the last 25 years of Spanish history. Segura and Wyoming, comical as always, blend into their characters. The movie is a lot of fun, especially for those who know the historical period. Despite some criticism, I think this is, with "El Día de la Bestia", De la Iglesia´s best film.

La niña de tus ojos

The 1998 Spanish film sensation
With a wonderful cast, including the divine Penélope Cruz, this movie is the best Spanish movie of 1998. As a humorous approach to Spanish actors working in Hitler´s Germany, it provides the spectator with large quantities of laughs, as well as with very touching scenes.

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