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La cité des enfants perdus

truly a great film
I absolutely loved this film. A charming, funny, dramatic, horrifying and sad trip to a fairy tale world that draws you in from the first scene. unforgettable visuals and a fantastic story add up to one of my favorite movies of all time. 4 stars, highly recommended.

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

This was supposed to shock me??
I was all ready for the worst with this one...big NC-17 rating on the box..a mess of warnings...all for that? What i saw was a boring low budget "slasher" flick, that was supposedly based on a real person. There's nothing to rant and rave about...very VERY tame for what i expected. I was more shocked when i saw "Clockwork Orange" for the first time than i was with this...and im sorry, but i laughed and made fun of it while i watched "Henry". (Henry, how can she love you when she loves chicago so much?). The music was good and the male lead was good also...but hard to understand why this is a cult fave.

Wild Wild West

Please tell me whats so great about this movie! I was seriously disappointed with it. Sure there were some funny parts, and some cool effects..but that doesnt cut it. The most plot gapped, choppy edited movie of the summer! Examples, that giant spider robot scenes (missing sidekick girls). West's fight scene below (chain flies off but still magicllly attaches, steel head goon dies without a clear reason to how he did). Dr. Loveless just falls and we dont see it for such a cool villain why no glorious death scene?? I'll spare the predictable spots for you. Not a bad flick...but not worth paying 8$ for. Star Wars was so much better.

The Thirteenth Floor

Did i see this before?
I Honestly wanted to like this flick, but it seemed like a toned down version of "The Matrix". Maybe it was bad timing on its part..i think that was the movies fault. But there were some better than average performances from the cast with what they had to work with. But in the end too predictable for me i imagine what the music in the elevator sounds like while you go up to the 13th floor.

The Mummy

The Mummy! This flick was excellent, i was waiting for it since i heard rumors last summer, and havent stopped raving. Just plain fun. Great effects and an easy but not simple plot. Can't wait to see it again, can't wait to get it on tape...can't wait for the sequel! Not many people have been talking about the actual performance of the Mummy himself..but he was top notch. The faces he made was great and he just looked spooky and that Egyptian talk made him all even cooler. I really recommend this one.

The Thirteenth Floor

Did i see this before?
I Honestly wanted to like this flick, but it seemed like a toned down version of "The Matrix". Maybe it was bad timing on its part..i think that was the movies fault. But there were some better than average performances from the cast with what they had to work with. But in the end too predictable for me i imagine what the music in the elevator sounds like while you go up to the 13th floor.

Better Off Dead...

Is it just me?
Is it just me? This movie makes NO sense to me...something must have been up with the writing, or the editing because i never understand the plot of this film. Is it about a ski match? Is it about a lost love and a new found one? Is it about dancing hamburgers? What? I think it has a few funny moments, but i wouldnt say any of these 80's teen comedies were ever very funny enough to be a "classic". I admit its fun to see old John Cusack doing the same shtick.

Mahha GoGoGo

Go speed go!
Who hasn't seen Speed Racer? One of my all time favorite cartoon shows from when i was growing up...great characters all around. Racer X, Spridal his pet Chim-Chim and Pops Racer all add up to an exciting half hour. The show centers around Speed Racer and his quest to be the fastest racer in the world, with his high tech personalized Mach 5, he saves the world from evil terrorists while still finding time to race in the circuit and see his girlfriend Trixie. Old Japanese animation at its best.


one of the best dark comedies out there
One of my favorite types of film is the "dark comedy". I guess I just have a twisted funny bone, but Election had me laughing the whole time...great story, great talents around. It's so truthful at points about high school it hurts, and it's a sucker punch. Really worth seeing. I give it three stars.

The Negotiator

Not too bad
A predictable script saved by Jackson and Spacey. Worth checking out if you're a fan of either of the two..but it's only decent if you just want to see a movie.

Event Horizon

big on gore shock, low on fear shock
Saw this one when it came out, at first I was really impressed with the sets, the concept and how scary it was. But after seeing it on cable a few times....it just seemed less original. It borrows alot from other sci-fi flicks (Alien, Hellraiser). But Fishburne's acting saved this film from becoming typical gory sci-fi shlock.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

the force is strong with this one!
fantastic! I've been to this flick three times now, and can't wait for the fourth. Not the best of the series, but still on its own is pure star wars! Believe the hype! One more thing...long live Darth Maul!

Ed Wood

fantastic work of film
I'd just like to say how much i enjoy this movie. it's such a touching story about Ed Wood and his passion for making the "great" horror film and about bela lugosi's sad ending months of his life. truly amazing performances in the whole film. one of Tim Burtons best works. 4 stars definitely worth seeing.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Move over Jay and Dave
Look out late night! Space Ghost has beamed in! This show is some funny stuff late nights, I wish they had coast to coast on tape. Anyway, one of the best shows on Cartoon Network. Suprisingly good guests, hysterical lines you have to repeat, and a a death ray! What else could you ask for in a late night show?

Pushing Tin

takes off and flies high but has a rough landing
just saw this one today and was very pleased. Thornton and Cusack work great against each other and the movie takes a great twist into a dark comedy about rivalry. not what you'd expect beforehand and is a great surprise..but near the end of the film the ending falls a little short of the tone it had originally. overall? surprising and funny, worth checking out

Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft

Lara's back...and it ain't gonna be easy
Tomb Raider 3 is great. Great new scenes, new moves, new outfits, new weapons...great to see the coolest video game character back in the spotlight.

But is it better then ever? Some parts yes, some parts no. It's not easy for new TR players jumping on to the series..and as much fun it is having Lara running around exotic locals, the game is kind of an oxymoron, she isn't raiding many tombs anymore.

I give it 3 out of 4 stars.


wickedly brilliant
This movie made me a big Jean Reno fan, and I've been following him ever since this film. This film's got such style and grace to it, even though it's violent and the themes are different. I believe this story is a love story as well as an action film. Great piece of work that's really worth seeing.

Scream 2

just a gory episode of scooby doo
ugh..predictable from the start, the only "fun" i had was seeing how/where the characters were in their lives. but other than that a bloody version of a bad scooby doo episode with david arquette as shaggy. Very disappointing.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

the end....
Great scenes, and it's like the whole Star Wars family/gang/crew is along having fun with you. And a story book ending...Return of the Jedi is a great work of film.

The Empire Strikes Back

Rather then going into how good this film is, I'd like to mention how great a SEQUEL it is, what a great way to set up the 3rd film, this is when sequels were good. If there's a movie better than Star Wars....this one's it, it's perfect.

Plan 9 from Outer Space

did i miss something?
yeah, this was a REALLY bad movie...that was funny, the bad body bela double, the terrible dialog..and night to day within seconds was really funny..and those saucers just terrible. i did think it was funny..but it started to wear off. how many times does the night to day bad editing make you laugh? it was funny for a while but just slowed down..i got bored with it after 45 minutes. a terrible film...but i've seen worse. i was getting mad at ed wood more then laughing, i guess it wasn't as funny as i thought.

Kôkaku Kidôtai

tad confusing..but overall very entertaining
When has a book to film been as good as the book? The same goes with manga to anime. Hey, even the akira comics were a little more involved..so the same with ghost. But I take it as it is, and I really enjoyed the freshness of it, and NO ONE else has brought up the fact that this put anime back into the public's eye, so it had merchandise..big deal, maybe it will push American theaters to play more anime movies

Alien Resurrection

no Giger credits?
hi, i'm gonna talk about alien 4 today, this isn't that bad..there is some sense of a plot, (with a lil hint of Call as a terroist) but after they make their point...all it is a basic "runaway" movie, true, Weaver is the only thing that saved it from being a little boring. But, it didn't ruin the series i don't think. I had some fun with the effects. But one very IMPORTANT thing about the ALIEN series...was H.r. Giger's designs..strongest in the 1st, and most true to his design, ALIENS changed the design a lil for camerons liking..but still gave him credit, just like ALIEN3 H.r. Giger got credit even tho' he didn't have input at all. Now...the fourth film in the series, is VERY close designs to the 1st film...but NO credit to the artist who orignally created the infamous creature. that upset me more than the plot in this movie is how one person who's been a part of the series from the beginning...gets no credit. watch the credits in ALL 4 and you'll see my point

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

i have the pooowweeerr!!
it's he-man! my hero when i was a little kid, i owe half of my imagination to this awesome show, i just wish it was on again now...most of my favorite shows are in repeats, anyway, he man was the best, the more strange looking the villain the better..the more gimmicky the new character the better..cuz i'd run out to the toy store the next day looking for it.

classic saturday morning/sugar cereal/just come home from 3rd grade veg out show. i just wish it was still on so i could spark the memories up for it.

Lost in Space

i liked this movie, decent acting, fantastic effects..and a great plot, don't pick and prod this, watch it with a kid...they know the fun movies. yes movies..you watch and it's over, so grab some popcorn and just sit back and watch. gary oldman is sooooo sneaky and evil too

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