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Witness to Murder

Intriguing suspense film!
Barbara Stanwyck sees a murder through her window, the problem is no one will believe her. George Sanders plays an author with a twisted mind who taunts Stanwyck through out the film. A little predictable but never the less enjoyable to watch.

China Girl

Absolute waste of time
I was very eager to see this film because it had one of my favorite actresses (Gene Tierney) in it. I started watching it and was so turned off by George Montgomery, who imitates Clark Gable through the whole thing, that once she was on screen, I was hoping it would be over soon. Needless to say I watched it for awhile and finally turned it off. Bad film. Would not recommend.


Chilling film that leaves you wanting more!
Gene Tierney is invited to stay with Vincent Price and his family at the Dragonwyck castle. When she arrives she is enamored by the new lifestyle in which she will live. Mysterious things begin to stir within the family. Price becomes equally enamormed with Tierney, his wife becomes suddenly ill, his daughter shows no love for either parents, and the mysterious tower all play an important part in this tangled web. A must see for anyone who likes suspense!

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

A great film with a supberb cast
A great film with a supberb cast. The film focuses on two drifters who meet up with another man who has lived his life searching for gold. After being down on there luck for two long Dobbs and Curtin decide to invite Howard to guide them through a gold mining process. Greed begins to set in when the pile grows higher. Wonderful to watch. A must see.

Our Time

Predictable, but interesting drama.
This film about the coming of age of two girls who attend a boarding school is a little predictable at times, but interesting to watch. The film takes place in the 1950's with Pamela Sue Martin a beautiful debutante type, and Betsy Slade a quirky girl who is insecure. The whole plot pretty much involves wanting to lose virginity, boys, and an unwanted pregnancy. Worth watching, a little predictable though.


Cat and mouse movie, that never really gets it's bait.
Cat and mouse movie, that never really gets it's bait. Robert De Niro is hired along with other freelance agents to retrieve a package. Unfortunately things do not go according to plan. The film never really gets going, very disappointing.

Dangerous Beauty

Highly Entertaining period film, with an enjoyable cast!
Wonderful period film about Veronica Franco one of Rome's most captivating Courtesans. Catherine McCormick plays Veronica, the movie starts with her just being another young lady in love with young Marco Venier. Due to family obligations and marrying by class, their love is shortlived. Veronica's mother shows her a way she can have not only the man she loves but also many other luxuries a marriage of her class could not provide. Great movie, a must see if you enjoy historical films.

Adam Had Four Sons

Classic drama with enjoyable performances from Bergman and Hayward.
Ingrid Bergman is hired as a governess for the Stoddard's. Warner Baxter plays the father of this family. The film journey's through the death of the mother, stock market crash and the marriage of one of the sons to a free spirited wife. Susan Hayward is very entertaining as bad girl Hester. Enjoyable face off between Bergman and Hayward.

You've Got Mail

This film was entertaining, fast moving and full of laughs. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to have their spirits lifted. Meg Ryan is a quirky book owner and Tom Hanks is a corporate minded book store franchise owner who share wonderful letters with each other through the internet.

A delightful remake of the Shop Around The Corner.

Fatal Exposure

The film had two plots running at the same time. One was Mare Winningham dealing with a recent divorce and her children. The other was her involved with receiving some pictures that were meant for a hitman. She has a side kick for a portion of the film, a man who is trying to date her but barely looks as if he is 18. It goes downhill from there. Not highly recommended, slow moving and very predictable.

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