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She's Out of Control

Predictable But Fun To Watch
If there's one thing to say about the 80's it's that their movies was aimed at about the same kind of audiences. And this movie is no exception.

Tony Danza plays Doug Simpson, a widowed father who's been raising his 2 daughters pretty much alone since their mother died. And according to him (which I agree with) he's done a pretty good job of it. He pretty regularly gets help from his girlfriend, Janet, played almost flawlessly by Catherine Hicks. His life seems to be perfect and in control. Then he goes on a routine business trip and comes home to find his eldest daughter, Katie, the hottest ticket in town. Doug is in a state of shock and isn't used to guys calling all hours of the night, and Katie coming and going as she pleases. So he seeks help in a psychologist who specializes in father/daughter relationships. But can the doctor help him before Doug does something that he will regret?

This movie isn't the kind of movie you'd see on an Oscar Ballot but is fun to watch. Tony Danza is perfectly cast as the nervous but loving father, Doug. Ami Dolenz is well cast as Katie. She actually looks like she's having fun playing the character. Of course, who wouldn't enjoy playing a character that everyone thinks is hot and wants to date. Laura Mooney steals every scene she's in as the sarcastic and under-appreciated younger sister Bonnie. Matthew Perry (Friends) has a small part in this movie as one of the guys Katie goes out with.

It's also interesting to try and guess who exactly Katie is going to end up with in the end.

If you're in the mood for a sweet, often funny movie, or a fan of any of the cast, then I highly recommend this movie for you.

Fifteen and Pregnant

Good Movie To Show TeenAgers
This is a pretty good movie and an excellent movie to show to teenagers who thinks they are ready for a baby.

Fifteen & Pregnant stars Kirsten Dunst (Interview With The Vampire) as Tina, a 15 year old girl who thinks she has the perfect life. Parents she occasionally gets along with, a lot of friends to hang out with, and a boyfriend she loves and who acts like he loves her back. Then the unexpected happens. She gets pregnant. Then her whole life is changed forever. Her mother played by Park Overall (Empty Nest) doesn't want to give it up for adoption but isn't too thrilled with the idea of her keeping it either. Her father, who is trying to be forgiven for an affair is supportive of Tina, mainly cause he doesn't really know what else to do. Her brother and sister are embarrassed by her. Her so called boyfriend is more like a wolf in sheep's clothing. She has a friend, who is single and a little older than her and has a baby. Her friend can see Tina has no idea what she's getting herself into.

As I've said, the movie is a good movie to show to a teenager who thinks they are ready for a baby. The performances are good, especially from Park Overall and Kirsten Dunst. I only have two problems with this movie. First is that none of the characters are very likable. Even Tina the main character. She's a real bitc* to anyone who looks at her wrong and I had a hard time feeling sorry for her and feeling anything for her really. I wanted to slap her a few times. Park Overall's character is also a bit hard to like.

The second thing I don't like is that the first hour and a half of the movie is very believable but during the last 1/2 hour it loses its realism and goes for the happy ending where everyone is suddenly happy and everyone is one big perfect happy family. It's as if the past hour and a half never happened and everyone changes personalities overnight.

Grade wise I'd have to give it a C+ for lack of sympathy for any of the characters and the ending.

Empty Cradle

Disturbing Movie But Holds Your Interest All The Way Thru
This is a very disturbing movie but it's very good. I've seen this movie several times and I have a copy of it. It stars Kate Jackson as Rita, a woman who is in love with her married boyfriend and wants to have his baby. However, she can no longer have children.

The movie moves at a steady pace and Kate Jackson gives a very believable and quite disturbing performance as the unstable Rita. And Lori Loughin gives a heartwrenching performance as the determined Jane. The movie keeps you guessing as to how far Rita will go to get what she wants. And the things she does will literally surprise and shock you.

Kate Jackson took quite a risk playing a character totally the opposite from her usual characters, but she manages to handle it flawlessly. Eric LaSalle (ER) is good as the cop determined to prove Rita isn't as caring and wonderful as everyone believes. As I've pointed out, the movie is quite disturbing for a TV movie and children should not be allowed to see this movie.

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

The Perfect Movie For ANYONE Who's Ever Had A Dream!
If you've ever had a dream this is the movie for you!

It's perfectly cast with Oscar worthy performances.

Gabrielle Anwar gives the best performance of them all.

Gabrielle Anwar is Sonora Webster, an orphan in the depression who lives with her aunt and younger sister. Sonora is a trouble maker and her aunt feels she just can no longer take care of her and keep her out of trouble. So she decides to turn her over to the state. Sonora has a dream of making it to Atlantic City and knows that if she gets turned over to the state her dream will never come true. So before she's supposed to be taken away she runs away.

Sonora visits a circus and sees what she thinks is her destiny. A diving girl. She gets a job with the man who runs the diving girl act as a stable hand. Soon she meets his son, Al, and the two of them together team up to help Sonora achieve her dream and maybe start a little romance.

Then a devastating twist of fate in an accident causes Sonora to go blind. Almost everyone around Sonora tells her that her dream is over, but Sonora refuses to believe that. Can she continue living out her dream even though she is blind?

This is one of my all time top favorites! It has everything a great movies should have. Drama, Comedy, Romance, Suspense, and perfect for the whole family and is based on a true story!

You will not regret seeing this movie! It has something in it for everyone! And shows that no dream is impossible to achieve if your heart is truly in it!

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