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My Favorite Spy

Hedy was robbed
Judging from some of the reviewers here I feel I have to mention a well known fact back then when this movie was made. Bob is Paramount's top comedy moneymaker. Hedy after her triumph role as Delilah a year or so earlier, had to make this movie cause paramount and Bob wanted her to. It turned out that Hedy's best parts were either cut or slimmered down, cause it made Bob second banana in some scenes. Naturally, the studio could not let that happen to their top money maker, so that is what was released ..a toned down Hedy role. Sneak previewers had caught the original version and most agreed that Hedy stole that movie from Bob, mainly cause no one expected it from her. Towards the end we do see some of her funny scenes, but not enough.

Surprise Package

Another Pepe la Moko?
I just caught this film while trying out my remote ( a favorite tool of mine lately ) and watched about 15 minutes of it. It was a comedy as far as I could tell and looking and listening to Yul Brenner's character and the way he was dressed, brought to mind another foreign actor, Charles Boyer, in the great movie "Algiers" with Hedy Lamarr. At times I thought I would 'hear' Boyer's voice listening to Yul, and thought it would be a good idea if they ever were going to rehash "Algiers" ( there are certain movies that could not be rehashed and "Algiers" was one them, but if they decided to do it, he would have been perfect as Pepe :a Moko. As for Mitzi, very poor acting the little I saw of her and indeed decorative for musicals only. Noel Coward was wasted.

Alexander's Ragtime Band

Where are the Irving Berlins of today
How sad ....wonderful songs that make you whistle or sing them time after compared to today's garbage. All the accolades mentioned in other reviews were right on, the music, the stars at their pinnacle success. Aside from that, no one mentioned the one skit that really impressed me was the one that Wally Vernon and Dixie Dumbar did...wonderfully performed...It was one of the highlights for me. I could buy the DVD just for that one skit.The scene where Tyrone is insulting Alice with her Plantinium hair wig, must have been a ' dig' at the rage Jean Harlow caused when M-G-M created it for her and the 'penciled' eyebrows.

Always Goodbye

Times have changed
Can you imagine showing this film today in a renewal house? "Little Black Sambo" story was banned way back when. In today's politically correct atmosphere? I never understood why it was banned. Its true, the story had it laid out I presumed in Africa and the boy was black, so what was it that offended? As for the movie, I see the year was 1938 which meant that either the film was made in 1937 or in that year itself. Certainly things have changed since. But I found the story a bit too cute for words. That story line was played to the hilt during that period. If it wasn't Barbara, it was Lombard or Harlow, or Loretta Young doing the suffering..

Texas Cyclone

That soundtrack
This movie appealed to me cause of the featured cast of John Wayne, who was 25 at the time and Walt Brennan, in makeup, which he used in future roles to his advantage..."Kentucky", when he won an Oscar as a supporting player. The plot was interesting, but not the writing that accompanied it. Imagine a 'strange woman' running over to you and plant a kiss in broad daylight, thinking its her long, lost husband...real stupid. Aside from that, I marveled at the clippety clop of the horses..and it brought to mind those old radio shows when they made the sound of horses running. I can't imagine it being that specific when they run the horses in westerns like that, especially on soft dirt. Have to admit though, it makes the scene more dramatic.

Love Me Forever

See this just to hear Grace Moore
The story line is kind of corny, but probably very serious for its time..the depressing '30's. I don't know if the Met or any opera house has any film on Miss Moore, so we are fortunate that a small movie studio at that time, Columbia studios saw the potential to get her in the movies Like I said the story line is corny, how a woman who 'sang a little' did not know she had a voice. It takes years of training to put that voice in affect. Another, is the ending, where Leo's character finds the gamblers waiting for him, when they had already been paid off by Miss Moore...Some Italians today may be disturbed the way the Italians are portrayed, and their Englishese..back in those days. Watching this movie brought to mind a couple of movies that ran along the same theme..."Love Me or Leave Me" with Doris Day playing the "Moore" part and James Cagney, "Leo Carillo's" part and in real life, Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti, and Cion and her husband. BTW, I think I read somewhere that Leo Carillo spoke perfect English, and even displayed in a couple of early movies, before he eventually became "The Cisco Kid's", sidekick.

Verso nord

Mauro a Fantastic character
I was all set to turn off the DVD just at the beginning due to the fact that it remind me of typical gangster movies "Italian style" and American ones too, but I stuck with it and I was so glad I did. First, I never heard of these actors, but talk about realism. Reminded me of some those great Italian movies of the 50's and 60's, and the stars of that era...Managni Mastronomi and De Sica. The actor playing Mauro was fantastic. If this was an American movie, he would be a shoo in for best actor award. He was some character. Another viewer here was commenting that this is not a 'homosexual' movie. I never got that impression at all when I rented it....just because you see a chest baring photo of one of the stars, makes you think that way? I could show a list of many actors doing the same pose....advertising their movies...Brando,Mature,Lancaster to name a few...and those movies were not a 'homosexual" movie. Sounds like someones disappointment. LOL And where did another reviewer mention that Mauro was a gay nurse male. Again, I must have missed something along the story line that indicated his character was gay. Was it taken for granted that he was a male nurse, so he has to be gay? Aside from that, this was a tough, provoking cinema. The girl was excellent too.

Adam Had Four Sons

Susan bombed
I am a fan of this actress, more so than of Bergman, but Susan's acting was shall we say "Over the top"..It was early in her career so obviously she tried to make an impression by over acting. I later learned, some 20 minutes had been chopped from this women's picture...still what i saw and heard made no sense whatsoever. There was no plot really to speak of. What made her character act that way...? They were rich? She had no idea it would be the end of her by messing around with Jack, and then quickly for the third brother? She was a nut job, unbelievable. A bad performance. In a way, her character reminded me of Hedy Lamarr's character in "The Strange Woman", which she did pull it off as a possessive, manipulative B...h, but there was a plot involved at least. I later found out that Susan and Hedy were great friends. How does that saying go, "Birds of a feather, flock together"? LOL

The Mentalist: Red John
Episode 8, Season 6

Well done ending
I thought it was one of the most exciting episodes it ever had. True, there were some flaws, mainly RJ running like he was in a marathon, wounded...maybe the adrenaline kicked in? LOL For a brief moment after the hood shot Bertram? . ..and RJ finally appeared, only to be interrupted by a woman, a twist was entering my mind...was she the real RJ? Then I thought, no. When Bertram was telling Jane he was not RJ and he and others never met RJ, then the hood must of known RJ cause he carried out RJ's order to kill Bertram. The expression on Jane's face as he was strangling his wife's killer, said it all. One caveat...why did RJ kill Jane's wife and daughter???? Did I miss it or was it ignored?

I Love You to Death

Its OK, but lots of liberties were taken
Based on a true story, but obviously Hollywood had to take liberties to stretch it out. First, reading other reviews here that Plowright stole the movie, is a bit was difficult most of times to make out what she was saying...awful Italian accent, if that was, what it was. Kline went back to his "Wanda" character, only this time with an Italian accent, which wasn't least I understood what he was saying. Surprising that William Hurt was in such a small role at that time. He was a leading man, and a bigger star than Kline, an Oscar winner at that for a "Kiss FRom Spider woman" maybe he did a cameo for the fun of it.

The Macomber Affair

Is this Love
I did not read the short story, so i can only go by what i saw and heard in the movie. It is possible I missed some dialogue along the way that would tell me how long this couple ( Bennett and Preston ) were on the safari, for Peck's character to fall in love with Bennett, who showed a side of contempt of her husband in front of that really should turn a man on, right? The leads do well in their parts, but it was Bennett that surprised me...she was really a 'bitch' as they say. I couldn't see her in this role as her usual natural Blond, but since her transformation of the Hedy Lamarr look ( she dyed her hair black ) cause she was enamored of the Hedy face, as millions of others had at that time, her career got a boost. That said, and the ambiguous ending made an interesting hour and a half for me.

Life of Pi

High rating for the visual effects
It was fantastic to look at and only wished I was lucky enough to see it in 3D, but my local theater did not show it in 3D. Aside for that, I was very impressed of the beauty of it. Now, for the story line...did i miss something when it comes to logic for this story? If he was afraid of the Tiger, why didn't he let him drown when he was trying to get back on the boat and having a hell of time doing so, until he got help. In one scene you see the Zebra,and the next its gone. All of a sudden, one by one a creature comes out from below the tarpin, the tiger, a rat, the hyena..were they all nestling together until they saw the young man? The actor was fine, but I have problems with accents offense..but it is what it is. Maybe the book says how long he was out there...he did not show any signs of growing a beard...maybe I am nit picking but I am a fan of Lee.

Dishonored Lady

Gorgeous Hedy
I must admit I have been a Hedy Lamarr fan since "Algiers", which was a great big hit back in 1938, so I do not understand some reviewers here saying, unfortunately, most of her movies are "forgettable". She was one actress that one can just go and admire her looks. Other gorgeous actress's, and there were plenty, never given me that same effect. As for her other 'unforgettable' films she was fine in "H.M Pulham, esq.", "Comrade X", "Tortilla Flat","Experiment Perilous", and "The Strange Woman".In all her roles, someone, the leading man, feature players always had to comment on her we had to be reminded. I never heard those attributes given to other leading actress's of that period...Rita, Gene and etc. So there must have been a reason for her to get that title of 'the most beautiful woman in films". Aside from her looks, I always thought she was a fine actress, and a fine comedienne, when given such roles, which were few... . In this movie, she had one 'drunken' scene that I thought she was great. I actually believed she was 'high'. it was the scene in the night club where she was suppose to help her gossipy ex-coworker. It's not easy to portray someone that is 'high' on a few can actually see when one is overdoing it. Another trivia took another studio, Paramount, to put her in a Technicolor movie, "Samson & Delilah" for the first time after being at MGM, since 1938...11 years later. During that same period, Betty Grable was making technicolor movies, one after another musical and Dorothy Lamour with her Jungle roles.


Where was Shirley Temple
Caught this last night on late TV. Robert Osborne of TCM's said to look for a young 6 year old Shirley Temple in a scene. I didn't see her, but its possible I dozed off, in this rather boring movie. I really don't understand the popularity of Kay viewers. Then again she was not of my generation and maybe that is all they had back in those days. I find her sort of a matronly looking. Not a bad actress at the few times I have seen her movies, but certainly not sexy in my eyes. AS for the leading man, Richard Cortez, I was wondering if he was Mexican, or arrived at that conclusion by his last name? Not a bad actor, and he was pretty popular in that era of movies. Skip this.

Guilty Hands

Interesting "B" 1933 movie, but..
Caught this last night on a boring night of TV, and was mildly amused by the concept. Some reviewers here say that Barrymore's performance was hammy, and I have to agree a bit, that it was, but being a primarily stage actor turning to films, is understandable. The real ham acting in my opinion was Miss Kay Francis. Her role was interesting, but her reactions to Barrymore's insinuations were not believable. I thought it an amateurish performance, albeit, she had masterly improved in latter years. The ending was a shocker in a way, but again so amateurishly performed..but hey, this was 1933. Also, the daughters character was out of whack. Most of the movie she was this innocent, fragile child seeking love, and then becomes this wanton creature.

Let's Do It Again

Bad remake
A reunion of the two stars of "Lost Weekend", where I preferred both of them. I thought Milland had a pleasant singing voice which came as a surprise. Wyman should Never and I mean Never have herself photographed in a profile...that nose was not made for profiles. I wondered why she got top billing in this, where she was co-starred with top billing Milland in "Lost Weekend"? Look for Jane at her young and singing best in the "Night & Day" movie with Cary Grant...albeit a small role. Warners had her signed as a young starlet and always played second banana roles to the leading ladies, or as the kooky harebrained best friend..Maybe if she started being stifled in her career..aka "Johnny Belinda" where she won a Oscar for playing a mute...a role that I thought was over hyped for her to win the Oscar.

A Bell for Adano

Gene replaces Hedy 3 times in her
Hedy Lamarr was the first choice for Gene's role, though being the most gorgeous brunette, would puzzle me to have her wear a blond or dyed wig. Gene then replaced her in "Laura" and in a Danny Kaye Comedy "On the Reviera" Hedy's boss, L .B. Mayer refused to loan her out to 20th. Now the best part...Gene again replaced Hedy with one of Hedy's ex, Howard Gene had a lot to be thankful to Hedy. Too bad Sophia Loren or Gina Lollobridgada weren't available at that time as they were just starlets in Italian cinema. Not to long ago the Italians were their enemy, mainly cause of Mussolini..not the it was given to make our 'enemies' look like the fools. Look for a movie called '4 Days in Naples", a terrific war movie to counteract that.

The Gay Bride

Top Chester Morris
The movie was preposterous, but some fun. Lombard was her typical luminous self in a role that i could have seen Harlow and/or Monroe play in later years. To me, the most satisfying part of this mish mash was Chester Morris. He was so natural an actor and wondered why he never reach super stardom at that time. I seem to recall in his later years as "Boston Blackie", in a "B" series...what a wasted. BTW, Lombard made more than one movie with MGM...she made one with Clark Gable, her future husband. I guess she was a free lancer in those days..didn't get stuck with 7 year contracts as most actors did in those days, and regretted it.

The Perry Como Show: Hedy Lamarr, Julius La Rosa, Rowan & Martin
Episode 28, Season 9

Hedy was the hit of the show
You have never seen the Hedy Lamarr that I saw on this show. She ran the gamut from a cigarette girl, an hunchback old lady and a singer/drum player wit Perry. It was a color show when color TV was in its infancy.though not as perfected as today, but watchable. Like she once said, her beauty was in a way a curse...cause she was always typecast as the alluring Femme Fatale, which she did with aplomb..but there was another side of her, as it was depicted here on this show. Wish one can find this show in the Perry Como vault. Also on this show was the "Laugh-In" duo that was very popular at that time. Perry and Hedy did a duet to the popular tune of that day "Round and Round, a big Perry Como hit.

Boom Town

Hedy can stop a stampede
Why the biggest film studio could not afford to make this film in technicolor, is beyond me. With 4 terrific stars, including the most beautiful woman in the movies Hedy Lamarr is beyond comprehension. The movie started off on a good note until the middle of it. The typical, husband, wife and friend triangle soap opera entered the started to drag for me...and then a spark was generated when Hedy came on in her brief cameo role. From that point on, she was mostly on instead of Claudette. Don't get me Claudette, but given a choice of watching her or Hedy on the screen...would be Hedy for me...just a quote from Spencer Tracy to Gable upon meeting her for the first time.."Wow...she can stop a stampede" truer words were spoken.

Her Highness and the Bellboy

Surprised by positive reviews
Back in its day, when first released, it was panned by the critics, and I was in agreement. Robert Walkers character was too obnoxious for my taste. Rags Ragland too dopey, reminded me of the real Dopey of the seven dwarfs. Hedy, gorgeous as ever, was completely wasted in this farce...and she supposedly turned down "Gaslight" for this? The cast was first intended to be Mickey Rooney as Jimmy, with Hedy. Hedy was pregnant at the time of the filming, resulting in most head shots of her, which was her best feature anyway, and limited viewed in the movie. June Allyson, a newcomer at MGM, was being highlighted for future films. She had the best part,if there was such a thing in this movie. This movie would definitely go under the category of a chick flick, results most women liked it. I went cause I am a fan of Hedy, and was disappointed..not in her, who could, but in her small, insignificant part.

Echte Kerle

Netflix has it
I saw this charming movie after finding it in Netflix. It has its moments. Sometimes, its amateurish editing gets in the way, and of course, the language barrier. If your Germen, you would get the funny lines that are edited in the cap lines. The actor who portrays the cop, unknown to me anyway, does an excellent job of confusion. nudity is smartly done...The one part that bothered me slightly, is that the cop has no idea if he was 'violated". Come on now, there are two areas that one can be 'violated' would be soreness in the rear department and some slop in the front department. Sorry for the crudeness...but why beat around the bush, as they say. LOL See it...its sexy and fun.

Experiment Perilous

Hedy's performance Top Notch to me
Some of the reviewers here have been unkind for Hedy's performance, and can't for the life me understand why. They are all making comparisons for 2 different performances, with 2 movies that have similar backgrounds...almost anyway. Hedy's was suppose to show fear, anxiety, and meekness in her character...afraid to confront her husband. In this regard, Ingrid's character in "Gaslight" was similar, up to a point. Ingrid, had the one big scene where she shows all her frustration and anger at her husband, in one lusty yell. Hedy had no such scene advantage. Her performance was more somber, which i think she did, to me, and at the time of its release, many of the reviews said the same. By today's standard of performances, she would have been at the least nominated for an Oscar, as in comparison to a Helen Hunt performance in a forgettable movie with Jack Nickelson, in which she won Best Actress.


Boring film noir
I don't know if it was the writers or the acting or both..couldn't't believe the dialogue...and the way it was expressed. This type of movie was better made in the 30's with Marlene Dietrich..Jane Russell is no Marlene Dietrich, that is for sure. Personally, i never could see JR as an emotion whatsoever. I guess they couldn't't get Rita Hayworth. Its obvious why she made the silver screen, and i think she once admitted it in an interview in her later years..."these two up front". Mitchum was a disappointment like he was embarrassed to be in it. As for the owner of the nightclub...where was Vincent Price? Ugh!!! The only one that seemed to be OK was Bendix.


OK comedy
Yes, the costumes were was the production...alas, no Technicolor, which it deserved...we're talking about 1945, not Paramount.. They seemed to prefer Technicolor for those Dorothy Lamour jungle movies. As for Paulette, it was her best performance that i could recall, though she was never considered a good acting actress. I did find fault in her cockney accent 'period'. Her acting improved as the story continued. One scene that puzzled me, was the one with Dennis Hoey who was trampling Paulette as he discovered her robbing him, and the young girl killing him accidentally. The bad housekeeper saw this and chased her to her death. I wondered what ever happened to her...and her witnessing this? To me, that was a major flaw of this movie. Bad editing? There were no scenes following on this matter. Did not the police investigate his death? Did not the housekeeper, who hated Paulette, informed the police that she was robbing her master and that led to his death...You would have thought the housekeeper would relish the thought of reporting Paulette to the police, after Paulette reprimanded her for smacking the young girl earlier. This bothered me in viewing it. As for Ray Milland, he was at his best, as usual, and won an Oscar that same year 1945, for "lost Weekend" and became a big leading man.

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