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Dexter's Laboratory: Chicken Scratch

As Jay Sherman would say, "It stinks."
I once described the series Dexter's Laboratory as "A cartoon for all ages". When it comes to the first two seasons and Ego Trip, I stand by that. But ever since Dexter's Laboratory returned for a third season a while back, I found that I couldn't bear to watch it anymore. Every possible thing went wrong. The new season "boasted" terrible animation, awful writing and Christine Cavanaugh was replaced by Candi Milo (who I think gives a terrible voice for Dexter). Worst of all, Genndy Tartakovsky was not as involved as he used to be and it showed.

So when I heard Genndy was going to be involved with this short, I had high hopes. The verdict? Not really all that good. I didn't care for the animation, nor for the performances from Candi Milo and Allison Moore (Christine Cavanaugh and Kathryn Cressida were better). I do consider this better than much (if not all) of the recent episodes, but it's no where near the quality of the first two seasons or Ego Trip, so I guess that's faint praise at best.

Bottom line: Thumbs down.


An excellent show cut way too short!
I greatly enjoyed this entertaining and criminally short lived animated series. Sure it was different from the 1994 movie (which was very good), but I still like it. A definite plus was having Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith reprising their roles. I also particularly liked the animation. And I can't believe ABC just canceled it after two episodes. What were they thinking? Good thing Comedy Central has aired the series from time to time, otherwise I would've missed out on it and not bothered thinking about getting the DVD. I found every episode hilarious, but the last one was my absolute favorite. Had ABC not been so foolish I think this series would still be in production today.

The Flying Car

I could watch this all day.
A six minute short film about two guys stuck in a traffic jam and talking about a flying car sounds dull, doesn't it? Of course, it's not. Why, you ask? Because this short is brought to us by Kevin Smith and brings back Dante and Randal from Clerks!!!

I found out about this short recently (well yesterday) and downloaded it Not the fastest download mind you, but well worth it! The writing and actors' chemistry is absolutely perfect. It all equals into a laugh out loud funny short.

'The Flying Car' is a definite must see!

Sonic & Knuckles

A truly awesome game.
The fourth Sonic game is a big improvement over the last one in my opinion. This time around, you play as either Sonic or Knuckles (hence the title). The game offers good graphics, new levels and new bad guys, which is always nice. But, the most impressive thing about this game by far is that you can hook it up to Sonic 3. When you do that, you get to play as Knuckles throughout that whole game and find some interesting surprises. This is truly an excellent game. Thumbs up!


"Oh, blood waters huh? Guess Dr. Z had a little kidney problem."
You can tell this is going to be a bad movie just by the stupid and pointless opening narration. But trust me, it gets worse. The 'plot' centers around an evil scientist who turns himself into some kind of fish monster to "take over the universe." If you think that's laughable, you should see the monster costume. Anyway, the monster goes around killing people for apparently no real reason and it's up to four brain dead characters played by incredibly bad actors to stop him.

That's about the size of it. So as you can guess, it's up to the MST3K gang to give a bad movie the treatment it deserves. And Mike, Servo and Crow certainly do that. I almost busted a gut from laughing so hard at their most excellent riffing and hilarious host segments. Thank goodness for the protection of MST3K.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

The Force IS Back!
I've been waiting impatiently for three years for Episode II and the wait was most definitely worth it. Episode II blows away all previous Star Wars movies, with the exception of the original. Actually, the film recaptures much of the spirit and magic of the original.

The story is excellent and pure science fiction. It effectively mixes action, adventure, mystery and even love. Now I'm hardly a fan of love stories, but I thought Episode II pulled off the love scenes very well. But, of course, the best parts of any Star Wars movie are the fight scenes. The massive battle with the clone army was fantastic and the fight scene with Count Dooku was excellent, making use of the fantastic special effects.

The acting was, of course, great. Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman deliver excellent performances once again. Hayden was actually pretty good as Anakin Skywalker, despite what some say. The other actors were also very good.

The only bad thing about this movie was the subtitle, 'Attack of the Clones'. Otherwise, thumbs up! After seeing Episode II, I can't wait for Episode III.


The day that changed America.
What began as a documentary about a rookie fire fighter in New York City, became something vastly different on the morning of September 11th. Thousands would die in New York, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania in the worst terrorist attack ever. As the entire world watched news coverage of the attacks, heroic members of the FDNY and NYPD went into the World Trade Center to save lives. No one has ever seen what happened inside the towers (now known as Ground Zero)... until now.

Like the rest of my fellow Americans, my patriotism grew considerably following 9/11. I sat down and watched this two hour documentary, never looking away from the television. What I saw was saddening and tragic, but also encouraging. To see such bravery in the face of evil leaves an impression. CBS, which aired this documentary, handled it with the upmost taste. Footage that would surely offend people was not shown. However, strong language from the fire fighters remains. I think it was wise to leave the language unedited. It adds to the power of the event.

Americans everywhere should see this excellent piece of work. As should anyone whose memory on 9/11 begins to slip. May we all never forget. Thumbs up for this documentary and God Bless America!

F-Zero X

One of the best games ever on the N64!
F-Zero X is an update of the classic F-Zero game for the Super Nintendo system. Four characters are back from the original and are now joined by 26 new drivers. In addition, old tracks get major updates and there are new tracks altogether. Be sure to check out the new features. The graphics are, of course, very good and far surpass the original. The game is a challenge, but that makes it all the more fun. F-Zero X is a must for video game fans.

The Barbaric Beast of Boggy Creek, Part II

"And the legend continues to be not heard about by anyone."
This movie sucked. The incredibly thin story has a professor and three students looking for Big foot or something. The acting is terrible and the writing is awful. It's just one lousy scene to the next. A boring and incredibly stupid movie certainly deserves the worst treatment possible. Enter: Mystery Science Theater 3000. Mike, Servo and Crow do amazing work here, actually making the movie watchable. So if you're in need for a good laugh, check out the MST version of this terrible movie.

Farscape Undressed

Great primer to a great series!
Hands down, Farscape is one of the best series on television. It's fitting that they also have a great primer to entertain old fans and bring in new viewers. Not coincidentally, this primer aired an hour before the third season premiere. Hosted by Ben Browder and Claudia Black, the primer features amazing clips from the first two seasons and explanations on the main characters. There is also a very awesome several minute recap of the last four episodes of season two. This primer has humor, charm and appeal. All an all, it was very excellent to watch.

Life with Louie: A Christmas Surprise for Mrs. Stillman

A great Christmas special!
This television special aired on Fox... in prime time as I recall. Comic Louie Anderson tells the story of one Christmas when he was a kid, trying to bring the Christmas to a neighbor. This was a great special. The humor was top notch and it was a great story. An equally awesome Saturday morning series followed the next year. Thumbs up.

Life with Louie

Viewers should take note of this.
Why? Because this shoe comes from a time when Fox Kids didn't suck so much. Life with Louie is about comic Louie Anderson as a kid. The characters were great, particularly Andy Anderson (Louie's dad). Every episode was filled with many jokes and first class humor. If you think back to your own childhood, you can really relate to several episodes. Life with Louie was one of the best Saturday morning shows ever. If you can ever track it down, watch it.

Butt-Ugly Martians

You know a show has problems when the words 'Butt Ugly' are in the title.
That summary doesn't begin to describe how bad this show is. Besides an incredibly stupid title, the plot to the show is really dumb. It makes no sense. Whatever action or humor seen in the show is incredibly lame. The computer animation is so bad, no where nearly as good as the many other computer animated series out there. This show is such a waste of a time slot and takes time away from good shows like Invader Zim. Nick should get rid of this garbage and try to regain some dignity.

Doragon bôru Z

The battle for our planet begins again.
Hands down, Dead Zone is superior to Tree of Might and World's Strongest. The translation from Japanese to English is not too bad, way better than other anime series on today. Like the other Dragon Ball Z movies, the story is fast paced and exiting. The fight scenes are awesome and, as always, the best above all else. This is a must see, especially if you have already seen The Garlic Jr. Saga on the television series.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child

And the series gets even worse...
The series began suffering with the fourth movie, but this one really sent the series down hill. The acting is horrible. Only Robert Englund delivers a good performance. Not easy considering how pathetic this movie makes Freddy. Instead of the dark and scary villain, he's become a wise cracking jerk. The story is poor, making little sense. More details about Freddy's past come to light, but it really doesn't make a difference. The movie is also not very scary. The makers of this movie just opt for a lot of gore. The special effects try to fix the movie's many problems, but they don't. You'd think they would know when to quit, but yet another sequel followed. Thumbs down on this one.

The Pretender: Island of the Haunted

The chase continues...
I had to wait nearly a year since seeing The Pretender 2001, but the wait was worth it. Island of the Haunted begins shortly after the last installment, with Jarod and Miss Parker searching for the answers to their questions. The cast, writers and director deserve much praise and applause for their work on Island of the Haunted. The movie stays loyal to the fans and does a great job of keeping those unfamiliar with the series well informed. Like in Pretender 2001, some questions were answered and new ones were brought up. This of course leaves the door open for future movies. Well I say go for it and make more. Thumbs up for Island of the Haunted.

Battlefield Earth

Where is Mystery Science Theater 3000 when you need it?
This is without a doubt one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and I watch a lot of MST. John Travolta is an awesome actor, but none of his talent makes it on screen. The rest of the cast give forgettable and awful performances. And where's the plot? The whole movie is just one dull and pointless scene after the next. This movie was so poorly written. The special effects are the only entertaining thing in this movie and that's really not saying much. I can not believe the powers that be are considering a sequel and series. Didn't they see how badly this movie bombed at the box office?

Don't ever see this movie and avoid it at all costs. Thumbs down.

ReBoot: My Two Bobs

Another one? Thank you Mainframe.
My Two Bobs is second ReBoot TV-Movie and picks up where Daemon Rising left off. The plot: There are two Bobs in Mainframe and no one can tell who is the original. The story is solid and always keeps you guessing. The revelation is a big and enjoyable surprise. A really cool thing about this movie is that it brings back the original voice of Bob. Like the series and Daemon Rising, there is plenty of action, adventure and humor. The games are particularly hilarious as well as some clever references to television and movies. As always, the animation is great. Hopefully, Mainframe will keep making new ReBoot. Thumbs up for My Two Bobs!

Justice League

The Justice League is back for a new millennium.
There hasn't been a show featuring these mighty heroes since 1985, but this show ain't no Super Friends. Like the Superman and Batman shows of the 1990s, Justice League has action, humor, creativity and terrific animation. Justice League acts more like the current comic book incarnation. The show stars the most powerful and well known characters from those comic books. Other familiar characters are bound to pop up from time to time. The characters have separate and distinct personalities, which can lead to some conflict and disagreement. That's good since it would be very boring if all the heroes agreed on everything and got along.

Congratulations to Bruce Timm and his team. This show is sure to be a winner.

Hellraiser: Bloodline

"Do I look like someone who cares what God thinks?"
Bloodline was not as bad as I thought it would be, but it wasn't really great. This fourth installment of the series is done like an anthology. Taking us to the past, the present and the future, Bloodline reveals the origin of the puzzle box and how the gates of Hell were opened. While the plot is original and interesting, the touch of Clive Barker is sorely missed. Of course, had the director gotten to do what he wanted to do, this probably would've been a better movie. Another problem with this movie is that there isn't enough Pinhead. His role is more limited.

On the plus side, Doug Bradley gives an excellent performance as Pinhead. Also, the film does have great special effects. Like the other films in the series, there is also lots of gore and blood. The dark tone of the movie is also perfect.

Bloodline has it's good points and bad points, but it packs enough of a punch to have some entertainment value.

ReBoot: Daemon Rising

It's about time!
It's been quite a few years since ReBoot abruptly ended it's run. I, like others, wanted more. Well, here it is. A brand new TV-Movie (or four new episodes because they do get broken up in the US). This new movie picks up where the series left off and continues the plot thread with the super virus, Daemon. I won't spoil the details, but it's all good. To sum it up, the long wait was a pain, but well worth it. All the great characters and the voices behind them are back. There is plenty of action, adventure and humor. The animation is also excellent, taking advantage of the updates in the technology. Keep up the awesome work, Mainframe. Thumbs up!

The Fly II

What can I say? It stinks.
Sequels are rarely as good as the original, but they can at least be entertaining. The Fly 2 is NOT! The acting is below average, lacking any powerful or strong performances. The plot is poorly put together, making little sense. Special effects were even worse. They looked so pathetic.

The original was a great mix of science fiction and horror, and offered lots of suspense. The Fly 2, however, is a movie filled with too much gore and too little story (a lot like slasher movie sequels). Granted, the original had some scenes that would really gross you out, but this movie goes far and beyond. Pass on this one.

The Fly

A great movie!
The Fly is without a doubt one of the best movies to come out of the 1980s. Jeff Goldblum gives a fantastic performance in the leading role. The movie is a perfect blend of science fiction and horror. There is also some humor to lighten things up, but beware, this movie is not for those with weak stomaches. There are quite a few things in The Fly that would gross some out. In the end, however, it really adds to the power and drama of this movie. Hands down, an excellent movie. Thumbs up.

The Horror of Party Beach

"So, radiation has a sense of humor."
This movie is just so bad. It's like it was made for Mystery Science Theater 3000. The acting is awful and the characters are just as bad. The plot doesn't make any sense and is filled with so many mistakes that could've been avoided. And where is the horror? There's nothing scary or suspenseful about this movie. It's just pathetic.

Once again, I am thankful for Mystery Science Theater 3000. It makes this movie funny and enjoyable. You won't be able to stop laughing. This movie is certainly not as bad as the other movies shown on MST, but this is a bad movie. Stick with the MST version. It's a winner.

Enterprise: Broken Bow
Episode 1, Season 1

The final frontier has a new beginning.
The two hour series premiere of the latest Star Trek series has finally arrived and it rocks. The setting is the 22nd century, long before the adventures of The Original Series and after the first warp flight. The story beats out all previous Star Trek pilots and is one of the best Trek episodes in years. The premiere has Captain Archer leading the crew of the NX-01 Enterprise on a mission to return a Klingon to his people. On the way, the crew runs into a new race of aliens, that aren't exactly friendly. Saying anymore would spoil the fun.

The premiere is loaded with appealing characters, action, special effects and terrific acting, particularly from Scott Bakula. The pilot was a great start to new series. Looks like the franchise is getting back on track.

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