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Water Rats

Finally A Cop Show That Is Down To Earth
Hooked since day one and hope that one of our national carriers completes the series. A great import that can hold its head high. This is a series that catches your attention and doesn't need a pile of special effects to keep your interests alive. The characters are believeable and admirable. Long live the "RATS".

Total Recall 2070

Promising Premise
Easton & Pruner play a perfect pair of cops who work off each others strongpoints and makes for enlightening scenario of the future mental battles of crime. Easton keeps his character as dark and moody as he has in the past. Pruner is great as an android partner who craves human traits and feelings so he can fit in with his human counterpart Easton. Great series set with a toned down "BladeRunner" motif. Brings back memories of "Mann & Machine". Hopefully this series will last longer than "M&M" CDB

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