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The Great Buster

A great look to the life and comedy of Buster Keaton
In 2018 Peter Bogdanovich (also the narrator) made this documentary about one of the greatest comedians ever lived. The Great Buster tells about who else but Buster Keaton (1895-1966). This silent film comedian lived a pretty interesting life, and for those who want to learn about this man, must take a look of this movie. And then there are those fantastic clips from the classic movies he did. It's most excellent to see the great storm scene from Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928) and then we see clips from the future movies where they copied Buster. And of course Keaton was known from doing his own stunts, and it's unbelievable to see that stuff. He was a true acrobat, ever since he was a little kid doing the vaudeville show with his parents. But how he was able to do all those crazy stunts, that even Buster didn't seem to know. Here we also see the decline of a great career with the coming of the talkies and one bad decision. And the new rise later in his career. Of course a documentary wouldn't be so interesting, if it didn't have a bunch of interesting people talking about the subject. And here there are many, some of which personally knew the man. One of them is Norman Lloyd (104 years old here!), who acted alongside Keaton and Charlie Chaplin in Limelight (1952). And the fellow comedians Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner talk about the master. Dick Van Dyke shares his fascinating memories of Buster. As does his close friend James Karen. Then there are names like Paul Dooley, Werner Herzog, Bill Irwin, Richard Lewis, Leonard Maltin, Cybill Shepherd, French Stewart and Quentin Tarantino. In archive footage you see Dick Cavett and Orson Welles. Besides those I especially enjoyed the clips of commercials as an older man. Great work by Bogdanovich about a great comedian, yet flawed as a man.


It has its moments
Amy Townsend drinks too much, parties too much and sleeps with too many men. Her life can't go on like this. Her boss tells her to write an article of a sports doctor named Aaron Conners. They end up in the same bed, and she even sleeps over at his place, which has never happened before. Could she finally settle down with this man? Trainwreck (2015) is a romantic comedy directed by Judd Apatow. Amy Schumer is a comedienne known from her raunchy style. She did not only play the lead in this movie, she also wrote it. Luckily it's not all about raunchiness, there are also some sweet and touching moments. The chemistry between her and Bill Hader works. Other actors also work for their money. Brie Larson plays the sister Kim. Colin Quinn is the father Gordon. John Cena is a boyfriend Steven. Tilda Swinton is the boss Dianna. The basketball great LeBron James plays himself. The rapper Method Man is Temembe. And then we have Norman Lloyd playing Norman. Today this actor turns 105! That's pretty unbelievable. This is his last movie to date, and he is quite a scene stealer as the old folks home resident. Then you also have talents like Daniel Radcliffe, Marisa Tomei and Matthew Broderick in the movie. I must admit I'm not too crazy about movies like this, but I had rather positive feelings after I finished it. I know Trainwreck isn't a movie for everybody, but it does have its moments.

Three on a Couch

Not your typical Jerry Lewis movie, but still funny
Christopher Pride is an artist who could be leaving to Paris for a year, but he won't go without his fiancee Elizabeth Acord. But the thing is she is a psychiatrist who can't leave her three female patients who all have issues with men. So, he tries to solve these issues by pretending to be three different men. And one woman. I mean, what could go wrong? Three on a Couch (1966) is starred, produced and directed, but not written by, Jerry Lewis. And the first movie he did for Columbia after leaving Paramount Pictures behind. This movie also happens to be in the 1978 book The Fifty Worst Films of All Time, which I personally don't understand. I just saw this on Youtube, because I tend to see all the movies Mr. Lewis ever made, and pretty much liked what I saw. Sure this film has flaws, and Jerry certainly made better movies, but I found it rather entertaining. It starts pretty slowly but takes off when all these different characters by Lewis are introduced. We have the cowboy Ringo, the athlete Warren, the shy zoologist Rutherford and his sister Heather, who is one lovely lady. One funny scene is where he has to get rid of the woman's clothes fast. Kind of reminds me of what the great late Robin Williams did in Mrs. Doubtfire a few decades later. Also the karate scene is quite hilarious. And let's not forget the party scene, where he has to switch to different characters pretty rapidly. Jerry may steal the show, but other actors do solid work as well. Janet Leigh makes a great lady friend to Lewis. James Best is great as her colleague, Ben Mizer. The patients, Mary, Susan and Anna are played by Leslie Parrish, Mary Ann Mobley and Gila Golan and they're all wonderful. It's always nice to see Kathleen Freeman in a JL movie, and she's quite funny as Murphy. Same with Buddy Lester, who plays The Drunk here. Another familiar face is Fritz Feld, who is very good as The Attaché. Also Scatman Crothers can be seen in an uncredited role. All the Jerry Lewis fans should see this movie. Although it's not your typical Jerry Lewis picture and the comedy not quite so zany but I could say just zany enough.

Children of the Dust

Sidney Poitier fights for justice
It's the 1880's. Sidney Poitier plays a bounty hunter named Gypsy Smith, half of African American, half of Cherokee descent. He helps African American settlers to find a new home in the town of their own- Freedom in the Oklahoma territory. The local KKK tries to prevent their plan with their mindless cross burnings and killings. Meanwhile Rachel Maxwell is madly in love with the Cheyenne boy, White Wolf, who was brought to live with the family by Gypsy. Children of the Dust (1995) is a two-part western miniseries directed by David Greene. It shows us what racism looked like in the old west in a touching way. What the Ku Klux Klan does here is really heartbreaking and causes anger in the viewer. Sidney Poitier, now 92, gives a very strong performance as the aging gunslinger. There's certain sweetness between the scenes of Gypsy and the schoolteacher Drusilla, wonderfully played by Regina Taylor. Joanna Going is superb as Rachel and Billy Wirth is terrific as Corby/White Wolf. There is a great deal of eroticism and romance in many scenes between them. Michael Moriarty is fantastic as John Maxwell and so is Farrah Fawcett as his wife Nora. Hart Bochner is scary good as the villain Shelby Hornbeck. There are also talents like Shirley Knight, James Caviezel and Robert Guillaume in the movie. I recommend you take a look at this miniseries when you get a chance. At least I was moved by it.

They Died with Their Boots On

Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland together for the last time
This movie tells the story of George Armstrong Custer, or mainly the myth of the man. We see his victorious battle in the American Civil War and his falling in love with Elizabeth "Libbie" Bacon". They Died with Their Boots On (1941) is directed by Raoul Walsh. It marks the eight and the last time Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland worked together. Mr. Flynn is just the right man to portray Custer. Ms. de Havilland is not only beautiful but has got all the talent to play Mrs. Custer. This great actress is still with us at 101, turning 102 next month. Her co-star from Gone with the Wind, Hattie McDaniel, gives a rather funny performance as Callie. Arthur Kennedy is terrific as Ned Sharp. Charley Grapewin is a lot of fun as California Joe. Anthony Quinn is superb as Crazy Horse. Sydney Greenstreet is magnificent as Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott. There's a lot of good in this movie. The portrayal of the Native Americans isn't as racist as it often is in these movies. The battle scenes are well done. And there's the chemistry between the main actors. It couldn't get much more romantic than Errol and Olivia kissing and sweet talking with each other. Even though this biography could be highly fictionalized, it is entertaining nonetheless.

A Gunfight

Kirk Douglas and Johnny Cash fought- who won?
Will Tenneray and Abe Cross, two aging gunmen decide to fight each other in a bullfight arena. The winner gets the cash, the loser dies. Lamont Johnson's western A Gunfight from 1971 takes death pretty lightly. Of course western movies usually do, but I have a particular problem with this one. Both of these men, Will and Abe are pretty likable guys, and they're both friendly to each other. And Will has a family to protect. So why risk everything with a pointless gunfight, where you know you might lose your life? Money isn't everything you know. And I didn't like the bullfight scenes in this movie. Animals are not meant to die for the entertainment of people. But sure there are some good things in this movie, too. Let's start with the actors. The legendary, now 101 years old Kirk Douglas plays Will. He never fails. And then you have Johnny Cash (1932-2003) as Abe. The man could really act. You also hear his singing in this movie. Jane Alexander is superb as Will's wife Nora. Kirk's late son Eric Douglas is here in his movie debut as the son Bud. Karen Black, who we lost about five years ago, gives an outstanding performance as Jenny Sims. Keith Carradine plays Young Gunfighter. The late great Dana Elcar, who I remember as MacGyver's Peter Thornton, plays Marv. The western view is great as always. When you see the camera move with Johnny Cash in that western town, it's really something. And I liked the what if- part in the end. Abe wins the real battle, but in a slow motion moment with Abe and Nora looking at each other you see a glimpse of how things would have turned out, if Will had won. Not the best western, but also not the worst.

Max Rose

The swan song of Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis (1926-2017) plays an 87-year old jazz pianist whose wife of 65 years has died. He has learned that his Eva may not have been faithful all those years. Max Rose is directed by Daniel Noah and it's from 2013, but the wider audience got to see the movie last year. It hasn't gotten such fine reviews, but I just saw it on Netflix and liked it. It marks Jerry Lewis' return to the big screen after a very long time, and even longer with the top billing. This could be seen as the swan song of this legendary comedian, although he did appear in a couple of films after this. Here we see him playing it straight, even though he does wear a clown's nose for a while. And it's a lot of fun to see glimpses of the old Jerry Lewis, like at the jam session with the other old-timers. He mimes playing the instruments, which is a reminder of his old typewriter routine. But Jerry Lewis could be serious too, if he wanted to. The movie has a wonderful supporting cast, as well. Kerry Bishé is terrific as Annie Rose, the granddaughter. And Kevin Pollak is great as his son Christopher. Dean Stockwell is very good as Ben Tracey, the other man. Illeana Douglas plays the part of Jenny Flowers and she's superb. In the flashback sequences we see Claire Bloom as the late wife, and she's just marvelous. Then we have the group of fantastic old men- Rance Howard, Lee Weaver and Mort Sahl. What a joy to watch them! This is not your typical feel-good movie. If you want to see one, go see a Jerry Lewis movie of a different era. I'm so glad Max Rose got made when it still was possible. It ends with Mr. Lewis walking into the light. What a nice exit!

Dead Poets Society

Robin Williams is the teacher we all wanted to have
It's autumn in 1959.Todd Anderson is a shy young man who starts his senior year of high school at Welton Academy, an all-male, elite prep school. His roommate is an outgoing Neil Perry, who wants to be an actor but whose dream is objected by his father. The school has a new English teacher, John Keating. His unorthodox teaching methods inspire most of the students to carpe diem- seize the day. Dead Poets Society (1989) is a drama classic directed by the Australian master Peter Weir. Tom Schulman is behind the great script. The actors are all extraordinary. Robin Williams gives a memorable performance as Keating. This actor, who was mostly known as a comedian, proves here he could master drama as well. It is sad we haven't had Robin on this Earth for three years since he took his own life. Robert Sean Leonard is terrific as Neil. His character kills himself in this movie and we all cry with his fellow students. Kurtwood Smith is very good as his strict father. Ethan Hawke is great as the shy Todd, who finds courage in him he thought he didn't have with the help of his teacher. Then we also have Norman Lloyd, who is brilliant as Headmaster Gale Nolan. This actor is 102 years old today and has kept on working in the recent years! I had seen this movie a number of years ago, and recently I found the DVD from the library. I found the story very inspirational. The way Mr. Keating teaches the boys poetry...I mean, I have written some poetry in my spare time, but maybe I should have had a teacher like Mr. Keating, who would have put more faith in me and I could maybe now consider myself a great poet. Who knows...

Way... Way Out

Jerry hits the outer space- lacks of laughs but gives an interesting look of the era
Remember when there was Cold War and the Soviets and the Americans both wanted to conquer the space? The year is 1989 and there is an unmarried soviet couple on the moon. The Americans only have two fighting men, so they send astronauts Peter Mattemore and Eileen Forbes there. But they have to get married first. Way Way Out (1966) is a Jerry Lewis movie that is not directed by Jerry Lewis but by Gordon Douglas. Mr. Lewis recently passed away so I watch stuff by him I haven't seen before. This movie is not his better work. It's only mildly amusing. I don't know if the result would have been better Jerry having directed it himself. Sure there's something pretty funny, like both of the wedding scenes. But the Vodka drinking scene simply goes on for too long and it's not that funny. The fact is I'd rather see Jerry doing his childlike act than behaving like that. Connie Stevens plays Eileen and she's good. And Anita Ekberg and Dick Shawn as Anna and Igor. Robert Morley is a lot of fun as Mr. Quonset, the head of NAWA. Dennis Weaver and Howard Morris are funny as Hoffman and Schmidlap. James Brolin and Linda Harrison are also pretty great. Although I didn't find this movie a great Jerry Lewis film, I do think it's rather fascinating to see what kind of a future they create. Like we find out that Richard Nixon plans to come out of retirement to reunite the Republican Party. Can't recall such a thing ever taking place.

The Colgate Comedy Hour

Martin and Lewis together again!
The Colgate Comedy Hour (1950-1955) was a show that had the biggest comedians and entertainers as guest hosts. It featured of music, fun and gags. Last night I heard that the comedy legend Jerry Lewis has died at the age of 91. I took the news with a heavy heart since I've been a big time JL fan for many, many years. That was the reason I wanted to find something from the net with Mr. Lewis. And I found an episode of this show from 1955. There he teams with his old partner Dean Martin. They still have the chemistry left here, and it is a true joy to watch them perform 'Side by Side' together. And Jerry is his funny self when he makes Dino's pool playing impossible. How sad that they're both gone now. I hadn't seen this show before, but plan to see much more of it in the future.

The Pajama Game

Stanley Donen and Doris Day work great together
The Pajama Game (1957) is a musical comedy set in a pajama factory. It follows the romance of the factory worker and member of the employee union's leadership Babe and the new superintendent Sid. This movie from 60 years back has two directors. George Abbott, who lived up to the high age of 107 (!) is the other. Then the other is Stanley Donen, who is 93 now. He is the man and the master of many classics including Singin' in the Rain. His collaboration with the main star Doris Day, who turned 95 last month, works great. This great actress, singer and animal welfare activist is just radiant in the lead. And the male lead, John Raitt in the role of Sid Sorokin is terrific. They both have a great singing voice. Carol Haney is wonderful as Gladys. Eddie Foy Jr is superb as the knife throwing Hines. Other great talents include Reta Shaw (Mabel), Thelma Pelish (Mae) and Jack Straw (Prez). The Pajama Game was a positive surprise to me. I didn't even recall hearing of the movie before finding out one library had it as a DVD. It was originally a Broadway play. There are some amazing musical numbers, that are also greatly choreographed. Racing with the Clock is one great example. Or Once-A- Year-Day. Or There Once Was a Man. And the song that I was familiar with, Hernando's Hideaway. It is performed by Carol Haney and boy does it sound good! Richard Adler and Jerry Ross are behind the music. There is also a social message in the movie, with these pajama factory workers demanding for a raise, which they'd totally deserve. But most important message of the movie is you can always break into song and dance in whatever situation.

Young Man with a Horn

Music and life
Rick Martin is a young boy who finds the love for music after his mother dies. The trumpet becomes his instrument, and he learns to play it from an old master called Art Hazzard. Young Man with a Horn from 1950 is directed by Michael Curtiz. Rick Martin is first played by Orley Lindgren, then by Kirk Douglas. Lauren Bacall plays his troubled wife Amy North. Doris Day is the singer friend Jo Jordan. Hoagy Carmichael is the pianist friend Willie 'Smoke' Willoughby. Juano Hernandez portrays Art Hazzard. The cast is quite superb. Douglas does excellent job in the lead. Especially when Rick starts having problems with the alcohol, then Kirk really has to act. And that he does really well! I think the movie becomes more interesting when it portrays all those problems this young man starts having. Problems with marriage, drinking. When it's not just about music and how good he is at it. Bacall's performance is very film noir, which works fairly good in this movie. Day is very touching in the caring she has for her friend. And she can really sing, which we all knew! If you're a fan of the main trio, if you like good music, if you like drama you should see this movie.

The Play House

Awfully lots of Keatons
Buster Keaton goes to the theater and sees the stage full of Keatons. In The Playhouse from 1921 Buster plays not only the actors, but also members of the audience (including women and one kid), staff members and even a monkey. And he also has time to fall in love with a girl (Virginia Fox). The only problem is that she has a twin sister, and he has hard time telling which is which. This silent short made me laugh more than once. Buster as the monkey is something hilarious. And when Buster puts off a beard fire with an axe! This movie is a fine proof of Keaton's talents. He was truly a master in physical comedy. And what a fine example of movie magic- the 1920's style- this movie is. In the minstrel show you see nine Keatons on stage. That's really something!

Sailor Beware

Martin and Lewis in the navy
Ladies's man Al Crowthers and the geeky Melvin join the navy and become friends. Melvin wants to stay away from girls since he's allergic to the cosmetics they wear. But he falls for a girl that walks without any makeup on. Those two also have to face a bully. Hal Walker's Sailor Beware from 1952 is the fifth of 16 comedy films Martin and Lewis made together. It's not their best but offers a few laughs. The boxing scene is quite hilarious. And so is the moment before he steps into the ring with the tough guy accent. And the one on the deck of the submarine. What a funny man that Jerry Lewis! 😁 He turned 90 this year and is still going on strong. He and Dean Martin shared a great amount of chemistry before their split. The leading ladies in this movie are played by Corinne Calvet and Marion Marshall. Also James Dean appears in it before he was a star. For the fans of Martin and Lewis Sailor Beware is not to be missed.

The Man from Snowy River

Kirk Douglas in a double role
It's 1880's in Australia. Jim Craig's father is killed and so he goes to work for Mr. Harrison. His one-legged brother Spur is his brother's enemy and Jim's friend. Jim starts to have feelings for Harrison's daughter Jessica. He also wishes to find his horse who ran off with wild horses. The Man from Snowy River (1982) is a film by George Miller. It's an Australian western with a twist of romance. Kirk Douglas is fantastic as both of the brothers. Today happens to be the 100th birthday of this legendary actor. He has had a remarkable career that spanned for many decades.Other actors may be overshadowed by Mr. Douglas' performance, but none of them does a bad job. Tom Burlington does a very nice job as Jim. And so does Sigrid Thornton as his love interest Jessica. Watch this movie if you like horses, and Kirk Douglas.

Iso viulu - kaks sataa

From the text of Daniel Katz
Iso Viulu- Kaks Sataa (1976) is a miniseries of two episodes, directed By Eila Arjoma. It takes us into the life of Mikko Papiross, a student who tries his hands on different jobs. It's based on the book of Jewish-Finnish writer Daniel Katz from 1972. They're both a little dated now, but not too much. The most hilarious part must be when Mikko works as an interpreter for the French. The actors do all a good job. Heikki Kinnunen, who turned 70 last week, plays the part of Mikko. Marja Packalén is his wife Hanna. Other cast includes Heidi Krohn, Esko Salminen, Pertti Palo, Ahti Kuoppala, Liisi Tandefelt, Jukka Sipilä and Olavi Ahonen. Many big names. If you like the original book by Daniel Katz, or Heikki Kinnunen for that matter, you should see this.

Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen travels through time
Owen Wilson plays a screenwriter called Gil Pender who goes to Paris with his fiancée Inez (Rachel McAdams). He has troubles finishing his first novel, and then all of a sudden he finds himself from the 1920's, his favorite era. There he has a chance to talk to people like the Fitzgerald couple, Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso. Midnight in Paris (2011) is a movie directed By Woody Allen. This Jewish New Yorker born as Allan Stewart Konigsberg turns 80 today, and still comes up with a movie per year. Now there's an achievement! He has made most of his movies in New York, but in the latter years he has gone to Europe. This movie made in France works very well and is one of his finest movies made in Europe. I am a big fan of time traveling, and that's one of the reasons I like this movie. This is like Back to the Future, in Woody's style. It's most intriguing to watch this 21st century guy interacting with celebrities of the past. The meeting with Salvador Dali must be the funniest. The acting work works as it always does in a Woody Allen movie. Owen Wilson is really good as Gil. In supporting roles you can see people like Michael Sheen, Kathy Bates, Marion Cotillard and Adrien Brody.If you want to see a time travel themed movie handled in an intellectual way, you should see this movie.

The Wizard of Oz

Magical transition from Kansas to somewhere over the rainbow
Can you believe I just saw this movie?! I've watched many classics over the years, but I just hadn't got to this one. Until this week. And I'm glad I did.The young Judy Garland as Dorothy singing Somewhere over the Rainbow is one memorable moment. And that's just one among lots of others in this movie. And all those lovable characters, The Scaregrow who wants to have a brain, The Tin Man who wants to have a heart and the Cowardly Lion who wants courage. Not to forget The Munchkins. The Wizard of Oz (1939) is a timeless classic, that's suitable for both kids and adults. Some kids may find some scenes rather scary, though. If you haven't seen this one yet, go do it now!

National Velvet

Young Liz Taylor and all grown up Mickey Rooney
12-year old Velvet Brown loves horses.She wins one and trains it for the Grand National steeplechase.She is helped by a young drifter, Mi Taylor, who used to be a jockey.National Velvet(1944) is directed by Clarence Brown.This movie has a nice casting.The young Elizabeth Taylor plays the lead Velvet Brown, and does a superb job.Former child star Mickey Rooney plays Mi Taylor, and he does a great job.Today we heard sad news about the passing of Mr. Rooney at the age of 93.His career lasted nearly his lifetime, starting in 1926.Donald Crisp portrays the father Herbert Brown and Anne Revere is the mother Araminty.Angela Lansbury, Jackie 'Butch' Jenkins and Juanita Quigley play the other children.And let's not forget King Charles, who plays The Pie, horse.This movie is a little gem from 70 years back.Especially for those, who dig horses.

The Cure

The absence of The Little Tramp
The Cure from 1917 is a Charles Chaplin film in which he doesn't play The Tramp character.He plays an alcoholic who enters a health spa with a big suitcase full of alcohol.There he meets a beautiful girl (Edna Purviance), who could help him become sober.At some point, all of the spa's inhabitants are loaded after the liquor ends up at the health waters.I have never been drunk in my entire life, and intend never to be, but it can be funny to watch comedians portraying drunkards on films.And Chaplin sure plays a funny drunk.And the absence of The Little Tramp isn't a problem, he was in that costume in many other movies.But how funny the movie is, that's the main issue here.And this movie is pretty funny.

The Count

Chaplin the fake count
Charlie Chaplin is tailor's (Campbell) handyman but is fired after he burns a count's trousers.Then they both end up at a party pretending to be a count.And they both want to win the heart of Miss Moneybags (Purviance).The Count from 1916 is Charles Chaplin's 5th movie for Mutual Film Corporation.This short comedy is pretty funny, not his best though.But it's a lot of fun to watch Charlie taking measurements from the lady customer.The eating scene is mildly amusing.Chaplin shows us his physical comedy skills on the dance floor with Edna.And on some other places, too.He was a true comedian who knew what was funny to the audiences of that day and tomorrow.

Easy Street

Constable Charlie
Charlie enters a Mission and has a religious awakening, thanks to a beautiful woman (Edna).He then becomes a policeman to maintain law and order on a restless street, where Eric Campbell bullies around good citizens.Of course the little tramp is tough enough to beat the bully, never mind the size difference.Easy Street (1917) is a Charles Chaplin comedy filled with fast-paced action.It is quite funny the way he uses his nightstick, like after the man laughs at him.This movie also contains a drug addict, and there is a scene with a needle shooting up.And Charlie sits on this needle.That was a little shocker to me.But oh well, they show a lot worse stuff in modern movies.

The Vagabond

Chaplin saves the girl
Charles Chaplin came up with the Tramp character one hundred years ago, in 1914.In 1916 the world had known him for two years.And that was the year he made this film, The Vagabond.This time he's a saloon violinist, who saves a girl, played by Edna Purviance from a gypsy caravan led by Eric Campbell.Then a painter finds the girl and paints her portrait.But does the painter get the girl? Or is it our beloved little tramp who gets her? Charles Chaplin has come up with a great story, once again.The funniest scene is where he performs for the girl.And he keeps falling into a bucket of water.This all reminds a bit of his latter film Limelight (1952), where he also played the violin.Chaplin was also an amateur violin player.He was really an artist, not just a regular movie maker.

Sherlock Jr.

Buster the funny detective
Buster Keaton is a movie theater projectionist who dreams of being a detective.Sherlock Jr. was made in 1924.It's a silent comedy classic with the stone-faced Buster Keaton.The love interest is played by Kathryn McGuire.Joe Keaton (Buster's real-life father) plays her father.Ward Crane is the villain of the movie.This movie shows what made Buster Keaton a legend in his craft.There are some amazing acrobatic stunts performed by him, like the one where he rides the handlebars of a motorcycle.And the train station scene got his neck fractured, but the show had to go on.A memorable scene is where he walks into a movie screen.And you could hardly call this a comedy without a gag where Buster slips on a banana peel:D 90 years has done no harm to this film.Enjoy this hilarious comedy classic and have a laugh festival!

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

A musical classic directed by Stanley Donen
It's Oregon in 1850.Adam Pontipee goes to town to find himself a wife.And he finds one.That (un)lucky woman is Milly.He doesn't tell her that he lives with his six brothers at a cabin in the mountains.At first Milly feels more like a maid than a wife.Then he starts teaching some manners to the fighting brothers, so that they could get them some ladies too.Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) is a film by legendary Stanley Donen, who's 89 years old today.Howard Keel and Jane Powell make a very nice pair in the lead.Other actors include Julie Newmar, Russ Tamblyn and Marc Platt, a ballet dancer who just turned 100.There are a few great musical numbers in this movie.I could mention "Goin' Courtin'", which is pretty wild.The dance scene is a lot of fun.This is a movie not to be missed for all you musical lovers out there.

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