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Mediocre at best
I went to watch this movie because my girlfriend is a fan of Diego Luna. However, i just didnt get excited at any minute of the movie. Its the story of a young hacker in mexico city who steals passwords from swiss banks accounts, and tries to sell them to the russian mob. The story is kind of boring, and the humor is average at best. My recommendation is: dont spend any money watching this in the movies....MAYBE it will be worth the rental price in a few months from now. 2 1/2 out of 5 stars...

Señorita extraviada

This is an excellent, out standing, brilliant documentary about the corruption and dereliction in the mexican police forces against criminals....i cant recommend this movie enough, please go rent it!!! It will make you FEEL the pain of the victims and families....

5 out fo 5 stars

Pantaleón y las visitadoras

A very good movie
This movie is based on a book by the famous latin writer Mario Vargas Llosa. The movie is set in Peru, where a very self-disciplined militar man (Pantaleon Pantoja) is ordered to go to a jungle town and set up a service of prostitutes for all the militar men from Peru. The movie is very faithful to the original book, and the presence of the actress angie cepeda as "the colombiana" is very striking, she looks superb in the role of the prostitute who falls in love with Pantaleon. I recommend this movie, its worth the time, specially if you dont have much free time to read the original book. I give it a 8 out of 10

Todo el poder

Semi-pleased after watching it.
This movie is almost like a documentary of the psychologycal reactions of the inhabitants of mexico city towards violence. Most people from other countries that watch this movie might think that the violence is exagerated, but thats how real life is in mexico city. Thats the strongest point of the movie, the ability to render a crude and real image of the life in mexico´s capital city. The movie starts strong but starts getting a little irreal towards the end. The ending is a little fantasious, and i really doubt we would get happy endings like that in real life. All in all, its a decent B+ movie, and its worth the time to watch it.

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