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Moulin Rouge!

We have just returned from this movie, and we were quite disappointed in it. I cannot understand why Nicole Kidman was cast for this movie to begin with. Her very pale skin did fit in with the character's tubercular illness, but I've seen Nicole act before, and she was more convincing in other parts. Some other actress of smaller height may have been better suited for this part. I truly don't think this part is going to help her career any. On the other hand, I thought Ewan McGregor made a better job of his part. His natural Scottish accent comes through very clearly in this part. I thought he did a good job with his singing. There were times when it was difficult to hear the actors singing for the noise of the music and the overcrowded cast. I didn't think it was directed very well.

I'm afraid I would advise my friends to go and see this movie at their own risk. We both had a headache from the noise and left before it finished. Just my view, of course. We all look at movies differently.

Sliding Doors

Migraine City
Watching this movie did give me a headache. I realize it was a "What if she did, or didn't catch the train" situation that was going on, but it was a bit mind boggling keeping track of her "what if" lives ... plus would any female in today's world be so stupid as Gwyneth in this movie ...to believe the repeated lies from her live-in creep of a boyfriend. I doubt any woman would put up with this situation. This "what if" life irritated the hell out of me. The other "what if" life with John Hannah was more bearable, but I wish I had chosen "Three Coins in a Fountain" instead. This was an old 1954movie, but it was a much better movie than "Sliding Doors." Now it's time to take the Migraine medication. :-(


Good comments have already been written by the other authors here, and I don't like giving away too much for those who have still to see it. I can't say I came away from the theatre with the same feeling of "having really enjoyed myself" like I did with "Cast Away." I almost wish I had waited until it was out on video. I think this movie could be a severe warning to the younger generation ...as to what could happen to them if they started taking drugs. Maybe a movie they should show in high schools. The scene of the Judge's daughter (Erika Christianson) as Caroline Wakefield under the influence of drugs is frightening, and I'm sure mothers and fathers in the audience were squirming in their seats when they thought of their own sons and daughters. Watching these teenagers snorting heroin wasn't pleasant to watch. There were many newcomers in this movie, and they all did a very good job. Some familiar faces cropped up in short roles ... James Brolin,Dennis Quaid, and Selma Hayak. Catherine Zeta Jones, pregnant at six months was convincing, as was Michael Douglas as the judge. These two never meet in this movie. Certainly not the movie to go to if you're looking for a pleasant night out. However, it is believable!


Strange movie
If it wasn't for the fact Liz Taylor is one of the richest women in the world, I would have said she must have been desperate to have taken such a weird part. The depressing background music doesn't help either, but I suppose it's in keeping with the content of the movie. I can't see movie buffs lining up to see this one. As per usual, I got roped in with this movie because I've always been a fan of Liz Taylor's, and the video was on sale for $5.00. The tape had tracking problems I couldn't fix, so right at this minute, I stopped the video and threw it in the garbage bin. I think I've learned a lesson here. A video on sale for that low price is telling me something. Hope it may help others who read this.

Angela's Ashes

Depressing Movie
I was given the book "Angela's Ashes" as a gift because I have an Irish background that goes way back. There were many funny incidents which made me laugh out loud, but as I read on, I found it depressing. The movie was now available in video because it wasn't a success at the box office, so I stopped reading the book, and watched the movie. It was a struggle for me to sit and watch it to the end. I found it very depressing ...just like the book.

I was once told by an Irish friend that being a Catholic schoolchild in Ireland was more difficult than being one in any other part of the world. Even worse if you were a young married mother not producing children ... the priests would insist on a doctor's visit for both the husband and wife, to find out the reason why. This movie came close to my friend's stories. Frank McCourt certainly has to be admired for winning the Pulitzer Prize for writing his memoirs. It is amazing how he survived the squalor as a young boy to achieve a coveted award like this. It's hard to imagine any actor wanting a part in a movie of this nature, short of having a "strong Cause" in relation to it. However, all the actors were excellent from the children to Robert Carlyle and Emily Watson. I don't think Carlyle found his Irish accent hard to master due to it being close to his own Scottish tongue.

In today's world where we all want more, watching this movie can certainly make you feel very rich indeed, but it's not the happiest of movies to watch for entertainment. I can see this movie being used for teaching purposes. I think this would be the only way you could get teenagers to watch it ...while trapped in their seats at school.

The school teachers in this movie were tyrannical, bar one who doesn't see much hope for his clever students and advises them to leave Ireland.

When I was a schoolgirl in a Catholic school in Scotland, I remember children from an Irish family being taunted because they were wearing uniforms from the Parish. Clothes which were so easy to recognize ... not as fine as those bought in the stores. Watching the McCourt boys being taunted about the boots they were wearing brought this to mind ...how cruel children can be. Although I attended a very good school, I was disillusioned by Catholicism and couldn't wait to grow up and leave, and haven't had any regrets in doing so.

None of us can choose when to be born, but I'll guarantee anyone who watches "Angela's Ashes" will be thankful to God, or "whoever" (?) that their childhood wasn't like Frank McCourt's.

Nina Takes a Lover

An unusual believable interesting movie!
The more I see of Laura San Giancomo, the more I like her. She was excellent in "Pretty Woman" and her presence was powerful. I'm sure her real personality comes through when she acts. All of the actors were excellent in this movie, and believable. Wouldn't married life be more fun if we could throw away the boring side, and create new characters every now and then? Instead of a husband going out to create a fantasy, it's all there under his own roof. Be who you want to be at any time, not just on Halloween :-) although it would probably be considered an abnormal state of affairs ... then again, from what we see today at the movies or on TV, maybe it would be accepted. For sure, watching this movie would make you want to try when you see the end results. I enjoyed every minute of it. The TV guide only had two and a half stars against it. I would have given it four!!!

Medicine Man

Sean Connery's acting saves this movie!
Saw this movie on the big screen in 1992. Thought Lorraine Bracco's acting spoiled this movie back then, and since I'm a fan of Sean Connery's, I thought I would watch it just to see him again ... but I knew I wouldn't be able to put up with Lorraine Bracco. I don't know how she was cast in this movie against someone of Sean Connery's calibre. I found her very unconvincing in this part... especially when she was supposed to have been high on caffeine. Her voice was hard on the ears. Thought Sean Connery's acting as per usual was excellent. I was thankful to discover another movie on TMN "Entrapment" with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones. Saw this one before and loved every minute of it. The chemistry between Sean and Catherine was very believable. My Saturday evening TV watching was a success after all.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Tired of foul language, this movie was a nice change. I'll watch any movie with Kevin Cline in it. For starters, he looks like Errol Flynn, and into the bargain is such a talented versatile actor. The acting of Michelle Pfeiffer, Calista Flockhart, and Stanley Tucci was outstanding. Watching Michelle Pfeiffer as Titania, the fairy queen with sparkles on her face and long red hair brought school memories back. The expressions on Stanley Tucci's face as the mischievous Puck, spoke volumes. Was this the same man I had seen a few days before as an assassin in John Grisham's "Pelican Brief?"

Kevin Cline was hilarious when he finds out he has turned into a real "ass" complete with large ears. It's not good to give everything away, but by the end of the movie, we were almost on the floor laughing at the actors putting on their play within the movie. It's hard to convince some people that watching Shakespearian movies can be a lot of fun. Sometimes better than some of the rubbish we watch. Next time you come cross the "Taming of the Shrew" with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton; "Much Ado About Nothing" with Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh and Denzel Washington, ... take a chance and watch them. You're in for a treat! You'll be surprised at the number of familiar acting faces you'll see. Many of the best actors in the business have all been Shakespearian trained.

Autumn in New York

Tugs at the heartstrings
Just saw this movie today, and without giving too much away, the story does tug at your heartstrings. I just read a few comments by other authors. One in particular was very negative. Hard to understand this point of view, because this was a believable story. These days we are shown too much of the movie in the trailers; therefore we have an idea of what we're going to see. I did enjoy the wonderful autumn colours of the trees in New York. Also enjoyed the acting of Richard Gere and Winona Rider. Yes! We come up against the old story of the older man and the younger woman, and to many this is unacceptable ... but this story is different; understandable and acceptable, because of the plot. Elaine Stritch, a veteran actress makes her part a memorable one; likewise Richard and Winona. I enjoyed the camera work in this movie. I could smell the autumn leaves as they swirled in Central Park, and I could feel the cold crisp air in the winter scenes. I enjoyed my visit to "New York in Autumn" while sitting in my seat in a movie theatre in Canada.

What Lies Beneath

Enjoyed every minute
Not having been to the real movies for some time. Many of them were catered towards the younger group, this one had Harrison Ford (58) and Michele Pfeiffer (43) still young in our books, but much older than the Heather Locklear Group. Our movie theatre is quite new, and the screen is enormous, with the sound almost blasting your eardrums, so we were in the right setting for this mystery thriller. I read the good comments of the previous members, and have to agree with them. Part of the story is given away. Don't know why they do that. I prefer not knowing too much, but they want to rope us into the seats, I guess. So without giving too much away, it was exciting to watch Pfeiffer work her way through this mystery.

Harrison Ford is certainly in fantastic shape for a 58 year old, and with a nice tan, was very easy on the eye; mine anyway! While my husband enjoyed looking at Michelle Pfeiffer. We did jump in our seats quite a few times. Watching Michelle dive into the water would make you run and take diving lessons, if that was truly her!

Their acting made the story believable, and when the story's believable I always enjoy it. Harrison Ford can be a bit on the wooden side at times. My husband's impersonation of him is to turn his mouth up to one side keeping his mouth straight. Pretty good! As you look at the wonderful house they live in, in this movie, it makes you wish you had one just like it, without the ghost, of course! For those who like suspense, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

The Winter Guest

A bit on the strange side
Fifteen minutes into this movie, I felt I wouldn't see it through. Emma Thompson was the reason I was looking at it in the first place. I had read in the TV guide there were four scenarios taking place in a bleak Scottish village. It certainly was very bleak. Not too much scenery to be seen, other than the bare street with houses running along either side; rocks covered in snow beside the sea wall; a frozen sea, and a lighthouse. That was it! However, it was the acting of the whole cast that kept me watching this strange movie. Certainly not a movie to watch when you need to be cheered up.

It was interesting to see Emma Thompson acting with her real mother Phyllida Law, who was born in Glasgow,Scotland.I guess this is why Emma's accent was very authentic. She does have an English accent in real life. The actual movie itself is a disaster. Both Emma and her mother played their parts well. The two young boys were incredible, and no doubt will be famous in the film world.The two teenagers were also excellent in their parts. Also the two old ladies dressed in black, but for the life of me, I don't know where they fitted in here. Three of the scenarios are eventually linked with Emma and her mother meeting one of the boys on the beach, and Emma's son and the teenage girl, but not the two old ladies ... maybe in the beginning when Emma's mother is looking at them through a telescope and pulling them to pieces, but that's it!

Strangest thing of all I found aboutthis movie was one of the young boys holding a kitten and walking on to the ice close to the end of the movie, and then being followed by his friend, and this is how it ends (?). Are we supposed to make up our own ending. The first boy keeps on walking until he can't be seen in the mist any more. Then his friend does the same ..into the mist and he's gone. I have to tell myself they walked back again. They were two lively kids talking about everyday day life, not about ending theirs. Yes, they definitely walked back to terra firma or I'll never sleep tonight. :-)

American Beauty

Found it disgusting and left!
Recently we were,in Houston, Texas, and without knowing too much about "American Beauty" we went in to see it mainly because of Annette Bening who I've always liked. Within minutes, we were flabbergasted with what was up there on the screen. Kevin Spacey in a shower going through the

motions of masturbation. This is acting!!!??? I couldn't believe the language that was coming out of a young blonde cheerleader's mouth. Not the usual swear words we have become accustomed to. I felt sick inside. We thought maybe it would improve after these bad scenes, but it didn't ...so we left. We were given free passes for another movie. I am stunned that this movie is up for 8 nominations at the Oscars.

The End of the Affair

Other comments here more or less say it all!!!
On reading over the other good comments here, I feel there's very little for me to contribute. It has all been said. The repetition of the sex scenes etc., ... but for the life of me, I can't feel any warmth coming through in the acting of Ralph Fiennes. He's a very wooden type of actor. Julianne Moore's acting was excellent and very natural, as was Stephen Rea's. Who can forget him in "The Crying Game"? I saw Fiennes in "The English Patient" and wasn't impressed with him in that one, either. I suppose it all comes down to having a special type of presence before the camera. Some actors just don't have it, and therefore don't come through as believable. I didn't read Graham Greene's book and therefore cannot compare it to the movie, but he certainly makes you realize what jealous thoughts can do. Facts can be distorted, and valuable time can be lost with people we love. A lesson here for all of us.

Notting Hill

Very disappointed ...found it slow moving
I have just finished watching "Notting Hill" and couldn't resist coming here to read some comments. I was more than pleased to see some of the titles: "tedium" ..."boring" ... "Nodding Hill" etc., etc., I agreed with all of their comments. I personally like Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, and have seen them in other movies which I enjoyed. Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman"... Hugh Grant in "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and thought they were both great in these movies ... but this one!!! I was bored stiff! There were funny parts in it from time to time ... mostly coming from the other actors.

I just feel this movie was a waste of time for both of them. I keep falling into the trap of going to see movies ... mainly because of the actors who are in them. It took a long time before Julia Roberts even spoke in this movie. Hugh Grant, of course is a master when it comes to playing bumbling parts but good grief,it just dragged along. I'm glad I didn't go to see it on the big screen. At least I could press the "stop" button and raid the fridge, and that helped a great deal. I was looking forward to this movie from the clips I had seen ... but I truly was very disappointed in it. It just wasn't believable. I quite believe more could have been done with the story to have made it a better movie.

Gone with the Wind

Times that have gone ...
I do have a video tape of this movie given to me by one of my sons as a Christmas present because I used to watch every re-run that appeared. I haven't read all of the comments written by other authors, but having read one of the most recent ones, it's hard to understand why anyone regardless of their age, wouldn't find something of interest in this movie. We have romantic scenes by Scarlett and Rhett (Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable)...Ashley and Melanie (Leslie Howard and Olivia de Havilland) ... dramatic scenes from the Civil War between the North and the South. This is a vital part of American history. One also has insight to "times that have gone" ... showing the drastic changes in the lives of the Southerners who were used to having black slaves. I also read the book "Gone With The Wind" ...and I felt that having seen the movie first, it certainly did live up to the book ... more than some others do. As this movie begins with the "Gone With The Wind" theme ...the camera zooms into the pink blossoming trees of the South ... with Scarlett sitting in her large green and white crinoline dress, surrounded by her admirers ... talking of the Civil War. *sigh* Makes me want to enter the scene and be a part of it all. It may be time for me to watch this movie again ...as the Canadian winter draws closer. :o)

Saving Private Ryan

Makes you think very deeply of your own sons
I passed this movie many times while visiting the Video store. I had been told it wasn't for the squeamish. One of my sons came to visit and talked about "Saving Private Ryan"... of the impact it had on him after seeing it ...that my husband and I should watch it. Having been a schoolgirl during WWII ...I felt I had seen enough of the real thing, plus plus enough war movies to last a lifetime. My son insisted, so we watched it and it was the most authentic war movie I have ever seen. At times it was hard to keep looking at the screen when soldiers were being blown to pieces, but I stuck it out. After all, this is what truly happened to these men who lost their lives, in order that we could live a free life. Something they would never do.

I do remember seeing "The Sullivans" in 1944 ...the movie about the five brothers who didn't want to be separated .. .but they all went down with their ship ... bringing about the rule that this would never happen again to a family. Yes, it did bring back a lot of memories, but if a movie like this is watched by the younger ones, they'll realize what a war is truly all about. My husband feels that those who govern our countries should be made to watch this movie on a regular basis. Being the mother of three sons, I can't imagine what life must have been like for The Sullivan parents losing five sons. "Saving Private Ryan"

does make you think very deeply about this.

The Bone Collector

Glad I don't use yellow taxi cabs!!!
If I'm ever in the U.S. I don't think I'll be stepping into a yellow taxi cab after seeing this movie. Denzel Washington's part as a paraplegic forensic expert, must have been a difficult one for him to play, but I thought he did an excellent job. It's a "cat and mouse" game and keeps you thinking. It's not right to tell all for those who still have to see it. Made me think of the responsible jobs, our policemen and the people who work in forensics have to do on a daily basis. If you like movies with suspense ...you'll find it in this one.

As Time Goes By

Watching the "reruns" :o)
Over the years, I have watched the odd episode of "As Time Goes By" ... but just recently I started watching this series on a regular basis, and can now understand why my husband would cut conversations short because he had to watch his favourite actress,Judi Dench, in "As Time Goes By." Now, I'm doing the same thing. Here in Canada, I have the chance to watch it every day. The antics of these two characters are wonderful to watch. I almost feel I'm a visitor in their home in England. I think my husband could have played the part of Lionel very well. In fact I've started calling him Lionel. These actors have good chemistry on the screen and it's hard to believe that they're just acting their parts. A great show!

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

This was a very unusual movie ...
This was a very unusual movie ... having only four actors on screen. Richard Burton, Liz Taylor, George Segal and Sandy Dennis. All of them gave a great performance, and I personally think it was one of the best movie the Burtons ever made together. Void of glamorous costumes as in "Cleopatra." Shown in black and white, which some people avoid. I think Liz Taylor proved she could really act in this movie; especially in the very moving scene where she describes her son. Terrific movie!

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