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Brokeback Mountain

I could make a more compelling love story about alley cats
The cinematography was fabulous the acting was good. Thats where the praise ends. The opportunity to make a great film was lost after the first act (literally). They failed to deliver any real emotion or sympathy for the characters. Personally, I cannot believe Ang Lee won Best Director. The movie spans 20+ years and the major players never age? The actresses that played the wives still looked twelve years old. That was painful and distracting, but the real deal breaker was the two separate Thanksgiving scenes with the long shots of the obviously cold turkeys being carved. Horrible. Definitely NOT best director material. Plus, the love story was not believable and Jake and Heath had no chemistry. Jakes character was poorly developed. I wish I could quit this movie.

Fat Actress

Fat Failure
Fat Actress is going to fail because the supporting cast sucks and Kirstie Alley either has horrible writers or she has no improv abilities. I keep tuning in hoping that this show will get better with age, but it ain't happening.

Also, I can't figure out why so many valuable minutes are wasted on the actress that played Blossom. Why is she even on this show? The whole "having sex with Eddie" theme is actually repulsive.

I think Kirstie, needs to re-structure this show and get back to doing what she does best (screwball comedy or sarcastic-straight man). And, she needs to get some good writers that understand her timing. Scene after painful scene of her sitting around her house plotting strategies with her two du fusses isn't going to work. What does work, has been the few, very funny, scenes where they depict anecdotal vignettes of her experiences being out in the world as a FAT actress. Curb Your Enthusiasm is hugely successful because Larry David is constantly putting himself in uncomfortable, self-deprecating situations and we love watching him humiliate himself and his family.

Fat Actress has the ingredients, but they are desperately missing the recipe.

The Grudge

The pork tenderloin I am cooking is scarier than this movie
The guy at the video store told me that this movie was as good and as scary as the Ring. No. Not scary and not stylized as some may have you believe. The sound effects were a joke. The main ghoul made stupid clicking noises that sounded like "Preditor" and looked like a geisha having a really bad hair day. The second major ghoul was a cute little boy, made up like Eddie Munster that you just wanted to hug.

Others have said that you have to understand the culture to "get it". No. Rule number one with good horror movies is they are SCARY....and they translate "scary" universally. You don't have to understand the "culture". Also, Sarah Michelle Geller is about as compelling as soggy toast and William Mapother performance was distractingly amateurish (sorry, Tom).

Watching Ellie

Bring back Ellie
This show was fabulous. Some network lame-brain didn't give it time to fully mature. If you remember, "Seinfeld" had a slow start as well but the powers that be gave them some time to grow. "Ellie", I feel, wasn't given the proper respect. Too bad that a cable network didn't pick it up. I was a fan.

I was very hopeful when they brought it back briefly, but I thought that the original format was much better then the new re-tooled version. Now we may never know if Brad Hall is as big a genius as Larry David.

It's a shame, too, to waste such a great cast...

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