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Tribute to MGM
Thank you Irving Thalberg for the sterling scripts and Cecil B DeMille for your astute direction 75 years ago. I am assuming Thalberg was involved to some extent since MGM was involved. In all this time we haven't made any better movies. This competes with them all. My favorite movies were mostly made in the Thalberg era. I am so sorry your time (Thalberg) was so short lived. And, I still weep for the demise of MGM. MGM really did lose its shine when it lost Thalberg.

This story was complex. The sets were wonderful (I loved the mirror over the bar in the apartment, and the bathtub with the bowl of bath salts). Every actor - no matter how large their role - handled their part convincingly. Several small roles - the little sister, the judge, the girl next door in the mining town, the servants, etc., all deliver performances that make you pay attention. Many scenes stand out. The competition among the women in the 'circle' races (I never saw such contraptions). The little girl clinging to her brother (that little actress did a fine job). The fiance who really was likable and a real stand up guy. I was amused by kitchen scene. The 'modern' way of women dating each other's husbands struck me, and I have seen this as a plot line before in movies of that period. The 'speak easy' preoccupation with drinking lifestyle of the time is an education as is the portrayal of life in the lower classes. Of all the movies I've seen in this time period, I feel this one most closely clues us in on what life was like.

The Governess

Was the director on a holiday?
This movie had potential. If it had been handled differently. What it needed was a different director. That's certain. And perhaps a different leading lady. I just can't understand the Minnie Driver character - or at least how she played it. She was completely unbelievable. I cannot believe she would have liked her performance in this movie either. She was probably abandoned by the director or incapable of delivering what the director was trying to get her to do. I am writing this as I am still watching it. I'm thinking I would have hated to be in her shoes trying to 'act' something I didn't understand. Well, we've just proceeded to the affair she begins with the son (I'm still watching). I'm now beginning to be profoundly embarrassed for everyone involved in this enterprise. If you enjoy watching movies that miss their mark in a big way, then watch this one.

Our Song

A wonderful film
What a special little film following the summer of three young 15 year-old girls and the transition they are beginning to make into adulthood! I couldn't believe these girls weren't for real and that they were actresses. There was a wealth of subject matter going on and I couldn't do it justice by commenting much on it here. I can only encourage others to watch it. This movie was non traditional movie making and acting in every way. Everyone in Hollywood should sit down and watch this movie and learn. I've book marked everyone in this movie and will be watching out for them in the future. I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for more works coming from the producer and director. I highly recommend this movie. Bravo!

Let's Try Again

Finding new old talent.
I enjoyed this movie very much. It was a period piece and I like period pieces. As a period piece it met my expectations nicely. And even tho scripts from that era didn't reflect the lives of real people that well, the actors showed more depth than I am accustomed to seeing. I don't need to write much about this movie. Just change everything Bill from Minnesota said to positives and that will take care of my review nicely. It is so nice to find 'new' old talent. I shall keep an eye out for the productions that included these people.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

After reading a few of the grossly over-negative reviews - I couldn't take it any longer. The only thing I can figure is that those who don't like it must be a bunch of over stimulated action/horror freak male-types who this movie was never meant for in the first place! Unfortunately for ME your type is GROWING in numbers and pretty soon and there will be nothing left that is pretty, sweet, innocent, laughable, fluffy, CUTE, romance. Matthew was GREAT! It was the first time I ever appreciated his talent! Go Matthew and do some more chick flicks! I watched this twice and thought he and Kate had fantastic chemistry! The only weakness was that the stuff Andie pulled on Ben went on a little TOO long - but that was really forgivable. Thanks to those who wrote, produced, and directed a really smart little movie. You did a great job and I thank you!

A Free Soul

Excellent Movie
Great acting all around. This is a super old movie (72 years as of this writing) and I was amazed at the quality of the direction and acting for such an early sound movie. Kudos to the long deceased director and cast! I loved it!


Kudos to the director and screenwriter
I can't imagine why this movie has only received a rating of 6 in this database. If you read the comments, everyone liked it. There were so many neat little things going on it in I decided to look up both the director and screenwriter. I want to make sure I see more of their stuff.

The Rogues

What a loss when this series was cancelled.
This was a great series. I was so disappointed when it canceled so prematurely. There just is no accounting for American tastes (the Osbournes, etc.). Anyways, I'd enjoy watching them again.. altho it occurs to me that in so doing I might have to relive my disappointment over the limited number of episodes. Oh well..

Moulin Rouge!

Oh my aching nerves!
Saw this one on cable. I am SOO glad I didn't waste my time, money, and nerves watching this on the big screen. What is it with directors and writers these days? Our lives are not frenetic enough we have to be entertained with more stress? Volume and camera angles cranked to the extreme! Thank God! Shrek came on right after. Now there's something worth watching and good for my little soul.

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