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good drama
I wasn't expecting to like this movie, really, because most of these direct-to-video serial movies seem to generally be average movies at best. It certainly wasn't perfect by any means, Starkweather was actually pretty good. I didn't think it was overly violent (not "gory" for the sake of it), and I thought the two lead actors were extremely good. The movie moved pretty well and it looked amazing. I especially liked the newsreel-dream thing, right in the middle of the movie -- it was a really cool diversion. They said on the DVD commentary that most of the events in the movie are true, and then a few of them not true -- like Charlie and Carol in real life looked totally different than they do in the movie -- so now I am very curious to read up more about Charlie Starkweather since I really didn't know much about this story before. I hope to see Brent Taylor in more movies soon -- he's totally a movie star in the making! I do wish Al Sapienza had a bigger role, and he was great in this one. He's always a lot of fun to watch.


When I worked at a video store, I typically had a standing rule that any video box which needs to rely on mylar or 3-D images on the front of the box is probably something to stay away from; the filmmakers or distributor must not think highly enough of their film to let regular artwork speak for itself, and must rely on, literally, "flashy", eye-catching gimmicks to attract attention. KILLERS, with its shameless use of a mirror-y cover box, seems to be the one exception to my rule.

Although obviously low-budget, this is a tight little thriller that pretty much hits the mark -- a satisfying (if not original) piece that I'd gladly recommend to anyone who enjoys suspense.

Black Days

A fantastic, sarcastic, neo-noir gem
I had the good fortune of seeing BLACK DAYS at a sneak preview recently, and all I can say is that this is a wonderfully-realized, modern adaptation of noir that everyone who loves comic books, noir, and sarcasm should see. Directors Jim Morley and Ari Margolis have managed to turn the femme-fatale story up-end and backwards, but, at the same time, steadily guide the audience through its own world of twisted humor and knowing self-depreciation (did that make any sense?) In short, this is an absolute original, and one worth seeing at any possible opportunity.

Calling Bobcat

Fantastic AFTER-HOURS spawn
Paul Kermizian's CALLING BOBCAT is a wonderful, hilarious movie. Although the film eventually had a point to make, it featured just about every single archetype I encountered when in high school and college, to the T. Furthermore, you'd never know the thing was made for two cents. Congratulations, Paul -- CALLING BOBCAT is a winner!


A terrible, awful, horrifying waste of film.
OUTTAKES could perhaps be one of the most self-absorbed, most poorly-realised films I have ever seen. The lead actors are absolutely pathetic in their deliveries of even more pathetically written lines, and the film's depiction not only of filmmaking, but of ANY faction of gay lifestyle is a joke -- and I'm being kind. Be afraid, my friend, be very, very afraid.


A funny and original film
Saw ROADHEAD at a party last week, and was truly amazed by this unique and eye-grabbing style of animation. I am surprised that this has not either been stolen or capitalized upon by now, as I've never seen anything quite like it before. I applaud the filmmakers for presenting a brand-new approach to animation (or, at least, a brand-new interpretation of something that is already done). As far as the piece, I felt it was quite long, never went anywhere, and, being a documentary, suffered because it had absolutely nothing to say. However, the piece is such a striking technical accomplishment that the lack of substance can probably be overlooked.

Blackthorn Rose

A bittersweet, heartfelt film
Saw this film at a film festival, and was truly blown away by the keen eye and observation of writer/director Ross Corsair's film BLACKTHORN ROSE. A sad but loving tale of a man in review of a love gone by the wayside, due to her sordid past of child abuse. If this film comes your way, please go see it -- quite worth it.


A complete waste of celluloid.
This picture is awful, unless you like watching stock footage. Aside from the occasional clever bits of writing, this horrible waste of celluloid and magnetic tape must be some sort of joke, or the work of an Ed Wood protege. If you're at the video store on a weekend and all the good new movies are gone, don't pick this film up. Go home and play Parchesi, go clean your chimney, go tag your own neighborhood, go do anything else but rent this picture.

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