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Only Murders in the Building: How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?
Episode 3, Season 1

Excellent Backstories
Things get serious but they are also hilarious. The visit to the guy with the cat is beyond belief. The Nathan Lane encounter where they look at the awful advice Oliver has given him. "Don't invest in Les Mis. It's about a loaf of bread." Sting on the elevator. It ends on a very serious note, however.

Only Murders in the Building: Who Is Tim Kono?
Episode 2, Season 1

A Lot More Than We Thought
So Mabel knows a lot about Tim Kono. They were childhood friends and shared a horrible night. The guys are running all over the place trying to get something for the podcast. There is a memorial service where nothing good is said about the guy. Oliver is more interested in the food being served than finding anything. Mostly, this is pretty dark.

Only Murders in the Building: True Crime
Episode 1, Season 1

Fresh and New
I see some people have given up on the show after one episode. I think the presence of Steve Martin and Martin Short with their unique quirkiness is enough to keep me enthralled. I don't know a lot about Selena Gomez but like what she is doing. This first step involves lonely people who don't seem to have a tomorrow, finding each other and deciding to become a crime solving group. Then to do a true crime podcast. We get to know a bit about each and it works because these people are stars.

NYPD Blue: Moving Day
Episode 20, Season 12

This Is the End
I really like this episode. In the previous one it was emotionally charged with goodbyes all over. This is both a transition and an ending. Instead of having him shot, or some sort of scandal to drive him away, he stuck to a complicated case. It's obvious that his superiors are going to be a bear to him, but he is a man of great integrity when it comes to the law. The rich guy gets preferential treatment from Andy's superiors. Who knows. With a double talking lawyer, he may get away with murder. But Sipowicz sticks his neck out and has the will to take the waves. I also liked that Bale became his friend at the end. He was a tough nut and, while a bit insensitive, he gained respect for those in the precinct. We could be led to believe that there was another season with new faces, but this takes it out on a hight note.

NYPD Blue: Bale to the Chief
Episode 19, Season 12

Andy's Day
Sipowicz is asked by Bale if he could move in and take over the squad. The new guy is ineffectual and just biding time, thinking about golf and reading the paper. He is doing nothing to get up to speed. Meanwhile a harsh investigation of a Russian who shot Bale is in progress. Andy gets good news at the end.

NYPD Blue: Lenny Scissorhands
Episode 18, Season 12

The Lieutenant is shot by a guy who is in a building where they are investigating. There are Russians involved. Andy is brought back into the squad for this one case. Medavoy has his last day. A lot of water under the bridge.

NYPD Blue: Sergeant Sipowicz' Lonely Hearts Club Band
Episode 17, Season 12

Feet to the Fire
An Army recruiter is shot and killed outside a school entrance. It is discovered that a young guy had threatened another student. He also expressed anger when his older brother was killed in Iraq. The investigator made up his mind without checking out the gun or any other forensic evidence. He also began a torture process. No due process. I'm sorry, but if this jerk was supposed to be sympathetic I didn't feel that way.

NYPD Blue: Old Man Quiver
Episode 16, Season 12

Suspicious Deaths of Two Elderly Citizens
A rich old man with a beautiful twenty-something wife dies, a pillow over his face. A woman in an assisted living situation also dies in bed, but an injection mark is found on her stomach. These things seem to bring out the worst in people. Finally, Andy puts on his sergeant's uniform and greets his colleagues.

NYPD Blue: La Bomba
Episode 15, Season 12

Rich People Stuff
The moneyed are show to be heartless and cruel to their "underlings." The inciting factor is a car bomb placed in the vehicle of a rich CEO. Not a particularly engaging episode.

NYPD Blue: Stratis Fear
Episode 14, Season 12

Abuse and Murder
The stories here are all sad because each involves trust and betrayal. The most dramatic is about a poor woman who grew up being abused by her father and having no one, including her mother, believe her. A dramatic event takes place to put a stop to it. Rita steps in to put a stop to a toxic relationship her niece is having.

NYPD Blue: Stoli with a Twist
Episode 13, Season 12

Give Me the Courage to......
When it seems that women who have alcohol problems are being killed, Andy gets involved. The have been new to AA meetings, so there's a fine line between anonymity and dealing with this nasty character. The second case revisits that nurse, Carly, who seems to be around whenever someone dies. Here actions got that guy off when John slept with her. Finally, the boss calls Andy in for some news.

Memory Box: Echoes of 911

The Best One I Saw
People step into a big wooden box and reveal their thoughts shortly after the attack on the Twin Towers. They later come back after twenty years. It is poignant and gentle and respectfully done. If you want to get at the human side of this horrible event, don't miss this presentation.

Grace and Frankie: The Circumcision
Episode 4, Season 7

Keep Him In Jail
Grace is comfortable keeping her husband in jail. It allows her to visit him every so often and not have to have anything to do with him the rest of the time. But his lawyer decides she can get him out. Meanwhile, Frankie has been laundering money boxes of candy which she decides to sell to a Norwegian sales representative.

Grace and Frankie: The Bunny
Episode 3, Season 7

Beyond Funny!!!
When things are going bad, both families get together and have a wiffle/waffle brunch. Fascinating details from the past come forth, including Grace killing a rabbit by yelling at it. Some of the best banter on the planet.

NYPD Blue: I Love My Wives, But Oh You Kid
Episode 12, Season 12

That's So Bigamy, Big of Me
The death of a woman leads to an investigation of a despicable man who uses women and who has two wives (one he marries in a phony ceremony). The second case involves someone who uses vulnerable women at AA meetings and then kills them. Finally, Greg moves into the real estate business.

NYPD Blue: Bale Out
Episode 11, Season 12

Basketball Diaries
Someone takes a 357 Magnum and shoots around a playground. His reason for doing this is quite complex. Greg has fallen for a beautiful real estate agent and has an embarrassing moment. Finally, Sipowicz comes across a credit card while investigating a perp who robs, then kills gay men.

NYPD Blue: The Dead Donald
Episode 10, Season 12

Episode Clicks
I really enjoyed this. The cases were really entertaining. When a kid is brought in for a tiny bit of marijuana, the father asks what he could do to get the charge dropped. Of course, Bale decides to set him up for bribery and wears a wire. The result are great. The other cases are a mentally challenged man who may have killed his brother who has taken care of him. And Medavoy leads an effort to recoup money from a con man who has taken advantage of a beautiful woman. Who knows.

NYPD Blue: The 3-H Club
Episode 9, Season 12

Tied Up With a Bow
Three plot developments have been addressed. Baldwin is accused of murdering Michael's father, so there is much focus on that. Medaboy faces a trial board to decide how he should be treated for breaking a small rule in the code book (this after a spotless record for 24 years). The Lieutenant hung him out to dry without allowing him to say a with pirated DVD's.

NYPD Blue: I Like Ike
Episode 8, Season 12

Of Course, Everything Will Go Wrong
All the ducks are lining up. Greg is challenging his punishment for taking the bouncer job. Baldwin's young man is off the radar for now and he is getting desperate. We know there's going to be trouble. Then there's the arsonist and his brother and the poor woman who has been jockeyed around. She is going back to trial and new evidence has been piled up. Also, Andy has become forward looking and is going to try the Sergeant's exam.

NYPD Blue: My Dinner with Andy
Episode 7, Season 12

Trying to Get Back
This episode revolves around John Clark and his efforts to straighten out his life. It's about a woman testifying against a guy who brutally beat her. Jones and the boy are back, dealing with Dad and the custody thing.

NYPD Blue: The Vision Thing
Episode 6, Season 12

Touching in Every Way
Andy looks in the face of death. When a psychotic killer tries to shoot hi and his gun jams, he gets time to look at his mortality. He goes about his business but with the heaviest of hearts. John still isn't on board and this is hard. The final scene, however, will stand the test of time. When he talks with Bobby, their interaction is so beautiful. It isn't maudlin. It isn't saccharine.

NYPD Blue: You're Buggin' Me
Episode 5, Season 12

A Bit Too Much, But Entertaining
Andy gets a call from a bartender saying John Clark is drunk and causing trouble. He goes there and starts to drag John out and they are shot at, a bullet hitting Andy in the arm. Andy also finds out who has been harassing him and who put the device in his car. Charges are about to be filed but factors bring about a stalemate. Andy and John also come to a truce.

NYPD Blue: Divorce, Detective Style
Episode 4, Season 12

Enough Is Enough
Clark's womanizing puts a rapist back on the street and he doesn't seem to care. Andy has finally had enough. Andy continues to get threatened by someone and feels his family is in danger. He's also concerned that he may start hitting the bars again. There is a kidnapping and the boss, using protocols, screws it up. Maybe a bit too much soap opera. I wonder where this final season will end.

NYPD Blue: Great Balls of Ire
Episode 3, Season 12

Can You Feel the Hate Tonight?
Bale continues to bully his people. He cares nothing for anyone's personal feelings, for compassion. He takes a day's salary away if they dispute anything he says. Andy is dealing with someone who is attacking him and his family. Everything by the book leaves a group of good people under his heel. The main case this time has to do with the rights of a rapist.

NYPD Blue: Fish Out of Water
Episode 2, Season 12

Humorless Jackass
It's a shame that the final season brings in the Lieutenant who knows nothing about dealing with human beings. He hamstrings the entire squad so they can't go to the john without telling him. Everyone is looking over their shoulders waiting for his criticism. Somewhere, there is someone whos is pulling strings and wants to break up the squad. Clark continues to act like an ass and live dangerously. This parallels the actions of Danny. He is totally turning his back on the people that supported him all the way. They had nothing to do with his father's death or that blonde nut case.

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