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Cheers: Sunday Dinner
Episode 12, Season 11

Disappointment to the Nth Degree
First of all we have Cliff and his new camcorder. An anniversary party is going to take place at Cheers and Cliff talks a young man into being the photographer (even though he has never used the camera). What transpires is beyond belief--and hilarious. Frazier has a temp secretary who is sexy and gorgeous. She invites him to dinner at her place, but it turns out to be her family home. She is a fox who has a bike riding boyfriend. It's amazing to watch the tension. Great use of every possible thing that could go wrong.

Cheers: Love Me, Love My Car
Episode 11, Season 11

Sam Is a Consummate Jerk
When the widow of the guy who bought Sam's car shows up at the bar to get an ID number, Sam believes this is the road to getting his car back. Dana Delaney (cute as a button kindergarten teacher) becomes the road through which he can get the car back. He takes advantage of her and incurs the wrath of the bar patrons. Even though he pulls things out in the end, he deserves whatever happens to him.

Cheers: Daddy's Little Middle-Aged Girl
Episode 10, Season 11

Rebecca's father, a Navy Captain, shows up at the bar to chastise his daughter because he sees her as a failure. Apparently, she has been living on a substantial allowance from her parents. The guy is a piece of work and he goes after Sam as an immoral pretty boy. But there is more to his efforts than meet the eye at first.

Cheers: Feelings... Whoa, Whoa, Whoa
Episode 9, Season 11

Adolph, Carla, and Hill
Cliff Claven is convinced that the new guy in his apartment building (he's 100) is Adolph Hitler, fresh from South America. Cliff begins to try to get the goods on the guy, leading to some harsh consequences. Meanwhile, John Hill has a mild heart attack while making love with Carla. The remainder of the show involves the push and shove between the two of them.

Cheers: Ill-Gotten Gaines
Episode 8, Season 11

Eating Crow at Thanksgiving
There are two plots at work here. Sam talks Woody into telling off his father in law, the very rich Mr. Gaines. When Woody walks in on him, he doesn't realize Mr. Gaines appears from under his desk, having serviced his sister in law; however, Mr. Gaines thinks Woody has seen and so begins a campaign to earn his silence. The other plot is Thanksgiving at Cheers. All our people sit down for Turkey Day.

Cheers: The Girl in the Plastic Bubble
Episode 7, Season 11

Painful Turn
Cliff, Carla, and Norm seem to have taken a nasty turn. When Frasier is going through a horrible time, they are arbitrary and nasty. In this one he separates from Lilith in great pain and consternation. Lilith is going to live with her lover in a kind of biosphere, leaving her son behind with Frasier.

Cheers: Teaching with the Enemy
Episode 6, Season 11

Lilith Goes Wild
This is a more serious episode than most. Rebecca confronts Lilith after discovering her going hot and heavy with a co-worker in a steamed up car. Rebecca is about to explode as she sits on the knowledge, waiting for Lilith to fess-up. This episode is to be continued.

Cheers: Do Not Forsake Me, O' My Postman
Episode 5, Season 11

More Male Posturing
Here is another episode where manhood is based on his sexuality. The guys at the end of the bar are all agog when Cliff's ex-girlfriend shows up pregnant. She is there to get him to marry her, but there is a fly in the ointment. Meanwhile, Rebeca hires a two bit jingle composer to come up with something for Cheers. However, all his jingles sound like Old MacDonald or Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Cheers: The Magnificent Six
Episode 4, Season 11

Silly Competition
I haven't cared for the character of Henri. He's back and begins working at the bar. He soon challenges Sam to a context to see how many phone numbers he can get from attractive women. This is quite weak. So is Rebecca's whole smoking thing.

Cheers: The King of Beers
Episode 3, Season 11

Two Time Losers
Norm and Rebecca are the focus here. When a slot machine is accidentally delivered to the bar. Rebecca becomes hooked and the machine becomes a metaphor for her life--always a loser. Norm goes to a professional beer tasting and his comments get him a job for a week at a brewery. He does great, almost becoming a legend in one week. Hilarious scenes of him doing his job. But eventually has to meet the big boss to keep the job.

Cheers: The Beer Is Always Greener
Episode 2, Season 11

Back in the Saddle
Cheers is back in business and is going to have a grand opening. Meanwhile, Carla has gone to a yuppie bar to work, and it pays her a much larger salary. Same sends Cliff and Norm to bring her back to cheers but this place is really jumping. Soon, most of the regulars are there and no one is coming back. There is also a conflict between Kelly and Woody who are in different denominations of the Lutheran church. Woody is really worked up because he is Missouri synod and thinks other Lutherans are heretics.

Cheers: The Little Match Girl
Episode 1, Season 11

Very Touching
A dramatic beginning to the final season. Rebecca is exhausted after the wedding and is lounging around in the office with a cigarette. She inadvertently drops the cigarette in a waste basket and burns down the bar. Then she has a crisis of conscience. Sam can't afford the repairs and his deductible is enormous. This is pretty much unlike any other episode during the duration of this show. But it has a realistic ending.

Cheers: An Old-Fashioned Wedding
Episode 25, Season 10

A Real Recipe for Disaster
Carla warns Woody that his horoscope shows bad news ahead. He and Kelly are getting married and there's no changing things. The Cheers crew have been given the honor of providing the wine and spirits and working in the kitchen. Rebecca gets into it with a French pastry chef right from the start with devastating results. Meanwhile, Norm, Cliff, and others are making asses of themselves. The minister arrives. What could go wrong?

Cheers: Heeeeeere's... Cliffy!
Episode 24, Season 10

Funny but ...........
I'm always suspicious of too much celebrity on a show like this. Cliff sends lame jokes to the Tonight Show and is rejected time after time. In their usual invasive way, Norm and the guys decide to make it look like Johnny Carson actually wanted on of his jokes. This is fine. Even the trip to Burbank. But they get too far inside the Carson show. Of course, Cliff can't handle this in a normal way.

Cheers: Bar Wars VI: This Time It's for Real
Episode 23, Season 10

Sam Confronts the Mob
Gary sells his bar and the gang decides to start a new war with the new owners. A bit later, the entrance door is blown in and it comes to light that the guy who now owns the Olde Towne Tavern is a mafia kingpin. This leads to intense fear and one-upsmanship. As well as a pretty cool conclusion.

Cheers: Rebecca's Lover... Not
Episode 22, Season 10

Touching Final Scene
Rebecca gets a call from an old high school friend. He was incredibly popular and productive. She hadn't seen him in years. She is so excited. Oh, he happens to be gay and she totally misses all the clues. But when they do get together, there are some wonderful moments.

Cheers: Take Me Out of the Ball Game
Episode 21, Season 10

Very Weak Episode
When a former teammate from the Red Sox comes by, he tells Sam he is going to try out with the Sox farm team. When the guy falls down the stairs, Sam ends up trying it on his own. Even though he is decent, he realizes that all his teammates are in their early 20's and the juvenile stuff they do turns him off. There is a kind of lame thing with Frasier and a lab rat. Weak episode.

Cheers: Smotherly Love
Episode 20, Season 10

LIfting a Bar Bill
Two very good plot developments. The first is Lilith's mother showing up and insisting that Frasier and Lilith renew their vows. She is a tyrant that even shuts Carla up. The second plot is Sam's trip to Atlantic City where he bets a bunch on roulette and makes Norm a bunch of money. But then he asks the big guy to pay off his century's old bar bill. It' pretty hilarious

Cheers: Rich Man, Wood Man
Episode 19, Season 10

Two Can Live as Cheap As One
Woody comes back from England and has become a pompous ass. He insults his friends and is condescending to Sam and the bar. Kelly wants to know why he is so unhappy. It has to do with their relative affluence (or lack of it). The bar is beside itself over all of this. Kelly has a great experience on the subway, by the wya.

Cheers: License to Hill
Episode 18, Season 10

Don't Serve That Drink
Rebecca is annoyed because she doesn't seem to have much to do at the bar. She runs around with a cigar box full of receipts and doesn't seem to get much respect. Deservedly so. But one day, she gets a letter that has been returned and it has devastating news. While this is going on, there is a poker game going on in the pool room. Wood plies his trade.

Cheers: A Diminished Rebecca with a Suspended Cliff
Episode 17, Season 10

Wow, the Celebrities Are Coming
It was so much fun seeing and hearing Harry Connick, Jr. as Woody's cousin. He rolls into town and soon get a job playing the piano at Cheers. In the process, he falls in love with Rebecca. He is a bit of a stalker and starts to drive her crazy. A second plot involves a new uniform being mandated at the Post Office and trick played on Cliff.

Cheers: One Hugs, the Other Doesn't
Episode 16, Season 10

Gee, Nanny Gee!
Emma Thompson plays Nanny Gee, a big time children's star. She dresses in colorful clothes and does silly dances. Kids adore her. She also is Frasier's first wife, a wife whom he has never mentioned to Lilith. And she still has a thing for him. This leads to all kinds of hostility, especially from Lilith. Woody is also hilarious as a diehard fan of this woman.

Cheers: My Son, My Father
Episode 15, Season 10

Funny Individuals
Simple little plot elements. First of all when Carla's son says he is going to become a priest, she thinks she goes automatically to heaven and can do whatever she wants. Sam eats some of John's crab salad and breaks a tooth. He plans to sue him. Cliff Claven thinks he is hilarious and decides to go on stage in a comedy club on amateur night. Each of these has its own attraction.

Cheers: No Rest for the Woody
Episode 14, Season 10

Woody buys Kelly an engagement ring. It is very expensive and he gets a job burying bodies at a graveyard. He goes four nights without sleep and is like a zombie. When Kelly finds out he is working 24 hours a day, she asks if that's a lot because she has never had a job. What transpires is great, including Cliff and Norm acting like idiots at the engagement party.

Cheers: Don't Shoot... I'm Only the Psychiatrist
Episode 13, Season 10

Isn't There at Least One Other Barber in Boston?
Sam's stylist gets in an accident and is badly injured. Sam needs his hair cut. So who steps in? It's Woody and the results....just watch. Meanwhile, it's Elvis's birthday and Carla is going nuts. Frasier brings in his self-esteem group with resounding results. While some jokes aren't that great, it's entertaining in fits and jerks.

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