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Fargo: The Land of Talking and Killing
Episode 2, Season 4

Who Says It's Bad?
This is such a treat. The plot is totally original. The characters are so well developed. The direction is so rhythmic. And the cinematography is so far ahead of most any television. This has been the case since the inception. The two factions are beginning to face off now, but their successes depend on not becoming too violent (although there is still little restraint). Everything ramps up here. Then we have the peripheral characters who are going to be absorbed into the plot. I can't wait until next week.

Dark Matter: Nowhere to Go
Episode 13, Season 3

Oh My!
So I invest all that time moving toward the big ending, only to find out that the show was cancelled before its resolution. There are about six unanswered questions as the final episode of season 3,runs its course. Now we will never know. While I sort of let this series take me over, in retrospect, except for the sparks and other special effects, the acting was awful, especially the crinkled forehead of 5 and her rantings. Anyway, there is no chance we will see any more, I will go on to something else.

Dark Matter: My Final Gift to You
Episode 12, Season 3

One More
A question to be considered is whether the maker of this series knew that the next episode would be the last. Four finally goes beyond what his ambition can handle. The family is united under rather stressful circumstances. Something is going on in the head of Android. It is an intense episode with some harsh resolutions and discoveries.

Dark Matter: The Dwarf Star Conspiracy
Episode 11, Season 3

We're drawing to the end of this series. This is the first part of a further influx of artificial humans. I will comment later after the next episode.

Dark Matter: Built, Not Born
Episode 10, Season 3

What Makes Us Human?
This episode evolves around the Androids and their creator, a woman who died of natural causes as she worked on artificial humans. When an death takes place at a space station, the crew, at the request of their android, takes them away ahead of the law. What follows is a good deal of reveal about 2 and an effort to aid 3 in the most important decision of his life.

Dark Matter: Isn't That a Paradox?
Episode 9, Season 3

Makes Little Sense
Other than the cutesiness of the gang traveling back to "modern day" earth by accident (Wisconsin of all places), the whole plot is preposterous. Of course, there is the discomfort of people from 600 years into the future coexisting with suburban folks in the Midwest. The implications of time travel are pretty badly portrayed. I'm sure people that think "The Trouble with Tribbles" was the best Star Trek will like this offering.

Dark Matter: Hot Chocolate
Episode 8, Season 3

And So It Goes
All kinds of messing with minds. A head in control. Cowardly workers. A compromised Android. Ishida on board. The old blink drive. The help of a computer link. More threats. More alliances. More this. More that. Entertaining but repetitious.

Dark Matter: Wish I Could Believe You
Episode 7, Season 3

666 No Not That
Here's another episode about erratic behavior among crew members and separate realities. This is all well and good, but at some point can we get back to knowing what is real? When 6 is found alive after a mass killing from some sort of agent, he is brought back to Raza but then we are taken on a journey from present to past and back again. I guess technology can explain it away alright but it is challenging to the viewer.

Dark Matter: One Last Card to Play
Episode 6, Season 3

Parallel Universe Redux
I'm tired of parallel universes and rips in the fabric of space. Here we go again, having to have a scorecard to figure out who is who. Could we not have the corporations as a consistent enemy. Four is enough of an adversary. Cloning yourself and sending your clone off to some far off place should be enough. The malice in the palace should be enough. I've enjoyed this series but grow a bit tired of some of the lack of plot development at times.

Dark Matter: Give It Up, Princess
Episode 5, Season 3

Project Phoenix
Off go the crew to find the mercenary guy who has screwed them over time after time. Actually, they are after a document, a plan for final solution. Meanwhile, Four continues to feel power slipping away since he became emperor. He turns farther and farther to his ugly side as he sees the adversaries group around him.

Dark Matter: All the Time in the World
Episode 4, Season 3

Groundhog Day Meets Salvador Dali
I know there is nothing new under the sun, so when the old time loop rears its head, we know we've seen this before. Still, the characterization and the slips into surrealism make it quite a bit of fun. Three is quite the star here and it's fun when we see his sensitive side.

Dark Matter: Welcome to the Revolution
Episode 3, Season 3

Do Gooders
The crew saves an outpost attacked by a nuclear weapon. Six sees that there is conflict between the guards and the workers and tries to become a union rep. It's one of those things where so much pain has been inflicted that it's hard to seek out peace.

Dark Matter: It Doesn't Have to Be Like This
Episode 2, Season 3

Anything for Power
Four continues to seek out unlimited power. To what end? Five returns to moments of her childhood and her absorption into technology. The blink drive is the prize but it is highly unstable, but the crew wants it back, mainly to prevent others from using it.

Dark Matter: Being Better Is So Much Harder
Episode 1, Season 3

Mass Escape
Four is off doing Shogun duty. I am tired of him and his empire. He and that witch childhood friend aren't in synch. He is looking to be master of the universe. He draws on an old friend who was put in a dungeon for three years. All that aside. Why are some of the rulers of Zairon old white guys when everyone else is Asian? We have this last season to figure out what will be the future of the galaxy and how the ship and crew fit into the whole thing.

Dark Matter: But First, We Save the Galaxy
Episode 13, Season 2

This was a lot of fun. All the forces of the evil empires are at play. A series of questions remain for next season. Time is of the essence. Four is unaware of important facts and lies within his own administration. It's well set up for Season 3. It will be interesting to see how the powers that be survive after the conclusion.

Dark Matter: Sometimes in Life You Don't Get to Choose
Episode 12, Season 2

On the Throne
Four has looked into his past and makes plans to regain the throne that was given to his brother. There are numerous twists and turns throughout this episode. Ryo is ever the most ruthless of beings with his Shogun thing. He is the outsider and forces the crew to get into his game. I wonder what lies ahead.

Downton Abbey: Christmas Special
Episode 9, Season 6

Too Many Solutions
I'm reminded of a Shakespeare comedy, where, in the 5th Act, everyone ends up married and there is a solution to all the problems. While I enjoyed the finale, I thought that too many story lines were finished off. Life just isn't like that. There was room for some pain and there was none, except for Carson. See if you agree. Thomas finds himself in purgatory. Bates is happy. Bertie's mom turns out to be less than I thought. All in all, the whole series was marvelous and I am so glad I made it through for the second time.

Dark Matter: Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had the Chance
Episode 11, Season 2

They Could Be a Bit More Careful
Once again, shopping on a space station leads to trouble. When one considers all the trouble encountered, one would be just a bit more careful 3 & 5 end up dealing with GA again. She gets kidnapped by some hillbillies, once again alone and vulnerable. It is pretty exciting, but it make you wonder why a few people on one ship draw so much attention.

Dark Matter: Take the Shot
Episode 10, Season 2

The Android Gets Her Time
While the Android is being kept in a sort of stasis,, he "mind" puts her in a setting with other Androids. They are living an idyllic life though it is all a sort of hologram. She is dreaming. Because the creature she has created to run herd on her tells the crew she is dangerous, she is being recharged. At this point, three crew members suddenly face forces that set out to kill them. It's a decent episode but once again sort of formula stuff.

Dark Matter: Going Out Fighting
Episode 9, Season 2

Wesley Crusher Returns--Again
This is an effort to get 2 back in shape. It means a trip to where she was formed. The trip requires great risk. Once again, the solution seems pretty contrived. But Rook is still around and will surely show his face at least one more time.

Dark Matter: Stuff to Steal, People to Kill
Episode 8, Season 2

Wish I Had a Program
When a series gets into the parallel universe stuff, it's not alway easy to tell one character from one dimension from the other. Here the gang gets caught up, trying to deal with those corporations in each reality. I had to stop every so often to figure out who was who. The clothes didn't help that much. I wish we could get settled from now on.

Dark Matter: She's One of Them Now
Episode 7, Season 2

They take so many chances. Now it's that woman mastermind whom they encounter. The young doctor is a liability due to his continuing drug use. Nyx is trying to fit in but has her own problems. I never got into this episode.

Dark Matter: We Should Have Seen This Coming
Episode 6, Season 2

More Stuff from Corporate
It would seem that there is a bunch of science that goes on and on. This time it's a Borg like collective that's based on a young man's brain to control it. Nyx is at the center because the young man is her brother. It's again so far fetched. By the way. I'm really getting bored with 4. His whole act never changes. He is judgmental but has no right to be.

Downton Abbey: Episode #6.8
Episode 8, Season 6

Bring It All Home
Quite an intense final regular show. We do have the Christmas show coming, and I'm sure there will be some changes. This one attempts to put to rest several plot lines, including Thomas's fate. It is rushed in places, but the scenes with Mary and Edith are quite stunning and bitterly confrontational. Others have covered a lot of the critical issues so I will defer. It has been a marvelous series and we will not see the like of it again.

Dark Matter: We Voted Not to Space You
Episode 5, Season 2

Android on the Loose
As the crew look into the death of 1, they encounter many obstacles, some of which threaten their lives. Android is sent out, using her newfound personality, to bring in a link to the murderer. I liked the Android before the her transition into a human-like entity.

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