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The Blacklist: Dr. Lewis Powell (No. 130)
Episode 6, Season 7

Don't Know What to Make of It
So it's all about money and she fell for it. So Red needed to test the young woman. Of course, in fairness, she has flip-flopped about six times already. Park seems really tiresome and has this great mystery in Alaska (did she kill off a family of Eskimos or something?). Being Asian, of course she comes off like a ninja warrior. Aram and his new squeeze are into doing dangerous things. Not that puts them in physical danger, but Aram could lose his standing with the FBI because he can't keep his pants on. The episode was not satisfying to be quite honest. We also have Red again finishing off someone who betrayed him and washing his hands. By the way, where is Katarina? She's probably out drowning a litter of puppies.

The Blacklist: Norman Devane (No. 138)
Episode 5, Season 7

Another Mad Medical Man
The story is about another one of those doctors, a germaphobe, who infects young people with some really ugly stuff, and then attempts to cure them. He wants to find cures for all the things he may get at some point. This is another one of those far fetched science stuff, like the little blonde girls, with a bona fide nut case. In a parallel story, Reddington is up to something relating to his own health. We are left to wonder about that and to look at the ridiculous story that has been concocted. Ressler continues feeling he can deal with Liz's mother thing. Katarina doesn't show up in this one. I suppose she will surface soon.

The Blacklist: Kuwait
Episode 4, Season 7

Not Much Fun Any More
So Cooper is going to blow the lid off Reddington's identity. He's going to his superior because he has a sense of duty. Reddington has save a thousand lives so what about the duty to them. Some guy got captured in Kuwait during the Gulf War and Harold feels responsible, even though he was overcome by the soldiers. That story is dull. The only thing I found interesting was the drone attack set in motion by an overweight gamer. The other plot continues to be Katarina and Elizabeth. Katarina wants to kill Reddington and is using stupid Liz's apartment as a setup. Who, exactly, are the FBI men guarding her place protecting her from. I'm so tired of Elizabeth and her mother thing.

The Blacklist: Les Fleurs du Mal (No. 151)
Episode 3, Season 7

Hungry Wolf?
When Katarina reads "Little Red Riding Hood" to Agnes, she reads the version where the wolf eats the little girl. No happy ending. This whole episode is pretty bad. Several have mentioned Elizabeth's lack of oversight, even after the constant turning of the tables by Reddington (it's not always what it seems). She should be super suspicious but moves right into bed with the wolf. That whole Fleurs du Mal thing with the game is right out of Shirley Jackson and "The Lottery." By the way, that glass must have been really thin that gun would shatter it. It really is a case where the writers came up with the game and thought it would be fun.

The Blacklist: Louis T. Steinhil (No. 27): Conclusion
Episode 2, Season 7

Great Escape
With the help of the nurse (who is actually a villain), Reddington gets out and heads for the house where Dom lives (well played by Brian Denehy). There are numerous violent confrontations where, ultimately, Dom is shot in the chest and close to death. The task force people save the day, but that walking cesspool, Katarina, continues to be a hunter. I'm really not sure there is anything specific she wants. Everyone is safe after the bad guys assault the farmhouse. So Elizabeth goes back to her home and to her little girl, Agnes. Reddington chews out Liz for drawing the fire of Katarina. In the end there are dire consequence. I suppose we're stuck with Katarina's life being very important.

Seinfeld: The Pledge Drive
Episode 3, Season 6

Every Element a Gem
Where do I start? First of all we have Kramer discovering a pile of greeting cards from Jerry's Nana. Each of them contains a ten dollar check that never got cashed. Kramer says it is insulting to the old lady, so he has him deposit them. Since she no longer has an account there she is notified that she is overdrawn. Parallel to this, Jerry tells Elaine that a friend of hers has been coming on to him. She decide to check into it which leads to a hilarious encounter with a man who has a woman's voice. Jerry is going to do a bit at the local PBS station and gets George to bring a Yankee player. Of course, he'll never get there because of George's temper. And, finally, Elaine accidentally tells Nana to drop dead. She must be 85. What an amazing episode.

Seinfeld: The Big Salad
Episode 2, Season 6

It Was a Big Salad
There were so many hilarious things. First of all, George the cheapskate and the master of pettiness gets Elaine a salad. His girlfriend carries it to the apartment but doesn't mention George paid for it. She is very attractive and smart, but he can't get over it. Secondly, Jerry's girlfriend, it turns out, once went with Newman (and he actually dumped her). Jerry can't get over this and can't have a relationship with her after that. There is also Elaine's interaction with a lascivious stationer whom she orders a pencil from. He lusts after her and tries to get her to go out with him. But the best is a former baseball player who kills his dry cleaner. Kramer thinks that a golf dispute caused him to do it and he blames himself.

The Blacklist: Louis T. Steinhil (No. 27)
Episode 1, Season 7

That Awful Woman
Are we supposed to feel anything for Katarina. She is a butcher. For some reason, Red has a positive feeling about her. Apparently, she wants to do him in to get everything he has and to get critical information. At first I thought that the rest of this show would have Reddington as a paraplegic. The entire ruse is pretty amazing. His ability to get himself out of his situation was a lot of fun. Now I'm depressed that the entire Seventh season is going to be dealing with that awful woman. She is a virago. And, of course, there is going to be Elizabeth's role in the task force since she has lied to most of the people.

The Blacklist: Robert Diaz (No. 15)
Episode 22, Season 6

What a Mother!
A really exciting conclusion to an intense season. It brings into play everyone in the unit. Each plays a part which could lead to disgrace or death. We have been teased all along by the little commentaries of the President and First Lady. We don't get the news until the very end. I am glad that Dembe has returned and his reasoning makes sense. Why it's important to find Katarina is one thing that bothers me. She is a cold psycho and master of cruelty. I guess in a real world there would be lots of bodies to account for. Imagine for a second what scrutiny the Secret Service would be under. Although, there would be very few trials. Well, Red's fate is in doubt but there are still more seasons to go.

The Blacklist: Anna McMahon (No. 60)
Episode 21, Season 6

Unrealistic as Are All TV Shows, but Delightful
This episode had non-stop action, intrigue, bad guys, good guys, technology, a cool dossier, Red stopping for lunch, arrests, on and on. Of course we can criticize this for its writing. But lets look at it. First of all, there is no such person like Red in reality. He's impossible. And yet viewers are into their sixth season. There are controls in the White House. Yet the President is constantly interrupted. Did anyone ever look into McMahon before she gained so much power? Oh, by the way, those Superman fans out there. Did you know that people can't fly. I watched every episode of "24" and loved it. Could all those things happen in 24 hours. No! But that's what the show is about. And, yes, I'm also from Minnesota and the Metrodome is gone. Is that the only criticism you have of this show? Enjoy the craziness of this show, or find something else to do with your time!

The Blacklist: Guillermo Rizal (No. 128)
Episode 20, Season 6

This really is throwaway episode. These little cloned girls serve no purpose other than to interrupt the flow of the story. I know there can be stand alone episodes but. Of course, the technology is speculative and there is no basis for its existence. The guy who heads the whole thing is a first order nut, running around making pronouncements about how important he is. These girls are being tortured but he feels a few deaths or deformities in the name of science are OK. I see once again in the reviews that anything that speaks of global warming is dismissed as a liberal pariah. It's the usual simplistic view of uninformed people.

The Blacklist: Rassvet
Episode 19, Season 6

Can It Get Harsher?
Of course this is the episode that fills in the blanks (although with Reddington we are never totally sure). When Liz meets Katarina's father, he decides enough is enough and tells the tale of a Russian spy, a man named Reddington, and a series of events that explain the foundation os the story (although with Reddington we are never really sure). I won't go into details; only that it is a bumpy ride all the way to America. If there is a problem for me it is that Dembe is gone and Elizabeth has been distanced from Red. He still doesn't trust her. How will things work now? Will there be love in the picture or will they be staring at each other? On the one hand we are fulfilled; on the other, things are cold as ice.

The Blacklist: The Brockton College Killer (No. 92)
Episode 18, Season 6

Secrets Revealed
Reddington, one of filmdom's greatest characters, is also one of the loneliest. He lives his life with a set of beliefs that allow him to exact fear on all he meets. Elizabeth put Dembe between a rock and a hard place when she asked him to keep her secret. If one goes through the canon so far, one can see that Dembe had saved Red's skin over and over. Probably most responsible for getting him out of prison and away from the death chamber. This can be tossed aside because he made a promise to Elizabeth. The case this time is sort of ridiculous with a deranged woman freezing people with liquid nitrogen. But where are things going forward. What is Elizabeth's fate now that her betrayal has been discovered? Interesting.

The Blacklist: The Third Estate (No. 136)
Episode 17, Season 6

Oh That John Boy
The principle plot line is that of a group who kidnap the children of mega-rich families, torture them, collect the ransoms, and then release them. Richard Thomas refuses and the boy is shot? The redhead a jump ahead of the task force. Red continues to be obsessed with the person who turned him in. Liz and Dembe are wise to this and don't know what to do. All their efforts are being compromised by Don and his digging. He gets an interesting image from a post office surveillance video. This whole thing is really getting dragged out. Once again, Red uses extreme violence in looking into betrayal.

The Blacklist: Lady Luck (No. 69)
Episode 16, Season 6

Picking Up the Pieces
Reddington decides it's time to go after the opportunists that used what he had to move ahead while he was in prison. He also has not given up on finding who turned him in to the police. There are more brutal, cold-blooded killings than we have seen in a long time. The main plot involves a woman who goes by the name Lady Luck. Her MO is to pay off people's gambling debts and get them to kill someone with the same affliction. The whole thing involves a tragic event after a huge influx of money. There is a tension building as Dembe, who knows who turned Red in, is not letting his mentor know. We also have a new person of evil.

The Blacklist: Olivia Olson (No. 115)
Episode 15, Season 6

Such an Intense Group
To begin with we have a new plot element. Reddington is hooked on opioids. Will this bring about a whole new guy in the future. Our lover boy is bound and determined to find his lost love but there is a kind of reconciliation with Red. Ressler has decided to become the new Elizabeth and dig up meaningless stuff that she was working on. There is a new plot to go after the insider in the White House who has a woman named Olson working for her, pulling strings. If there's one admirable trait that Reddington has it's his patience. He is slowly reeling in people but knows it takes time. I'm on my way to the party.

The Blacklist: The Osterman Umbrella Company (No. 6)
Episode 14, Season 6

Emotional but Necessary
Once again we have the scum of the earth making life miserable for everyone. But it also shows forces that have to be reckoned with and the two agents have no chance of ever being safe. Reddington gets smacked but he knows that she has to go and he knows the safe places. That said there are some great scenes. One is the confrontation in the cabin when that blonde woman tries to inject the cyanide pill. The one that's a little bit hard is when they are blasted off the road by the bad guys who have assault weapons. How could they withstand that assault? I mean, machine guns against pistols. We also have Red having to commit murder because of a betrayal. This is really intense and it jacks up the motivations of the task force.

The Blacklist: Robert Vesco (No. 9)
Episode 13, Season 6

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Re
I thought this was so much fun. After all the shootings and mindless viciousness, we have a classic heist movie. As soon as we know that Vesco is Raymond's old nemesis, we know that things are going to go haywire. He is a smoother talker than Red and has a leg up from the beginning. They have such history. I hope those who are so angry that one episode ruins their lives, even Shakespeare had comic relief in his plays. It allows the audience to breathe for a moment before we get back to the harsh realities of the ugliness of our world. The setting of the New Orleans Opera House is a great, almost Hitchcockean place for things to take place. Also, involving all the usual suspects to observe Red's goof-up is priceless. For once, the beauty of the final five minutes was controlled and beautiful. Good work.

The Blacklist: Bastien Moreau (No. 20): Conclusion
Episode 12, Season 6

Superb Espionage/Great Villains
First of all, what is with Samar. I know she is a cold fish who keeps deep in herself. But the fact is she is suffering from a traumatic incident. First of all, her body hasn't had time to heal. Secondly, she hasn't sought out anyone to look into her condition. Like so many people today, she relies on the internet for diagnoses. And thirdly, she withholds things from people who care about her. That said, I think there's a great story going forward, involving that redhead, the President, other insiders, and the Germans. We also have the threat to Reddington's immunity and the woman overseeing the task force. I'm surprised so many reviewers are still caught up on their dislike for Elizabeth. She and her thing are pretty much subdued now. This show has always been about the cases. Red is out their peeling away the layers of the big onion.

The Blacklist: Bastien Moreau (No. 20)
Episode 11, Season 6

The Bugs Are Back in Town
This is the cliffhanger episode which finds Reddington strapped to the table in the death chamber. We know he will not be executed because he eace has several more seasons. Although, at the end of this episode he has not received a stay. A German ambassador is in danger and Red knows how to save her, but the dorky President and his associate, an awful woman, won't budge. She dies infested with those beetles from a previous episode. For the moment, Liz makes peace with Reddington although he has done nothing but love and protect her. It will be interesting to see what happens with the politics and what will happen to Reddington once he avoids the needle.

The Blacklist: The Cryptobanker (No. 160)
Episode 10, Season 6

They Think Red Is Cold Blooded!
This is the "escape" episode. Reddington puts together a ridiculous plot to escape prison. He has confessed and pleaded guilty to save the task force. He gets his prison confederates to aid him in a sort of cute, but totally unbelievable escape plan. Of course, Liz comes in and screws the whole thing up. I think the writers are going out of their ways to make us like her even less (if that is possible). We are introduced to the Cryptobanker who is extorting huge amounts of money. He is so dangerous because he takes then kills. He has control over pacemakers that will malfunction if he doesn't get a huge ransom.

The Blacklist: Minister D (No. 99)
Episode 9, Season 6

I Can't Begin to Say
This episode revolves around the trial for treason. The DA does everything he can to use hearsay and obfuscation to put down Reddington. Liz is sliming up the show in the background. We find out that Red did indeed suspect Liz of being the informant who sent him to prison. The treason case falls apart when Minister D, who does wire taps and extortion, allows himself to be captured and his facility invaded. The thing that may prove interesting is bringing charges against Reddington without evidence, only speculation. He has never admitted to a single crime but has that reputation. After the treason trial, the judge should have released him and they should have had the opportunity to re-arrest him. I won't comment any more on Liz and her ridiculous childhood and her lousy work as an agent. Once again, she nearly gets herself killed.

La roue

Takes a While
An understatement for a film that even in an abbreviated form last well over six hours. It is a melodrama that involves a rugged widowed engineer who grabs a little girl, left behind after a train wreck, and raises her as his own, along with his tiny son. The girl is not related to either of them by blood and both father and son fall in love with her (which seems incestuous). The father can't handle his feelings and nearly kills himself. The sexual tension and the wild abandon of the man are the centerpiece. For most of the time, he is the only one who knows the truth. Another suitor comes along and complicates things. He talks the father into allowing marriage to the daughter. But he is a self serving womanizer and really only wants the young girl for his own purposes. This leads to an unhappy marriage and a return home to the father. It's also about sacrifice. This, as I've read, is a classic piece of cinema that set many standards. The cinematography and the editing are amazing, especially the quick cuts. One can see Abel Gance's genius here. Unfortunately, it is a work of great patience to weather the entirety of the things.

The Blacklist: Marko Jankowics (No. 58)
Episode 8, Season 6

More True to Form
Reddington is back, doing his thing. Thanks to Dembe and the channel he developed. He has become a leader in the prison community. After a man dies who trusted him, he gets revenge on his killer. Elizabeth comes and talks with him in her incredibly hypocritical way. The sister sums things up before she leaves. "What will you have when it's over?" She wants the truth. She also can't believe her mother could have been there. She drags Don into her sick efforts. Now she can destroy her life as well as others who cross her path. Ressler found a nice person to help sooth his stark existence. She has taken that away as well.

The Blacklist: General Shiro (No. 116)
Episode 7, Season 6

This Place Is Bugged
Aside from the mega-creepiness, the trial goes on, this time with jury selection. The whole process is fast and imprecise. We know who the villains are and they are succeeding for now. The bug guy is about as nuts as one can get. His environmental belief have some validity (we are destroying important pollinating creatures), but his solutions are quite over the top. Raymond is getting desperate. For some reason, Elizabeth is helping him as a conduit to the task force, even though she wants him to spill his guts or die. HIs crazy little friend who works at the DMV serves no purpose here. Dembe is becoming the true hero here.

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