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Boy Meets World

Moving and inspirational tales of adolescence
Sometimes the lessons we learn about life when we are growing up are forgotten when we become adults; this show helps to remind us of what we learned. It is a bit campy, but that is half of the fun of the show. The characters are people that we all knew at some point in our lives, but the bond that they share is not something that we can all say that we have. If you are searching for 30 minutes of campy fun, and a chance to look back on your adolescence then this is the show for you.

Rites of Passage

One night can change the past, present, and future forever. . .
Jason Behr and Dean Stockwell deliver amazing performances as a father and son coming to terms with (the son's) homosexuality and (the father's) inability to show love and affection. I purchased this film without knowing much about it, and was pleasantly surprised by a powerful storyline, award winning perormances by Jason Behr, Dean Stockwell, Robert Keith, and talented writing and producing by Victor Salva.


Not terrifying, unless you are scared to think.
Stigmata was not quite what I expected, it had great special effects, and a great storyline; but what I was expecting was a horror flick. The film had shocking moments throughout the entire two hours, but more so than anything it made you think, "Gee, what is my religion & my beliefs?". This caused a two hour debate between myself and my friends that I saw the movie with. I recommend Stigmata, but don't go see it if you are looking for horror of the gruesome bloody kind.

The Last Unicorn

Fantasy & Reality combine to create this magikal tale of the unicorn!
I first saw this movie when my family got our first VCR which was a Beta Machine, and have never forgotten it. I rented it every chance I got, and purchased finally when I found a place that carried it. This cartoon is one of the best I have ever seen. The characters, although animated, are so real and you can truly feel all of the emotions they have to contend with. Your heart goes out to Amalthea & Lier when they realize their paths were not meant to cross and they could not spend their lives together. This is definately a cartoon that children and adults combined can enjoy, it can create memories that families can share for a lifetime. I know this is a bit extreme, but this is one movie that I have never forgotten; and one I am not likely soon to forget. I highly recommend renting this, or buying it so you too can enjoy the magik that so many others have enjoyed since the film was released.


Real college experiences - Entertaining & insightful.
I watch this show faithfully every week. All of the experiences that Felicity and her friends have I remember going through much of the same things in college. This show is real and I strongly recommend it to anyone! I am really looking forward to where the WB takes this show, the possibilities are endless!

Wonder Woman: The New Original Wonder Woman
Episode 1, Season 1

Now this movie is true to the Wonder Woman of the comics! Wonderfully made & written, casting was superb! Lynda Carter really does justice to the Wonder Woman role, and the supporting cast members were also wonderful. I highly recommend searching for this one to watch!

Wonder Woman

I saw this movie several years ago and was VERY disappointed with it. Cathie Lee Crosby in no way even looks like Wonder Woman as portrayed in the comics, and the costume was totally changed. I do not recommend this movie to any real Wonder Woman fan, you will be very disappointed also if you take the time to seek out this horrible adaptation.


Awesome 80's Movie that leaves you feeling good!
I saw this movie when it first came out, and just recently purchased it. It is a movie from the 80's that is just about fun and you don't have to worry about confronting any issues or tackling any controversial subjects. It is just a fun romp into a fantasy that we all probably had when we were in high school, to have some sort of "special power" that made us different from everyone else. I say if you just want to forget today's world just pop in this movie and relax for 1hr 38min!

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