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Borrowed Life Stolen Love

Quite hot
** PLOT SUMMARY ** The main actor, Julia, is a girl who is confused about her life. She does not have a clear goal in life, nor does she really know what she wants out of a relationship. As such, she floats from one partner to another, and cannot hold a stable job. She is a stripper, a soux-chef and a hot-line operator. Things start getting interesting when her young, rich yet innocent roommate moves in ...

** COMMENT ** If you try to compare this movie with other main stream dramas, it can only be rated mediocre at best. However, this movie may invoke the interest from the B-movie crowd.

Don't get me wrong, while this movie is not a blockbuster, it is well acted and has a decent plot. The movie does not attempt to explore any social issues at great depth, but its storyline is definitely different from the mundane bores many B-movies suffer from.

Where the movie really shines is its steamy scenes. The movie has quite an erotic plot, and since the storyline is centered around the life of a stripper, there are many sex scenes. The two main actresses definitely can act (more ways than one), and they have ample opportunities to showcase their talents.

Worth seeing.

The Usual Suspects

great trick or dirty trick?

Many movies have twists in their plot. Some of these movies leave you bewildered, the others just leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

80% of this movie is based on Kint's narrative, and because of that, the narrative BECOMES the whole movie experience. I do not think it is clever or fair to end the movie by saying, "haha, just kidding. the whole movie is just a lie."

Some people think that Kint's narrative was true, he just obfuscated the names. IMHO, I don't think that would redeem the movie. If it's a good mind-twister, which it's supposed to be, the audience would say, "so he is Kaiser Soze, yes, thinking back, it was obvious." But no, any of those five suspects could have been Kaiser Soze, the hints were not obvious nor subtle. I felt that the screen wright randomly chose one of the suspects to be Kaiser Soze at the end.

Don't take me wrong, I think both the direction and acting are decent in this movie, but I cannot agree that the plot is anything special. In fact, except the big twist in the end, there is nothing exciting about it. To exaggerate it a little, the plot can be described as a glorified version of "Scream."

Forrest Gump

Ordinary man, extraordinary story
This movie is not about how time changes a person. It is about how time has NOT changed a person. Regardless of the environment he was in, Forrest remained loyal to his friends, and loyal to his beliefs. An extraordinary story in an ordinary man. A profound message in a witty plot. On top of these, attention is paid to every detail. The truth in Forrest Gump makes all falsehood blush.

Dou san 2

Cool as Cucumber
Chow was witty, funny and cool as cucumber. His whole charisma shows in this film. Under the jovial mask hides the God of Gambler. Force is just the means to an end, wits is the ultimate deciding factor.

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