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Utter Nonsense
This has got to be one of the most ludicrous films i have ever laid eyes on. I mean i never realised the film title meant taking someones face off and putting it onto another person. I mean they have different body shapes, neck sizes, wrist sizes, shoe sizes. Totally pathetic and puts you off the film which has some good action sequences in places but its got to be slightly believable surely!

Only recommended for people with a very low I.Q.

The Black Panther

A film that stays true to the facts
A very close account of Army fanatic Donald Nielson. A man who wants the best for his family but tries robbing post offices and ends up killing due to poor planning. He then sets his sights higher and kidnapps a local wealthy man's daughter and then asks for a ransom which due to one reason or another he never receives. The daughter is found 3 months later in a sewage pipe hanged. I am not spoiling the plot, this is a very well known and brutal crime and the film documents this very well right up to his capture! This film is extremely hard to find and i had to send away to the states to get it.(it was made in the UK!)

The Plague of the Zombies

Very good Hammer Horror
I was surprised by this film, it has a good plot and some strong character acting.

The first glimpse of the zombie is very well done and quite creepy for the 60's. Hammer horrors are usually very good and this is no exception not as good as Dracula or Dracula: Prince of Darkness but good nonetheless.

Predator 2

Better than the first!
The last 20 mins of this film have to be one of the most action packed of any film and make this film in my opinion better than the first.

The first one was fairly predictable with its military mumbo jumbo thrown in. This sequel carries a more pacey feel to it throughout. If Schwarzenegger had been available to do this film more people would have raved about it but Danny Glover gives it his best shot and enjoyed this a lot!

Rambo III

Judge it on the action not the subject matter
I think this film was judged too much on subject matter and not as an excellently shot action film. Each action sequence is done with immense skill and quality. Sure the script is dodgy, USA v USSR so what!

Its time to turn your brain off and enjoy!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

A mixed up film which is more comedic than scary
Well what can you say about this, The Texas Chainsaw Comedy!

Dennis Hopper pops up in the lead role, he starts off pretty normal but by the end of the film he's a Chainsaw wielding Preacher, totally over the top in every respect.

If you judge the family's new hideout by the bones lying about they must have killed a whole town. By having the family back for the sequel the film carries some of its predecessors atmosphere (did'nt one of them get run over by a juggernaut though!)

Not a patch on the first one, but ok and pretty funny in places!

This is banned by the way in the UK, one word WHY!

Chopping Mall

Terrible oh so Terrible!
Awful acting and comical script let down an otherwise good idea. It's like a TV movie with one or two good special effects, i mean when the robots start firing star wars type laser shots you just feel like laughing!. The worst thing about it is there are worse films than this pile of rubbish!

Quella villa accanto al cimitero

This is bad, just plain bad!
This has to be the worst horror film ever, pathetic storyline, and the film looks like it's been cut by the uk censors. The film is 76 mins of rubbish, the thing in the cellar looks like it belongs in a 50's sci-fi film and is nothing like the cover for the film. An italian dubbed film with horrible acting and and cheesey script.

The worst thing about it is now i own it!


Ok, but nothing special
An ok film,(again banned in the UK). The acting is not up to scratch and the film loses its way near the end.

The film has a couple of original scenes, like the shotgun killing scene which works really well. Although you can see the dummy face painted on a pumpkin (or something like one) but the film was made on a shoe string budget so what do you expect.

Ok but nothing startling and certainly not banned material, i wish the British Board of Control would give us a break and stop banning 20 year old films!

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