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not that good
I'm a big sci-fi fan and a huge Star Trek fan, and I had high hopes for this show, but man was I disappionted. They've taken a interesting premise and a good cast of actors and ruined everything with annoying characters, bad effects, and plot lines that aren't that great. I find the characters Rev Bem, Trance, and Harper to be quite annoying. And Rev Bem's and Trances makeup effects are kind of bad. You can tell that they're not really aliens, they're just actors dressed up in bad costumes. And the ship looks like the easter bunny's vacation home. It's just bad looking. Although I think for me the last straw was when I saw an episode that featured an entire civilization of robots that called themselves "the Concensus of Parts", they were a total rip off of the borg. That turned me off the show permanently now. I think I'll stick with any of the Star Trek shows, even the reruns are better than this stuff.

Universal Soldier

good entertainment
Van Damne and Lundgren are well cast in this action flick. The two action stars play rival soldiers who kill each other in Vietnam but are brought back to life in the present day as Universal Soldiers, emotionless fighting machines. The film is pretty exciting, with good action scenes. Just don't look for any signs of intelligence.

Patch Adams

I saw this movie hoping that it would just another funny comedy. Boy was I disappionted. This film sucked. Robin Williams gives another mushy, overly dramatic performance (anybody remember Mrs. Doubtfire?). I don't know about anybody else, but if I was terminally ill and some loser dressed up as a clown came in acting like a moron and tried to make me laugh, I wouldn't be very impressed. I'd be ticked off actually. But that's just me. This film couldn't decide if it was a comedy or a drama. Now that isn't always a bad thing (American Beauty pulled it off wonderfully), but the makers of this film obviously didn't know what the heck they were doing. Anyways, I give this movie a 2 out of 10.


I was a little nervous when I heard they were making an X-Men movie, I was afraid Hollywood was gonna butcher it. But, after seeing the film, I am totally pleased with it. All the actors did a great job with their characters, the plot was good, and it was pretty intelligent for a popcorn flick. Add that to great special effects and cool action scenes, plus the fact that the spirit of the comic book and the characters is intact, and you have one great film.

Death Warrant

pretty bad
As a popcorn guzzling action lover, I found this film to be pretty bad. Sure, Van Damne may not be the greatest of all the action movie heroes, but he does have his moments (Hard Target, TimeCop, Sudden Death, Universal Soldier). But this film was just a waste. It was a slow paced, pretty boring film. The action of the film consists of two fight scenes, neither of which are any good. This is Van Damne's worst film, and one of the worst action films I have ever seen.

The Replacement Killers

a cool action flick
Chow Yun Fat gives a suave performance in this cool action thriller. Chow plays an assassin who gets refuses an assignment only to become a target of replacement killers (hence the title). Mira Sorvino pops up as the blond, babe documents forger who helps him try to escape. With good performances by both leads, stylish directing, cool action scene, and the sexy Miss Sorvino, The Replacement Killers is one cool flick.

End of Days

the best action movie of 99
This was an awesome action movie. Yes, I know a lot of people dumped on it but they either took it too seriously or have an illogical hatred of Schwarzenegger. Sure, the plot wasn't that great, but it's an action movie you're not supposed to focus on the plot. And yes, Schwarzenegger can't act, but neither can Keanu Reeves yet he has attained a statues akin to a demi-god among American movie watchers (I don't get it). Anyways, I enjoyed End of Days.

Dawson's Creek

In a word.....Bad
This show is bad. I honestly don't see why it's so popular (the attractive cast probably helps, but you won't see me watching Baywatch either). I mean come on, a bunch of pretty kids hang around and complain about how much their lives suck! It's just so annoying. Well, maybe it's just me (you won't catch me bitching about my life, and these kids are way better off than I am). I'm sorry, but I just grow sick and tired of that crap. Sometimes I wish I could just reach through the screen, grab Dawson by his hair, slap him around, and tell him to shut up and quit complaining.

The Punisher

cool flick
This is definetely a cool action flick. Dolph Lundgren plays Frank Castle, a New York cop who's family died in a mafia car bomb. That car bomb transformed Castle into The Punisher, a shadowy figure who's been waging a one-man war against crime. Louis Gosset Jr. plays Castle's friend and kindred spirit, a cop who's trying to capture The Punisher before any more damage is done to the public or himself. Some cool action scenes highlight this cool action flick.


The best of Arnold's 90's flicks
This is a very entertaining action film. This is Arnold's best film of the decade (yes, I'm including Terminator 2). Arnold plays a US Marshall who has to protect a sexy witness (Vanessa Wiliams) from a bunch of corrupt Government agents armed with high tech weapons. Great action scenes and stuntwork.

The Running Man

good fun
Okay, I'll be the first to admit it: this movie is not only cheesy but it's also one of Schwarzenegger's worst. But that still doesn't stop it from being quite entertaining. Sure, it's not exactly Oscar material or anything, but it's a great movie to rent on a bad TV night.


The best Rambo rip-off ever
This is a great piece of entertainment. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the greatest action stars in history and he strikes with a vengeance in this cool flick. Schwarzenegger plays a retired Special Forces Commando who comes out of retirement to track down his daughter who was kidnapped by a power hungry terrorist and a vengeful commando. Great action and some great laughs.

The Shadow

A lavish adventure
The Shadow is a great movie. It's very stylish and has great, gripping performances. Alec Baldwin is at his best, and John Lone is spectacular. This film also has gripping action and cool special effects. The Shadow is the ultimate clash of Good versus Evil.


A searing sci-fi action thriller
This movie rocks. This is one of the best Sci-fi action movies's even better than The Matrix. Peter Weller gives a gripping performance as Alex Murphy, a maverick cop who gets gunned down in the line of duty and is resurrected by a shady Industry as Robocop, the ultimate crime fighter. But when his memory begins to resurface, he sets out on a do-or-die mission of vengeance and justice. Loaded with great action sequences and unexpectedly moving, this film is a true epic.

The Matrix

Good....but not great
What else can I's a good movie but not great like I heard most people say it was. I know, everybody else is calling it a "deep" movie that will change the way you look at the world around us.....but I gotta tell ya, it was just another sci-fi actioner to me. And let's face it, Keanu Reeves has about as much acting talent as Steven Seagal. But that's okay as long as he sticks to action films and doesn't try to breakout into more serious fare. Anyways, good action, good special effects=good sci-fi action movie. I've seen better in the same genre, such as Blade or Soldier. agree? Disagree? feel free to E-Mail me at

The Substitute

a cheesy, but good action flick
yeah, it's cheesy as hell and at some points it's downright stupid, but it's still kinda a cool flick. Tom Berenger stars as Shale, a mercenary who returns to his Miami home and discovers a local gang is harassing his girlfriend. Seeking vengeance, he goes undercover in a high school, posing as a substitute teacher, and he is determined to rid the community of this threat. Their are some effective action scenes, especially the one at the end, and Ernie Hudson gives a solid performance as the Principle of the high school. Anyways, if you're a fan of B-action flicks you might wanna check this out.

Raw Deal

The forgotten Schwarznegger movie
It's funny, but I never really hear alot about this movie. When I told my family and friends that I had purchased this movie they all said they had never heard of it. obviously this movie wasn't exaclty a blockbuster or anything. But still, this is hardly the worst of Arnold's 80's movies (Running Man) nor is it the best (Predator). Arnold stars a small town sheriff who was forced to resign from the FBI who goes undercover in the chicago mafia. It's a typical Schwarznegger movie, especially the end. Anyways, if you're a Schwarznegger fan check to see if you local video store has this and rent it.

Passenger 57

One of Snipes best movies
This movie is awesome! Wesley Snipes is one of the best action stars in America and this is one of his best movies. Snipes stars as John Cutter, a special security agent who's flying to his new job in Las Angeles. Little does he know he just got on the wrong plane. Bruce Payne plays Charles Rane, a British Terrorist who's being flown to LA to stand trial. While in the air, Rane's henchmen kill the FBI agents who were guarding him and take control of the aircraft. Only one man escapes detection: Cutter. their, that's the basic plot. Wesley Snipes breaks out some of the most lethal moves ever and the action and stunts are cool as hell. I highly recommend this to anybody looking for a good action movie.

The Mod Squad

real real bad
I was actually looking forward to this movie. The commercials made it look real cool and action packed. And I heard that Claire Daines' character was arrested for assault so I thought that maybe she would kick a lot of ass and that would be cool. BUT NOOOOOOOO!!. Their was hardly any action at all and the character were all kinda bland. The only saving grace was Omar Epps and even he didn't help this movie much.

Varsity Blues

I don't get it
This movie was NOT good. I MEAN COME ON!!!! IF YOU DON'T WANNA PLAY FOOTBALL THEN WHY DON'T YOU JUST QUIT THE DAMN TEAM!!! James Van Der Beek, star of the equally bad tv show Dawson's Creek, tries to spread his movies star wings and impress the chicks with his physique in this piece of pooh. The only saving grace was Jon Voight, but even he couldn't stop this boat from sinking. I mean, this movie was so bad, it was painful. I was sitting there thinking to myself 'why didn't he just stop his bellyaching and quit the team'. This movie was WAY WAY WAY over dramatic. IF YOU DON'T LIKE PLAYING FOOTBALL THEN DON'T PLAY!!!!

Hard Target

Van Damne's best
Okay, I'll be the first to admit it....I'm an action-movie junkie. If it's got explosions, fist fights, gun fights, car chases, well then chances are I'll like it. And nobody does action better than John Woo. And yes, Jean Claude Van Damne is not one of my favorite action stars (Schwarznegger, Stallone, Willis, Snipes, and Seagal all rank above him in my book), this movie is still great. Van Damne plays Chance Boudreaux, a homeless merchant sailor who teams up with Yancy Butler to solve the case of her missing father. Turns out, her father had fallen prey to an international baddie who travels around and offers bored rich guys the opportunity to hunt homeless men for thrills. Lance Henrikson plays the hunter, squeezing as much sleeziness out of the role as possible. Henrikson's character is aided by his equally-sleezy lackey, portrayed by The Mummy's Arnold Vosloo. Anyways, Van Damne and Butler soon discover the truth behind Henrikson's little safari game, and they themselves become the hunted. This movie sizzles with great action scenes including fist fights, gun fights, and car chases, and explosions a-plenty. John Woo brings his ultra-cool directing style to this awesome action movie.

Meet Joe Black

In a word...Bad
Well, they finally did it. They made a movie that actually, officially has no plot what-so-ever. Congratulations fellas. Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt star in this historic film. Yes, both of them are fine actors with alot of on screen charisma, but here is just doesn't seep through. I mean come on Brad, would a facial expression kill ya? Anyways, my advice is to stay away from this unless you got a bad case of insomnia.


I saw this movie on the Sci Fi channel and I was pleasently surprised. Liam Neeson gave a solid performance as a hideously scarred and mentally unstable scientist seeking revenge on the drug dealer who made him that way by using technology to disguise his face for 99 minutes. The whole movie has a cool, comic book style to it and cool special effects. The action scenes near the end, with the helicopter was really cool.

Drop Zone

what a rush
I watched this movie on television on lonely Sunday night, and was I ever surprised. This movie is cool as hell. Wesley Snipes plays Pete Nessip, a rogue U.S. Marshall hot on the trail of the criminals who killed his brother during a prison bread aboard a passenger plane. The skydiving stuntwork is awesome, the action scenes are cool, and their are even a few funny parts to boot. All things considered, I would recommend this movie to any action fans.


Fast paced and one helluva good time
THIS MOVIE ROCKS!! Wesley Snipes is sensational as Blade, a half human-half vampire hero who's quest it is to rid the world of the blood sucking demons. Stephen Dorff is equally compelling as Deacon Frost, Blade's arch Nemesis. The action sequences are electrifying, and the soundtrack is awesome. In my humble opinion, this is the best film ever created.

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