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The Empty Mirror

Sitting through this film was torture. Of course, some people like this sort of stuff and that is fine as I am sure there are some thoughtful insights into the Hitler character. In the future, I will stick with the excellent, but redundant World War II documentaries.

Make no mistake, this is an art house film that the general population looking for general entertainment, will be sorely disappointed. It's not surprising that more people gave this film a 1 than any other rating, as of this writing. Maybe, I could of gave it a 2, had not the Hitler role been terribly over acted. At least, this film was in predominately in color.

Beyond the Mat

For Wrestling Fans Only
I believe that this film was produced using 16 MM film stock instead of the conventional 35 MM or greater we normally see in theaters. This was a little disappointing, but since most people will watch this film on their TV sets (it bombed in the theaters), it won't make any difference.

Overall, I liked the result, but I am not sure that non wrestling fans will agree. This is probably the best of several good (and some bad) wrestling documentaries produced during the past few years. Since they are all covering similar territory, that is, they are all real-life documentaries, they all tend to blend together. Only the names of the wrestlers change. The Jake Roberts segment was a major turn-off for me. The one where I flushed my career by using drugs and alcohol and alienated my family. I really don't need to spend that much time with Mr. Roberts. These type of destructive individuals are not very interesting, just depressing. I would give Beyond the Mat a 7.

Net Worth

Not Just For Ice Hockey Fans
I had very low expectations for this film, but it was excellent through out. I think the film was set in the late 50's, but I am not really sure. As per the film, tickets then were $4 per game and players made approximately $10,000 for 7 months work. Better players made a little more. Players then, still made 50-100% more than average workers. I remember paying $2 to see ice hockey games, with Joe Public, in Baltimore (highest minor league). Today, I would have to pay $60 and travel 50 miles to Washington, D.C. to join the wine and cheese crowd. So, considering that, and the fact that players now average upwards to $2 million per year, I was prepared to be unsympathetic to the theme of this film. The theme being unionization of the players. On the other hand, the players of that era were vastly under payed. With my pre-existing beliefs nicely balanced, I could watch this film with an open mind. The film flowed nicely, without the Director injecting boring art house stuff in order to please the high brow, stuffy movie critics. I had no idea where the film was going or how it was going to end. I would give it 9 stars and a G rating. I am not willing to accept everything I saw in the film at face value. I am sure some facts were changed to manipulate audience opinions. No mention was made of the NFL where players were in the same financial boat.

The next time the NHL players go on strike, you might want to pop this movie in the VCR. Under this circumstance, Net Worth would only be worth 7 stars.

The Wind and the Lion

Yes, this is an epic film and Sean Connery is excellent as always. The daytime action is filmed with superb lighting and color. However, all of the action takes place on horses and these horses take scores of nasty full speed head first falls throughout the film. I found this action to be painful and disturbing to watch. It is probably because of films such as this one, that animals now receive better care. Please, don't chalk me up as some animal rights nut. This is the first time I had to write such a review.

How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life

Rock Hudson and Doris Day type comedy
I found it incredible that fewer than 5 people have voted on this film, as of Oct. 2000. It did reasonably well at the box office and is an enjoyable comedy. This film will appeal to fans of the Rock Hudson and Doris Day comedies of the same era and the plot contains just a pinch more sex dialogue.

The cast is excellent and Dean Martin is as gifted in comedy (please disregard the Jerry Lewis films) as he is a singer. The title song is catchy and worth an extra voting point. The plot concerns bachelor Dean Martin trying to save Eli Wallach's marriage and, of course, creating more problems and confusion. So ditch Rock and watch Dean instead.

My Breakfast with Blassie

Ahead of Its Time
I am much more of a Freddie Blassie fan than Andy Kaufman. I was hugely disappointed that Freddie had nothing significant or interesting to say about wrestling. This "movie" was filmed in the days when everyone, in wrestling, had to adhere to the wrestling code that this stuff is not scripted or fake, but legit. Wrestling is much more interesting and popular, now that the truth is out. This movie could have been so much better, for the wrestling fans, if Freddie was allowed to really open up and tell some good true stories, instead of talking about germs and nutrition. This is Kaufman's movie for his fans, wrestling fans should take a pass or they just might be chanting boring, boring.

Easy Wheels

Biker Chicks!
The baby stealing plot is really just a ruse for a movie about an all female motorcycle gang. The black leather clad ladies are all thin, attractive, and of average height. Certainly, capable of beating up an equal number of bigger, heavier men, including a bike joust. The ladies do have an edge, an endless supply of can bombs, with pull strings. So far, so good. I actually seek out this type of stuff. However, the movie is rather boring through out. The low budget compromised the highly edited (fake) action scenes. It should be noted, and not as a negative, that the movie is very tame as the women remain fully clothed, the violence is of a cartoon nature and the language is acceptable. I am suspicious of the honesty of the number of high votes for this film. Maybe they are just desperate for a biker chick movie and will like anything. I can accept that, but please watch the not boring Chopper Chicks in Zombietown instead.

Hot Ticket

Appalling Body Count
While this is a very bad film, it is still watchable for the intended low brow action market (me). Best of all, the film is well lighted (I like to see what is going on) and runs a brisk 76 minutes. What can't be dismissed is the appalling body count and the way the killing is handled. It's disturbing. It's too bad that film makers can't realize that less is more. I forgot how much money was being stolen, but it didn't seem sufficient to warrant the necessary means. I never worry too much about plot holes, anyway. Thanks to Maria Ford and Nikki Fritz, I gave this film a 5.

Reckless Disregard

As Good as Its Gets for a TV Production
The U.S. has way too much litigation that acts as a hidden tax for everyone who buys goods and services. Lawyers are scum. So perhaps it is best that this TV gem has rarely been scene. I hate to see lawyers favorably depicted. Despite my bias, this was an easy to like film because it exposes the shotgun TV news magazine approach that is usually all style and sizzle, but lacking in substance. Leslie Nielsen plays it straight (no comedy) as the TV personality being sued by a doctor plaintiff. Tess Harper plays the shopping mall based lawyer, seemingly not in the same league as attorneys for the powerful news network. The deck is stacked against the establishment. If you liked Paul Newman's "Verdict", as I did, you will like this similar film.

Below the Belt

Depressing Slice of Life
Interesting film of a depressing topic. A troupe of wrestlers, mostly unattractive women, travel from small town to small town earning peanuts. This is not the major leagues as seen on TV today. In some regards, the film is realistic, but not when they feature matches presented as legit (wrestling slang for real). Therefore, if they are going to backslide on reality, how about casting the lead as a sexy lady wrestler. Wouldn't improve the movie any, but would make me be more inclined to watch this film again. The film "Unholy Rollers" is a comparable film (not as depressing) and did feature a sexy leading lady. I am unsure as to the extent of the popularity of wrestling when this film was released in 1980. This film was not popular at all and is rarely seen, then and now. I gave it a 4 (on a 10 scale).


Female Super cop Contender
Among the films that have featured female super cops (mostly Hong Kong), Sondra Currie is more believable. She's not big, but displays sufficient athleticism so as not to ruin the illusion. This low budget crime action film is passable entertainment. I actually liked it, but I enjoy the action woman genre. None of the movie was believable. After all, who would put a policewoman in such extreme danger without much backup.

The video box cover indicates that this movie is "the most daring caper since "The French Connection". This puffing is a tad overstated, okay, a lot overstated. The cast was fairly extensive and the acting ability varied quite a lot. Don't be mistaken, most viewers will be laughing at portions of the movie. For me, I will overlook the bad and take some comfort in seeing the film and knowing that the film makers tried to make a good movie. Policewomen has largely disappeared from circulation. I gave it a 6 (from 10).


Rarely seen
This campy mess has near zero entertainment value. Not only have I seen this film, I actually own one of the few available VHS copies. I am sure Michelle Bauer, who is always does a good job, does not have Chickboxer on her resume. Michelle plays a supporting role, and is on camera for about 5 minutes. Probably, she did the job during lunch hour. The leading actress and remaining cast are strictly amateurs. To anyone who writes that they have just watched the worst film ever made, I will challenge them to watch this film.

Regarding the plot, the description on the video box cover is a hoot. "Blazing across the air waves comes America's favorite super-heroine: Chickboxer! ... finale explodes in a action-packed all-out kick boxing war (okay some guys fall down from some lame blows)! Chickboxer is a smash action epic from the creators of (three films you never heard of)". There is no nudity, bad language and violence is fairly tame. This film, not coming to your TV or video store, soon, or ever.

Yiu sau dou si

A Film for the Classes, Not Masses
This film is a mess. No amount of suspension of disbelief will overcome the real world short comings. This is a special effects laden film, but the letter box format, ruins the impact by greatly reducing the size of the effects. Far worse is the use of a blue filter on many of scenes, which were shot entirely at night. Then, when the filter wasn't used, the backgrounds were in blue. Then, I guess for a diversion, some scenes used a bright red filter. I mean everything was red. Blue, red and dark. In conclusion, everything was difficult to see clearly, you had to use your imagination.

A foreign film has to be really good to gain acceptance from me. This film wasn't close. However, I am not meaning to put down people who like this sort of stuff. I am sure that this film does include elements that will be are greatly appreciated by some viewers. This is not a main stream film. Steer clear of this type of film-making.

Captured Alive

Targeted Audience for this film, Limited
Most viewers will conclude that this film is an utter waste of its rather limited budget. It's pretty stupid throughout, including the green toxic waste (of course), the unbelievable method use to obtain disposal workers, typical hill billies and more running and chasing around in woods then has ever been filmed. The plot outline, shown above, is pretty dead-on.

But, somehow I sat there and watched the whole film with a certain amount of interest and disbelief. I had to see how this was all going to resolve. The film contained no nudity, and I believe no bad language and the violence wasn't excessively bloody. One thing seemed really odd to me. The two female leads in the woods chase scenes were identically dressed, hair styles and color and facial complexion were extremely close. Since they were frequently switching partners, it was hard to determine the good one from the evil one. I mean the pants and inner shirt were identical. They also wore a plaid, unbuttoned outer shirt. I gave this movie a strong 2. The title on the video I rented was called "Deliver Us From Evil". Only fans of low budget films need apply.

Martial Law II: Undercover

Standard High Kicking Police Drama
Cynthia Rothrock and Jeff Wincott are the dual leads, cops who are martial arts experts. They investigate a shady night club run by more martial arts experts. Guess what? The standard high kicking actioner. Who needs guns or backup. The major disappointment is that the climatic fight between the two female karate fighters consists of one kick. Blink and you'll miss it. It's easy to see why there wasn't a Martial Law 3, but I watched martial arts films far worst then this. This is strictly a made in America effort.

Blood Games

Watchable Junk
This movie starts out as a female baseball versus men in hicksville, USA. These backwoods men don't take kindly to losing the baseball game to the sexy woman and attack one of the girls before their team bus can get them out of town. Things escalate rapidly and the killing begins. As ultra low budget films goes, this film is average. Given the attractive female leads and their flight and fight for freedom, through the woods, this film is keeper for my film library. Particularly, since films like this disappear, rarely to be seen again. Surely, someone will come up with a B-movie cable channel in my market, someday.

...All the Marbles

Underappreciated Gem
This film will be dismissed by most viewers much like I dismiss hip hop music. With the recent revival of pro wrestling, it is a shame that this film stays buried in the MGM/UA film library. All the Marbles, is the story of the California Dolls, 2 very attractive lady wrestlers seeking wrestling work and fame in seedy blue collar cities and towns of Mid America. Their manager is Peter Falk. They hope to leverage their good looks and athletic talents into the major league of pro wrestling. This film had a first rate director, capable cast, and was well written. It was a shame that it failed at the box office. While lady wrestling is not currently mainstream, things are changing, women can be stronger and better trained and more and more people are watching wrestling. Weekly pro wrestling attracts more TV viewers than weekly baseball. Hey MGM, how 'bout putting All the Marbles back on TV.

Red Dawn

My #2 All-time Favorite Film
Liberals, stay away, and please, no film reviews. It amazes me that this film is a staple of Ted Turner's TNT cable outlet. I wonder if he ever watched it? I am a sucker for a unique concept as long as the film holds my interest from start to finish. Red Dawn is about the U.S. under siege from Russians and Cubans. The movie is set away from the main battle lines and the young students are engaging in guerilla warfare. Then as now, the idea is pretty much beyond belief. So what, this movie rocks. And remember, the operative word is U.S. under siege. This remains a real possibly given such weapons of mass destruction, including anthrax and van size nuclear devices. The key to enjoying this film is to disengage your political beliefs and appreciate film making at its finest. Loads of action, escapism and patriotism. Note: My favorite film is Groundhog Day.

Nemesis 4: Death Angel

Nemesis the Worst
The first 3 Nemesis films had at least some action. Sue Price has nothing to do, but talk, if the very soft speaking voice is hers or dubbed. Watch this film only if you care to see Sue Price's highly muscled body, including extensive breast implants, in the nude. The new material runs just 65 minutes with just a few sets (indoor room, outside set, brief run down a hallway). I kept hoping that Sue Price would be given something to do, besides hold a weapon. We come to expect that hard body action figures actually get to use their body to fight evil. I guess that it is hard to find believable opponents for the 115 pound, 5 foot, 1 inch, Sue Price to engage in hand to hand combat. Due to the nudity, this film can't be released to general TV. I have to assume that the scenes were shot with and without nudity. Probably added a half day to the shooting schedule and increased the budget by $10,000 (perhaps a 20% increase). This film is really bad. I give it a "1" because it was well lighted and Sue Price is nice, with or without muscles & implants. Shame on the company that released this half film. For low budget action, stay with USA-TV, Pacific Blue, WWF wrestling, etc.


My Cat Loves This Movie
Kids will love this movie too. If Walt Disney released this film, it would have been a big hit. The camera simply follows a curious puppy as it wanders through the woods encountering other animals. A large bird becomes his guide to this strange environment. There is no real danger, just adventure, with a humor based narrative added to the sound track.

The Enemy Below

Cat and Mouse
The Cat, the American Destroyer, hunting the mouse, the German submarine. A battle of wits between the two captains. It's not portrayed as the usual good versus evil W.W. II story. The movie was outstanding when I first watched the film many years ago. The downside is that the film is best when viewed just once. As a submarine story, while the Enemy Below is no Das Boot, the simple tale is handled to perfection.

From Dusk Till Dawn

Very Dark
I originally watched this film on my VCR and really enjoyed the last hour. I am currently trying to watch this film on Fox-TV (very heavily edited), however, I don't remember the film being so dark and hard to see on videotape, as it is on my TV. It's virtually unwatchable. Apparently, a filter was used to darken the picture. While Tarantino is a gifted film maker in some respects, FOX-TV is not the medium to show this film. I've got to re-rent this film to see if I can see it. In conclusion, you will enjoy Scream or Scream 2, much more then this dim film.

The Unholy Rollers

Claudia Jennings best film
It's a shame that Claudia Jennings, Playboy playmate of the year, died at age 29 from a traffic accident, and made a series of low budget, forgettable films. Many of these films still appear on TV from time to time, but not Unholy Rollers, her best film. Another shame. Unholy Rollers is about Claudia joining a roller derby troupe and because of her personality and strikingly good looks, never being accepted into the group. The film is low budget all the way. Probably did well at drive-ins and rural markets, but got swamped by Kansas City Bomber released the same year. I never cared for the roller derby, it's quite stupid, but this "inside story" is quite decent. Just don't expect to find it.


Held My Interest
I often get distracted watching films. Aberration held my interest throughout the film. It helps that the plot was simple and the cast totaled only five, excluding the cat. I also like my films to feature an attractive woman in some sort of distress. If one enjoys low budget horror films, this film will be a nice surprise. Critics will probably point out the lizards are not compatible with the arctic like cold and snow depicted in this movie. Oh well, this isn't art.

Kickboxing Academy

Strictly juvenile
This very forgetable film is intended for the under 17 year old crowd (male and females alike). The kick boxing is pretty tame stuff and otherwise this film would rate a "G". The perky blonde lead, Donna Barnes is the sole reason I went easy on the fast forward button. Look for this film slotted for late afternoon TV. My three stars reflects that the film was professionally made and the pre-teens may actually like the cartoon action.

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