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Worth the price of admition...
As this movie starts, you don't expect much, and it looks just like any other triller or such genre, but no! There's something that lies beneath all that. The things may be more or less predicable, but the casting blackouts that, so you don't have time to think up ahead of the plot. This movie has suspension, drama parts, a li'l bit of love updated, and an ending that suits well, though I expected some other ending, I've realizes it couldn't be possible to make it as we wish to. If you decide to see this movie, don't stop watching after 10 mins and just say, "hah, it's of no use", but be patient and wait for 20, just 'til the story gets its leap.

The Last Outlaw

Excellent performance
This is surely one of the best westerns, if not the best itself. The movie has quite enough action, but the story is excellent. How the leader of the gang, chasing his men killing 'em one by each, without a regret. It's just like a game to him. For role to be better, that's why Mickey Rourke is here, and the other outlaws are played by quite good and known actors, and music is well cared off. Anyhow, this movie is really worthy of seeing.

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