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Slow, nightmarish but beautifully bleak
Dawn (Morgenrøde) by Anders Elsrud Hultgren is more a piece of art or hypnotic desert wandering with music.

You will probably not have seen a slower film to date.

Described as a thriller I must say you should expect this from it at all.

Described as a sci-fi I must say you should expect this from it at all... Torstein Bjørklund plays Rahab, a man wandering in a dystopian flatland where water is polluted, discovering someone, an older man, Set, (Ingar Helge Gimle) following him. Probably the first man he has seen for ages.

I can't tell more about what this is about, beacuse it will be a spoiler, though there's not much to spoil either.

The dialog in this movie can be written on a napkin.

Filmed in anamorphic widescreen over a runtime of 70 minutes, this feels even several minutes too long. But when you leave it, you have some kind of piece at mind.

The DVD also contains Q&A from London sci-fi Festival as well as two shorts by the same director.


A hindsight documentary about a rare politician
The documentary "Merkel" about the 14 year german Reichskansler starts with a speech she is to hold at an American University where she is introduced as "the real leader of the European Union".

We then go to see Donald Trump talking about her first in a good way, then in a bad way.

This tells a lot. The first female Reichskansler in Germany came from a small pace in East Germany, then known as DDR, and has kept power as a kansler for the German Christian Democratic Party to su extent that people all over the world are worried when she was to step down.

This documentary is just a lot of clips with her, no narration through the program, except a professor telling about her upbringing, and interviews of persons talking about her, and still we get to know this special modest woman who became a world leader.

I enjoyed this, and leave it with more respect for her than i had before. The world needs more politicians like her, even if I don't particularly like her political party views.

Electric Jesus

Jesus, I was fooled again by good reviews
I really don't understand what Christians thinks is funny. This is suppose to be funny, and i should have been warned by the title with "Jesus".

These movies tend to be cringeworthy. Well this isn't. It's just plain boring, with inept acting and dialogue.

Music is not so bad, and a cong or two is quite good, but it's not enough to save this movie.

I would say the actors are OK, but they are given a script that was so bad it's impossible to save as well.

And of course, in Christian movies lovers don't even kiss!

This is a movie you can leave on the shelf, or recycle, because it's not a 10/10 which 38% have given this tripe.

If you want a cozy movie not being fun, I guess you can be bored to this, but it's not worth it.

Do yourself a favor - stay away.

Nana's Secret Recipe

Goodness grief! Over acted pot propaganda
Well, this is just as bad as the poster promises. A nasty little pot propaganda movie.

It's not funny at all, even if it tries, but it must be made with the sole mission that marihuana is fun and healthy.

Someone here writes that the heart of this movie is genuine. Well that's the heart for marihuana for sure. It's made like a religious movie. One of theose nasty propaganda movies with a plot that is a disgrace.

Some actors are doing well on this premise, others are really bad.

And if that wasn't bad enough, music is elevator music. We really don't need movies like this.

There's only one way to put it: Stay away, and so should Amazon Prime have done!

Goodness grief!

For the Love of God

Total ludicrous
A. J. Miller thinks he is 2000 years old and Jesus Christ and his girl claims she is Mary Magdelene. Yeah, as ludiscrous as that.

It is interesting to listen to this nonsense, but the scarey part is that some actually believs. And making a docyumentary about it is totally OK, butt this is taking them so serious.

The documentary film maker also came in conflict with them after making this. But i find it completely wasteful to do without asking any serious questions.

I don't think this is blasphemy, i think it's insane, and it should be treated with more sense than a fil licking up to their insane ideas.

Passé sous silence: La bataille de Tchernobyl

Incompetence and bad judgement could have made a world wide disaster
This French documentary, The Battle of Chernobyl" should have been shown much more world wide, and thanks to Netflix it's taken up again 16 years later.

This tells more than ever the horror show that the Chernobyl nuclear factory blast both on those who were set to stop the catastrophe and the innocent.

There were done so many mistakes that it'a baffling, but it also told Gorbachev, which is interviewed in this movie, that the Soviet political system had failed.

A lot of people unknowingly risked their lives to avoid a 3-5 megatonn nuclear blast that could annihilate all of Europe.

The movie is telling the horrific story, some of the eyewitnesses, 2.500 died of radiation following illnesses before they were 40.

Thanks to Netflix to dig this up again. It deserves a huge audience.

The Last Norwegian Cowboy

A movie about work and friendship
The Last Norwegian Cowboy is a charming documentary about 92 year old John Hoiland who is running his large ranch in Montana all by himself. Rich people are lining up to buy his property, but John's wealth is not in the value of the ranch. It lies in the freedom to work his own land.

So goes this description of this portrait, well worth a watch.

Johns father Emanuel came from Norway as a refugee back in 1915, and John inherited a farm that has been his life since.

Director Frode Fimland started off directing with "Siblings Are forever" and this is his sixth documentary - all about humans in their core.

Humanity shown at as ow pace.

Crai nou

Suffers from bad script and dull lead
Blue Moon is directing debut from Alina Grigore, who also have written the script. I really can't understand why this movie has won any festival, but it has. The movie has really not anything interesting to tell, and I'm sad to say the script is very underdeveloped.

22 year old Irina struggles to achieve a higher education and make an escape her rather dysfunctional family. She seems all inept in her struggle, until a sexual experience with an artist makes a difference in her life. But can she get out of the family's violence?

Irina is so introvert it seem impossible for her to break out of this. Her nephew is written in as mean character, and with no positive sides. I feel this is also something that lessens the movie.

Too bad, but better work with the characters would have made this into a decent movie.

Even if we feel for Irina, we can't really get any feeling of sympathy.

Luftskibet 'Norge's flugt over polhavet

Amazing documentation of a historic accievement
Thanks to the Norwegian national library this believed-to-be-lost film has been restored to an 87 minute long copy, thanks to a German nitrate copy found with German text plaques.

It's restored in 2K by Minerva Film in Copenhaven. The movie is believed to have been 20-30 minutes longer than it was at the Norwegian premiere in 1926. The film was re-relaased on DVD in 2012.

The film tells the story about the trip with the airship "Norge", from when the ship was baptised in Italy to the end, with the crew and their work on board.

The 2022 Norwegian animation film "Titina" tells the story in an amazing way with lots of original footage, ad is a pure gem to see. Go see that before to search up this original.

Kampen om Narvik

Hitler's first defeat
"Kampen om Narvik - Hitler's første nederlag" (in English: The Battle of Narvik - Hitler's first defeat") directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg had a hard time reaching the cinemas, two years after first planned premiere,due to covid and then the eruption of the Ukraine war, but when it finally did it does to full houses across Norway.

The plot follows a soldier, Gunnar, and his family during the outbreak of the war, and the freeing of Narvik, a battle which kept going for 40 days, and we can feel the difficulties of war, with his wife obliged to help as a German translator.

The film is superbly filmed in locations Narvik, Drammen and Rjukan, and the sound is awesome.. the story manages to grip on several levels, and I found it both interesting and good, telling me history I didn't know about from before.

Another good Norwegian war movie, well worth a view.

Säg att du älskar mig

There are good intentions behind this movie which is about youth and sexuality, or rather the trouble girls may counter in today's society where sex is all over.

We meet a girl which is happy and outgoing until she is gang raped by two boys, while another couple knows what's going on.

The film is partly well played, but mostly falls flat in bad acting, and there should have been at least 10 more takes in several of the scenes in this film, sad to say.

It comes out rather amateurish and trite. That said, this might function for a youth audience, which most likely will find many things they can relate to.

Heroji radnicke klase

Take it on the chin
Working Class Heroes, directed by third time director Milos Pusic goes right into the modern debate around the misuse of illegal workers.

A group of illegal construction workers are hired in and is left without money and basic rights, trying their best to fight their bosses by all the means they have left.

Their bosses are building a huge hoax of a buildng project with the intention to con money from a EU development fund.

But things are not going according to plans.

As they are approaching the deadline, what was once a simple construction job becomes a fight for life and death.

The film is taking a punch again modern day society, where the the only thing that matters are money.

Well played and executed, but don't expect to be uplifted by this film, which have been a festival film, among others at the 72nd Berlinale.

Same Same

Mister Lonely is haunted
Anders Lennberg's "Same Same" is a rare film. A fold that is sounds without any dialogue which needs translating.

Lennberg has directed a lot of things, but this might be the strangest.

We meet Jan Mybrand as "Mr. Lonely" living up far north in Sweden as he is hauted by a young man, or at last it seems he is. Who is tis guy? Is he a memory fro the apst, og is he being satlked?

We don't meet many others here, except a Taxi-driver and a drunk driver.

But everywhere we see this young man, often naked., appearing and disappearing.

The film as qccompanied with great music, is very poetic and mysterious, but the film will most likely bore a ot of it's viewers.

Thomas mot Thomas (en sensasjonell teori om det ubetydelige livet i multiverset)

Fu with the multiverse
I saw this in a doublebill at the cibena with "Everything Everywhere All at Once", and that was a perfect match.

Thomas as a brilliant physics professor who sakes almost everything to his dream, to be the one who finds, defines and describes the multiverse. He is so sunk into this that several of his multiverse selfs are helping or disrupting him in getting to this goal.

His 10 year old son is his only link with reality.

Well this taks an even more comedic approach to the multiverse that "Everything...", and is more of a feel-good movie.

The main theme here the multiverse, but the bonds to other humans, his former wife and so is making this a great watch. Well played by all. Arthur Berning is sublime, and so is the boy laying the son.

De held

Old secrets revealed
Dutch Menno Meyjes' third directorial attempt De Held (The Hero) manges to keep interest. We understand quickly there's hidden secrets in a Jewish family.

Meyjes has made an apadtion of the eponymous novel by Dutch writer Jessica Durlacher, based on her own family story.

We are introduced to a family through a party, with an old patriarch with an obviously dark secret from his past. And now that past i coming back to haunt him and his family.

When he dies, secrets are revealed, and much of what the patriarch told is not adding up.

The problem from there, which is a great plit, is that the excitement isn't going anywhere. It's s too inept attempt of a trailer, even if the actors are doing their best.

The film comes out mediocre.

Ostrov - Lost Island

Lone in a Island - lost in time
Ostrov - Lost Island is about the land that God forgot.

A lost part of the Soviet Union - and on this island of Ostrov in the Caspian Sea the inhabitants are left alone by the Russian state after the collapse of the Soviet Union, surviving through poaching.

They are occasionally visited by Russian military telling them to go somewhere else, and stop fishing, which aren't allowed even if it's what they live by.

It's heartfelt, interesting and a profound portrait of the family which gives you the idea of how it is to live and grow up in such a situation.

The people have their thoughts about the world.


true story, but over dramatized
The transport of the Norwegian gold and silver which started on the day Norway got occupied by the German war machine April 9th 1940 is an amazing story, but the story seem to be over dramatized.

The film is well made, with solid effects and good quality, and this is in fact the mot expensive Norwegian move made for streaming ever, made by Viaplay for their streaming services all across.

A solid A-team of Norwegian actors are doing well in the movie, but it's sad that a couple of them, especially Axel Bøyum is acting this as it was a comedy. Why?

Well, that said. Apart from this the film is rather entertaining, and it does what it should; Make you read about the true story.

Avatar: The Way of Water

Dangerously close to a turkey, or maybe it's a tolkun
James Cameron has sadly not made a classic, but rather close to a turkey, even if it will be hailed as a masterpiece. Well, I'm sad to say; it isn't - by far!

Well, I survived the length... I had time to think a lot along the way, unfortunately. It's skillfully made, but not my cup of tea. I never fall into this one and started to feel like this was close to what I hate with mdern action movies. Is it ia turkey? Or maybe a tulkun, which is some of what this is about (I will not say what a tulkun is so no spoiler).

Cameron probably should have stuck to his first script for 2, which he scrapped.

I'm a fan of sci-fi movies, but here it's overkill. And I have to ask ot of questions instead. Felt this was a mix of Marvel, Tarzan, Planet of the Apes and a Vietnam movie.

I liked Avatar 1 even though the ending ruined it, but this was too much. I see that Cameron is trying to give some messages about the environment and indigenous people, but why do they have to be invincible big and blue, and say "bro" all the time?

Of course, I struggle with the fact that the film starts when it should end, with an hour-long battle taken out of a Marvel film, with equally tiresome music.

It doesn't make up for the fact that it's beautiful, and although the CGI is great, I'm surprised that it's just as bad at explosions. They look cheap. If there was something I thought Cameron would fix, or at least pay for, it sows believable explosions.

I wasn't moved by all the sadness either, possibly because they all look weird and are blue or turquoise. I was bored, primarily because I never land in the story. Didn't care if anyone died, and to be honest started wishing more of the in the "family blue" dead.

Sorry, James! I've probably seen my last Avatar movie too, however many Cameron wants to make. A lot of good, then, but so much that pulls it down that it becomes average; 5/10.


Strange real surreal gets hilarious with gentle fly
Mandibles by Quentin Dubieux is more of what you should expect from filmmaker Dibieux who got known by Rubber - the serial killing tyre. He is dubious, if you catch my drift.

Mandibles is about to very simple guys, two childhood comrades, who are on a mission to deliver a suitcase, but they need a car. After stealing a car, an old big Mercedes, thy find a friendly domesticated giant fly (!) in the boot.

As in Rubber, nothing is really what you expect. This is simple people in simple lives - and all simple fun.

I can't help it, i find this incredibly fun. Some minor characters here steals the show, as they often do, and the references to Bill & Ted is not far off. Two knobheads out of their debt.

Full dekning

Well played remake - but no comedy
"Full dekning" is a remake of Italian "Perfect Strangers", which is remade in a lot of countries.

Tis movie features a bunch of well known Norwegian actors who are doing their best and therefore this is still interesting, even after seeing the others.

It's always best to see the first film of a story, which ever it is, and so is Perfect Strangers still the beste in my eyes, but this comes in as a sure second.

Still, making another remake of a movie still tells a little fatigue of new ideas and scripts, and that's the most worrying about this.

It's a little sad that we have to make remakes of perfectly good movies. If we don't have anything to add, don't do it.

That said, the actors are doing such a great job here, i still would recommend this.

Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power

we are all watching the male perspective - Eye-opener for most males?
Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power i s documentary that focuses on the male perspective to which becomes the narrative on 95-98 % of all films made. By men, seen by men and women seen as a object.

As a male I must say I am kinda baffled that I haven't seen that in all these movies. I have of course seen the obvious, but there's so many that I didn't see go into that narrative.

The fact that the male body is taboo in most movies, that you never see close up s of it i quite baffling.

A film to learn from, and be ashamed of, as a male? Yes, I'm sorry to say.

That is in fact the case. And it's really too much to handle.

We are almost always asked to see the male perspective, even in films made by women, because we are learned that's the way to do it.

Important stuff for any film school, and for any film buff.

The Masked Scammer

The story of conman Gilbert Chikli
This documenatry takes on the story of conman Gilbert Chikli who came from very poor upbringing, deciding to get rich by coning the rich with intelligent scams

We meet both him and his accomplished in this, of them his many women, all named Shirley in his scams.

Chikli is not only good as masquerade, but he also had a charm, eb\evn only using his voice. Seeking refuge from French authorities in Israel, they still get him to talk.

The documentary, made by Dominic Sivyer and Yvann Yagchi is well made and it's done in a light exciting way. Grab it at Netflix. Which has become quite a specialist on documentaries lately.


Finally trolls get the respect they should - Monster to 11.
This is fun with big letters - FUN!

Trol by Roar Uthaug (The Wave, Tomb Raider, Cold Prey, Escape...) has made a big budget Netflix movie which takes the fabulous saga of trolls to a new dimension.

Uthaug's movie tells how the old sagas about trolls have been told for thousands of years to keep the children from running far from home in the mountain areas of Norway. Every big mountan in Norway has a troll living in it, but they've hardly been seen. Maybe until now.

Finaly trolls have gotten the Godzilla/King Kong-movie they deserve. Because trolls can be big - way bigger that King Kong, and that is proven by Uthaug here.

This is a popcorn catastrophy movie, and it's well made, which flawless CGI, very much unlike some of the CGI we see from Hollywood. This is both beautiful and horrifying.

Scandisaster it is called this wave of new catastrophy movies, but it's wrong. They are all Norwegian - the wave which oar uthaug started himself with "the wave". We've since had "The Quake", and "The Tiunnel". All with quality CGI, and a more believable catastrophy than we're used to from Hollywood. This has felt real.

Troll takes us away from this of course, and is a mix of them all, and it's done with a huge bowl of humor.

Uthaug and co-writer Espen Aukan has obviously sen every movie of this kind, and decide to take it up to 11. Enjoy!


How easy politics was 40 years ago
"The Crown Prince" ("Kronprinsen") is about a politically active young student, Roald, which is rising to be a star in the party, rising to be the new party's crown prince.

When you see a 43 year old movie like this you really get to see how bad today's situation is, when it comes to politics and development. Innocence is gone. Well, politics have never been beautiful, nor rather dirty, but today it's all worse.

Today you have both the fake news and society has become way more focused on money.

Maybe even more corrupt and beyond the standards back then.

Well, it's also such a treat to see the veteran actors Bjørn Sundqvist, Bjørn Floberg, Sverre Anker Ousdal and Per Jansen (dead in 2021).

I also find it very cool to see Oslo depicted as i remember in the 80'ies.

The film is made by Pål Bang-Hansen which was more known for being a film critic in Norwegian national TV NRK, and is quality.

This was his last feature movie.


Good nerve, and many regrets
It is impossible to watch Immersion by Nic Postiglione without thinking about Roman Polanskis debut feature Knife in the Water.

Most of the story goes on during a boat trip, where there is danger lurking.

This Chelean/Mexcan movie tells the story about a father and his two daughters on a boat trip, where they try to avoid to save a group of three men seemingly about to go under with their boat.

He re-decides, and goes on to save them, something which turns the trip into a nightmare.

Well played out, mysterious, and nerve wrenching - a thriller which feels very true, and still a little unfulfilling.

The whole thing is about the nerve here, and it works pretty well.

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