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Margrete den første

I enjoyed it immensely
I think this is he best medieval age movie made in Scandinavia so far, and tells the story about when Queen Margrete I was told she lost her son to the plague, and then he turned up many years later. Or did he?

She was quit convinced but noone seemed to recognize him as grown up.

He was also the single heir, and was claiming the throne, which was seen as an opportunity for an impostor.

Well played, great storytelling as well as perfect setting.

American Song Contest

Found it very interesting
Don't slate the idea first year.

I found it interesting, a d many songs were good to. Vinner should every year participate in Eurovision.

Good luck in making this a tradition, with a few changes to make it as electric as Erovision.

The Hater

Meh, you will be happier not watching this
Really don't know what to say about this film, and not sure if I understand the agenda. Is it funny? No.

I enjoyed the first part with Brice Dern, the rest is questionable.

Do I understand the title? No Is this film important? Hell, no!


Disjointed and uninteresting movie with no story wins Oscar for best original script!
Is it really possible that this pretentious film won an Oscar for best screenplay now in 2022!?

It is downright tragic. It is a disjointed and almost uncharming film. It is possible that there are some childhood memories here, but the film does not tell a story, but is an incoherent mess, sometimes poorly played, especially by the children, and then of the type of overplay.

The film feels completely artificial, and why in black and white? We are here in the 1970's!? Come on!!! Was it to match all the TV-clips?

I'm really losing patience with Branagh. Here, for once, he is not directing himself, but it does not actually help. This is an incoherent overplayed soup that even Ciarán Hinds and Judi Dench can't save. (Besides, Dench's Irish does not work. Why in the world should she play Irish, there must be plenty of Irish who know Irish.)

But the worst thing is that the movie is uninteresting, at times annoying and most concerned with showing old TV recordings, and that it obviously charms Hollywood with old movie clips over and over again. We also get an incredible number of poorly filmed scenes that seems so unlikely. A bus does not run at 3 km per hour!!!

Imagine making a movie about growing up in the Northern Ireland War uninteresting and boring! Well done, Banagh!

All the other films in the category for best original screenplay should have beaten this mediocrity into the boots.

Sickly annoying! The only mitigating factor is that it clocks in at 1 hour and 36 minutes.

Det tause flertall

On odd look into the seventies
Wam og Vennerød made movies after movies, with succeeding in making something great.

Sorry to say, but it was due to bad scripts and odd dialogue. Constantly making the wrong choices, adding some very unnatural dialogue into some odd side characters.

Well it's odd. I know we didn't speak like that in the seventies, but in Wam and Vennerøds world they obviously did. And why are they so angry all the time?

Well it's cheezy fun, and really bad.

On odd look into the seventies, indeed!


No Flew over the Cuckoo's nest it aint
Pasients, doctors and psychologists at a looney farm? Can that be funny and important? Yes for sure. We know.

The lack of comical timing is down to the writing.

I can see the writer is the same as the director, which tells me the safety net was out of this one.

It's a good idea, but it's not funny enough.

Comedy's with good points and timing is neither funny nor good.

Eve the music, amateur guitar with glockenspiele is bad. Good grief!


You got to be in the right mood
Peruna - The Potatoe Venture - is supposed to be comedy about the guy bringing the potatoe to Finland in the 1600's.

The problem is that the script isn't very funny.

The comedy tries to be a Mel Brooks comedy which uses modern phrases for venture and inventions to such an extent it gets boring.

As the actors are to to act like this, they are doing a good job, but I'd wish the comical timing and jokes could be of an completely different level.

Sad, because the idea is good, and he movie turns out a bit below average.

Il filo invisibile

OK and cute, but over acted
Young Francesco Gheghi saves this, as he is talented and good, and not over acting like grown ups. This movie would have been better if it had dropped the comic parts.

Plot is good, and the film has a bit of charm, but it's full of what we can say is all fashioned humor.

It doesn't suit an Italian film being Hollywood-funny.

It's OK entertainment, but could have been s much better with a tighter script.

Downfall: The Case Against Boeing

This is how a movie can be important
Great documentary about a big, big scandal. This goes to the core about the money grabbing leaders behind a once prod company, where owners are more into making short sighted profits than make a good product.

Fire all safety staff, fire workers so they have to work harder no regards taken to safety.

And then lie about it. There's always money to be grabbed, and new can come in and save the rest when the downfall has started.

No wonder Airbus has taken over, and sadly, it's well deserved due to the leaders of Boeing.

Someone stes there's nothing new here!?

Well there is, and more to it: This needs to be known all across the world!

Well done!


Posivively surprised after rather bad trailer
Another Norwegian disaster movie which was a success in the Norwegian theatres. I wasn't expecting much from this, as the trailer seemed lame, telling the movie was overacted. I'm happy to say it was not. Before showing it abroad, they should make a new trailer, or it will be more lightly to bomb.

It started off with The Wave (Bølgen) in 2015 (Director: Roar Uthaug, Writers: John Kåre Raake and Harald Rosenløw-Eeg) which was 9/10.

Followed by The Quake (Skjelvet) (The Quake) in 2018 (Director: John Andreas Andersen, same writers as The Wave) which was 7/10.

Followed by The Tunnel (Tunnelen) in 2019 (Director: Pål Øie, Writer Kjersti Helen Rasmussen) which also was 7/10.

And now The Burning Sea (Nordsjøen) in 2021. (John Andreas Andersen, Writers: Harald Rosenløw-Eeg and Lars Gudmestad) which I think is 8/10.

Before this Norwegian disaster movies did hardly exist, maybe with the exception of People in the sun (Mennesker i Solen) from 2011 which has a funny approach and which I think is under-appreciated and I also loved to an 8/10.

The team behind The Wave was also behind The Quake, which is some kind of follow-up, and now this The Burning Sea, while The Tunnel was an exception.

Well, this is a step up, both when it comes to the catastrophe as well as in effects. The CGI is, like in them all superb. No wonder Hollywood searches Norway for CGI-talents, as all these movies are made on what would be a shoestring budget in Hollywood. The story is also good, and quite believable, though of course there are plot holes, and things that are not drawn out too much, hence the length of the movie.

I was on the egde of my theater seat along the way. Even if I didn't like very much the kid-story took too much place. Bu well done! I hope for more Norwegian disasters!


The best is fantastic, but uneaven and too short series
First episode didn't catch, me. The second did. When the third came, I was in movie heaven.

There are some fantsastic clips in this series. It's just wonderful. But i guess you have to have seen a lot of movies to really enjoy. Many films are not identified.

I simpley loved it, beut the episodes are uneaven, naturally, since they are essays from very different people.


Blak comedy satire about a cyclist admitting doping
I went into this with no expectations at all due to the low score on imdb, though only with a few votes, but was positively surprised.

110 % Honest (Or in Norwegian: Hjelperytteren) is absolutely funny, where it gives sports doping new face. The dopers and the family arond wich have been supporter of the doping, and don't really understand why this is such a big deal.

We meet former pro cyclist Kimberley "Kim" Karlsen (39) just moments before she holds a press conference admitting use of performance enhancing drugs in her career. We are taken behind the scenes of a doping scandal as it starts rolling, and observes how Kim tackles her fall from grace. Rather than accepting the consequences of her actions, our antiheroine refuses to alter her mindset. Everybody in sports wants to cheat.

Though cheating on a mtah test, like her daugther does, is not accepted. Why? You don't learn anything from it!

The movie is jannicke Systad Jacobsen's second feature film after the much accalimt "Turn me on, God damit" which won a lot of prizes and festival accalamation.

Well done, and serves us some really good laughs.

Ma Loute

Beautiful, quirky and strange - I loved it
An extremely overweight detective and his way smarter right hand side comes to Slack By in 1910 to investigate why burgoise tourists traceless disappears. Ma Loute is the son of a fisherman which falls in love with one of the tourist - a girl dressed like a boy.

More you don't need to know about "Ma Loute" or "Slack Bay". What appears is a very strange and beautiful movie, which lets the viewer decide weather you find the story appealing or not.

It's the first movie I watch made by Bruno Dumont, and I've now put the rest up on my watchlist.

It's quirky, strange, gross and funny. I thought of Ettore Scolas "Ugly, dirty and bad" and Jean-Pierre Jeunet's films, and maybe with a touch of Wes Anderson.

It certainly will not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love such a gem. I'm not sure what Dumont wants to tell, but it sure is a treat.

Je Suis Karl

The Youth of Europe - comes with a warning, don't let bad reviews stop you seeing it
I take the bad reviews here are due to this film either not are being understood, or that some refuse to take it in - the danger of youth wanting to change society from what it is today, maybe drastically. It's not a coincidence this film is made by Germans. It comes with a warning.

A reference to this film would be The Wave, which is filmed both by Amercans and Germans, based on a true story.

This movie starts off very interesting, and within 15 minutes I'm sold.

We see a young couple driving across the border into Germany hiding a refugee which they smuggle in. Then we wind maybe 20 years forward, where we see the same family being freak hit by a terrorist attack. And this leads to us following the daughter Maxi and father being left broken. The daughter is being approached by journalists and others, among them a very charming an pretty young man, in whom she involves.

The film is well mde, but doesn't overexplain. It's down to you as a viewer to decide what you see. I think many modern viewers watch movies while they look at their mobile phones. This makes them need aoverexplaining to get the point of a movie. They are easily confused by narratives and jumps in time.

This film gives warnings. Warnings which makes me think of the environmental movement more than nazi- or terrorist-movements, but this is fiction which comes with a warning, put into an interesting story. Just watch it with an open mind!

I onde dager

Bloody fun on a trip to the mountain cabin
The Trip, or in Norwegian: I onde dager ("For worse" in the "For better and for worse..") is a typical Tommy Wirkola movie, which means it's fun and bloody.

Wirkola has taken the trip back from Hollywood to make a piece with Noomi Rapace and Aksel Hennie, and it's a fun ride.

All actors impress in this wild and funny violent ride.

Lisa and Lars are unhappy. She's an actor, he's a director, and the happy days of marriage are over. So when holidays come, they plan to kill each other while staying in their mountain cabin. But things don't at all go as planned.

Not at all, for any of them, nor for the three escaped prisoners on the run which has turned up in their cabin.

The Hunt for Gaddafi's Billions

What a mess
The film is not as good and exciting as i hoped. There's done a good job in revealing the stolen billions from good sources, still I was sitting back with a falt feeling from what could be a thriller ride in telling.

I know this is a complex dealing, and so many who wanna hide and try to det hold of some of it, and maybe we can't expect more than being left confused.

But for a 100 minute film, I had expected more excitement, or call it a etter dramatic telling. After all this is both criminal and exciting.

Squadra antitruffa

Tripe B-movie with little going for it
Italian B-movie with the lesser known Corbucci, the writer of many more famous movies.

This is quite tripe, not very funny, and rather badly acted.

Still it entertains to a 5/10, but nothing you really need to see.

I'm ot sure what's the point in Netflix giving such films a new chance. This is as mediocre as can be, and no huge b-film cult potential.

Yedinci Kogustaki Mucize

Awful tear-jerker full of overacting
I was really fooled by the 8,2-rating on imdb, and often as in case with Indian and Turkish movies rating is insanely high. It seems the rate 10/10 in 9 out of 10 movies they see.

This film, which even is a remake of a South Korean movie named the same, is quite awful. Not when it comes to photography, which is really top notch, and the little girl and the grandmother plays OK, the little girl is very cute.

But the rest is full of overacting, so badly that it makes the film a real stinker. The film is made for making viewer cry, but it's all to ridiculous. The little girl even breaks into prison to see her arrested father.

Nothing to see here. I'm sure the Korean movie is 10 times better, and this is a waste of time.

Il Divin Codino

Baggio had deserved more
Good film, but just good. It seems Italians struggle when making biopics. They only get half good, just like this.

Baggio is a national hero, and known all over the world, and he had deserved a better film. Actors are doing OK, but the story too poetic. Too clicheed.


When your dreams are hindered
This little Italian drama tells the story of most human lives. The 17 year old girl is forced to give up her hobby and dreams, and even has to move out in a rural part where everything is made difficult when her mother dies. She also have to take care of her much younger little brother.

The bus out of here goes every day, and is an allegory on how both easy and impossible it is to get away.

The film is subtle and melancholic and very heartfelt, and well acted. It's a film which easily goes to the core of your feelings, though it's not spectacular in any way.

A good directorial debut from Lamberto Sanfelice, well worth a watch if you like slowburners.

Min pappa Marianne

Awful, unfunny and akward
The score on this film is ridiculous. The film is really both unfunny and quite nasty. I was expecting a sweet story, nd not a story filled with stupid characters acting awkward.

OK if the story is a not very likely story to happen, but even worse is it that this film is very unfunny. It's a feel-bad movie in the disguise of a feelgood movie.

Not even two of the bes actors in sweden were able to save this. Nor did they try.

What has happened to Sweden as a film making country!?

Blue Kids

Interesting plot, just slow poetic film
The best thing I can say about this film is that it well shot, and that it is told in a poetic style, quite blueish, and that it's short (75 mins.).

The plot seems very interesting, but the film is very slow, and also with few words spoken.

The film is a slowburner and quite boring, I'm sad to say,and the actors are no more than OK. They don't charm you, nor the opposite.

He Dreams of Giants

Great about finally getting a nighmare movie production finished
I hear about that the fantastic filmmaker Terry Gilliam had struggled hard with getting the film "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" (2018)made, and I saw him interviewed before the first showing of the film in the film festival in Karlovy Vary. He told about that the film had stranded after six days due to flooding and a sick main character, but I didn't know more about this fantastic movie, before I saw the film about the troubled nightmare production "Lost in La Mancha" (2002).

Here is the documentary about how the film was finally made, and as the two above mentioned, this is also a must to see. Not only if you enjoy the film, or terry Gilliam's films, but if you love the very art of filmmaking.

Great stuff from a no longer young filmmaker and his struggle to get a doomed project out of his head, and more than 20 years in the making.

Wellkåmm to Verona

What's the worst that can happen to comedy? That it's tedious and unfunny
It's quite some ensemble which is gathered at this retirement home, which really has an interesting plot, but the writing is far below expectations.

This is a comedy, but there isn't one single line in this movie which is funny.

Well, then is it charming? No!

Well, is it well played? No!

Is there something that functions at all? No!

Is the film too long (97 minutes)? Yes!

Find your entertainment elsewhere.

It seems like Swedish movies have taken a nosedive after de demise of Ingmar Bergman. The Swedes make decent TV-crime movies, but cinema movies is way below standard.

Vara s-a sfârsit

In the fall of a summer
This little Romanian coming-of-age movie, Vara s-a sfârsit, or in English, Summer's Over, we meet the 1s year old boy Mircea in the small town of Cernavoda on the big river Daube during scorching hot and dry summer - the warmest in 35 years. He is looking very much farward to a solar eclipse in the 1990's. One day the equally aged and long haired Alex from Bucuresti turns up on the bus, with a stylish bike and new music on the walk man. This meeting are profound for Mircea. They become close friends, until one of their actions will cause powerful consequences.

The kids are played by Dan Hurduc and Nicholas Bohor, and they do a fabulous job in this third movie by Radu Potcoavã, after a script by Cristina Bîlea.

The film succeeds in bringing back those early teen summers back then i your own life, which is it's main point until the story takes a turn.

Well worth a watch, and after it came on Netflix the film has gotten a new chance of being discivered.

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