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Noah's Ark

Accuracy questioned...
> The following is a copy I wrote to on Sunday evening: > Re: Noah's Ark: > "We're watching Part I. This script has Noah engaging in a dialog with God > about not finding ten righteous people in Sodom. This event occurred in > Genesis 18:32, over 300 years AFTER Noah's death and was between ABRAHAM and > God, NOT Noah and God. Ham also made a statement referring to God's laws; > humankind wasn't aware of living by God's laws until Moses was given the law > on Mt. Sinai 1,111 years AFTER Ham was, as he looks to be in this movie, > about 10 years old. If the intention of this movie by Hollywood script > writer's and directors was to seriously alter the facts, so far they have > done a tremendous job. My ten year old daughter, who knows the Bible, is > sitting here watching this, and she is totally confused." As an added > comment, after I sent the original e mail, the movie shows the remaining > material for the ark appearing one morning...all structural lumber. I was > surprised that Norm Abram, didn't show up to help with the construction and > Bob Vila to try to do whatever he does... > Come on folks, what are you doing? >

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