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Shooting Sizemore

"Shooting Sizemore"
"Shooting Sizemore" confirms what I had long suspected - Tom Sizemore is a deeply talented actor, yet a flawed individual. I respect him all the more for exposing his personal life in order to understand himself better. This is real life, not scripted. The drugs, the alcohol, the dysfunctional relationships with women, the emotional outbursts of rage and tears within minutes of each other - it's all there. It's raw, emotional, and powerful stuff. I sincerely hope that Hollywood gives Tom the second chance that he deserves.

I would highly recommend this VH1 series to anyone interested in film, and as a warning to those who think that Hollywood is paved with gold.

That Was Then

"That Was Then" (2002)
This was such a great series, so of course ABC canceled it after just two episodes. The story was great, and so was the '80s music. The only problem with this series was the time slot (Friday night at 8pm.) If ABC had put this series in a decent time slot, it might have had a chance. What a shame.

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