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Back to School

Dangerfield at his Best!
A real treat for all Rodney Dangerfield fans. The late Sam Kinison is terrific as Professor Terguson, as is Paxton Whitehead as Thorton Melon's rival. Great quotes abound - "He wants you to dress up like Wonder Woman, tie him up with the golden lariat and force him to tell you the truth" - Always good for a laugh!


Do Yourself a favor and Read the Book!
A decent movie, but it misses a lot. The book is an excellent piece of work to be sure. The screenplay adaptation is weak and does not hold true to the characters, although William Peterson is very good as Will Graham as is Tom Noonan as the Tooth Fairy. A major problem with the film is that it looks too "Miami Vice-ish". Very early 80's.

For a better time, read the book. Hell, read all three.

American Gothic

What a Show!!!
What a terrific show this was. Gary Cole is at his best as Sheriff Lucas Buck, one of the greatest characters ever created for television. And to think that it all came from the mind of Shawn Cassidy. Was was Shirley Jones feeding that boy?

The Jackie Thomas Show

I Loved This Show!!!!!
I am in no way a huge Tom Arnold fan, but this show was great. I have a feeling that when Tom and Roseanne (who, at the time, had the power of ABC behind her) were splitting up, this became one of the first casualties. A real shame.

The Arsenio Hall Show

The show unknowingly sealed its' fate
One of the "highlights" of this show is when Arsenio had then Governor Clinton on his show to badly blow some hot air through his sax and have the host kiss up to him.

Clinton was elected and Bush/Quayle were sent packing. Arsenio got what he wanted - Right?

Arsenio Failed to take into account his heavy reliance on Dan Quayle as the fodder for his monologues. With Dan Quayle out of the spotlight, his jokes seemed old and mean-spirited. Unable to come up with anything fresh or funny, The Arsenio Hall Show died a quiet death.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The best Trek series. Period.
I really don't know why this show was, and still is, treated like the red-headed stepchild of Star Trek.

This show started out slow but once TNG was off the air, it really grew. This series got better every year (unlike the last season of TNG which, for the most part, gave use half-assed and utterly unbelievable [even for a sci-fi show] stories and Voyager which hasn't got much better since season 4).

The two season long Dominion war arch was a great idea and gave us many great episodes ("In the Pale Moonlight" is a real standout).

The action on special effects were also tops. A great show with great characters. Why can't Voyager be more like this?

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

It's the Al Gore Cartoon Hour!
I think Al Gore must have been a consultant on this one. A bunch of left wing extremist views about the roles that the environment and business and industry play in our lives. A good idea on how to brainwash young impressionable youth. Just awful.

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