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The Mothman Prophecies

A bore
A silly, meandering excuse for a horror movie which wastes the talents of a good director and some good actors. The atmosphere keeps you involved for about 40 minutes and then it just gets stupider and duller as it goes along. And if you believe this is based on a true story, I have several bridges I'm about to put up for sale. Not even recommended as a rainy night rental.


Beneath any rating scale
Utterly senseless gore fest (as one of the other reviewers points out, the 1st murder occurs when the murderer is 1,000s of miles away). Now there's a plot hole. Almost completely uninvolving, even the "action" sequences are ridiculous. Badly written and acted with an intrusive, annoying music score (it operates like a TV laugh track - since what's on the screen is uninvolving, we need something to let you know when it's supposed to be interesting). I love good horror (e.g., Dawn of the Dead, Manhunter, etc.) but this is just an unmitigated turkey.

Ocean's Eleven

Watchable, but not much more
Oceans 11 is one of those movies which are becoming so common these days. It's "nudge-nudge, wink, wink" dialogue informs you early on that this is a thriller which will not thrill - where the characters never really seem in any danger. So then all that matters is how well it's all done. Fortunately, it's well directed and the actors play themselves (mostly). So on a very basic level it delivers. It's a decnt rental, nothing more.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

A very mixed bag
The 1st section is brilliant: moving, suspenseful, all you could hope for. The 2nd section starts fine but goes on far too long. And the final section is about as unbearable an experience as I've had in a very long time.

It wasn't nominated for any important Oscars and, for once, Oscar got it completely right. A big disappointment for anyone who is a fan of both (as I am) Kubrick and Spielberg.

The Tailor of Panama

What a treat
They're not supposed to make thrillers like this anymore - one where the actions flow from the characters (not the actions being dictated by the plot as silly as the actions might be) and one where the supporting characters are well written and important. Wonderfully entertaining with some great black humor and, yes, it is a hoot to see Brosnan play a spy so different than Bond.

The Thomas Crown Affair

Plays like a TV show with nude scenes.
A "thriller" in name only. There is not one second of this movie when you feel that any of the main characters are in danger (of harm, of prison, or of acting like a believable human being). Russo (usually one of my favorites) has an unplayable part requiring her to go from being icy, professional and smart to brain dead, sometimes within the same scene. The love story is just unbelievable. Plays like your regular TV series with nude scenes tacked on. The original had to have been better.


Who is the Savior?
A movie that makes you feel and makes you think and feels like a realistic portrait of war. Like one of the other reviewers, I also like to think the baby is the Savior. But you can debate who the title most accurately refers to. One of my favorite movies in a very long time.

Wild Wild West

they'd better get their money quick
There hasn't been such an unforgivable waste of money since The Postman. This is poorly written and directed and minus a single funny scene. They had better get their money quick because word-of-mouth should kill this turkey dead.

Fatal Attraction

a movie that betrays itself
The movie, of course, was based on a British TV movie and was also significantly altered after test showing audiences didn't like the ending. The intent of the original TV show (which incidently has no violence and an ending that resolves nothing) was to show that both parties were at fault. Yes the male character was unlucky enough to get involved with a mentally fragile young woman but what the hell was he doing getting involved with anyone with his wife and child away for the weekend? The implication of the TV movie was that the result was going to be the breakup of his marriage.

The US movie stuck reasonably close to the TV show. When test screenings were not favorable, many scenes were recut or reshot including the ending. In doing so, it betrayed the original intent of the story. Glenn Close has commented on how disappointed she was in the changes.

The result is what was a thought-provoking look at a situation which is relevant to all of us became just another tired psycho on the loose riff. He has been bad yes but his wife forgives him and even takes up a gun to save the marriage. She, on the other hand, is a bunny-killing looney. For her, one killing isn't good enough.

City of Industry

mediocre blood bath
Try and remember this one a week after you see it. Gives the impression that they filmed a first draft. Keitel's worth watching but there's absolutely nothing else.

Wild River

it's a love story
Yes it's a look at tradition versus progress and, yes, it also shows how one person's cherished way of life can be another's prison. But basically, it's a love story and a very fine one. Highest rating.

The Quiller Memorandum

memorable, haunting spy flick
Very satisfying spy flick which, if it grabs you, may haunt you for a long time. Perfect and slightly ironic ending. Excellent musical score too.

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