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Shichinin no samurai

The Best Film of All Time
What can I say? This is the best film I have ever seen, nothing else can even compare. Akira Kurosawa presents the ultimate masterpiece in Seven Samurai. ................................................................. 10/10

Honor Thy Mother

The producers of this film should be sued for the misrepresentation of copyrighted materials, namely the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players' Handbook. Fear and ignorance breed the sort of mindless propaganda that inspire garbage like this film. If any of you have any doubts about the innocence of Dungeons & Dragons, why don't you go to your local hobby store and see about sitting in with a gaming group, so you can see for yourself that D&D is nothing to be afraid of.

Hak hap

That's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back...
I went into this movie expecting your typical chop-socky flick with the usual nonsensical excuse for a plot, but they couldn't even get that right. The camera never stayed still long enough to allow a reasonable look at the sped-up stunt work, and the continuity was so bad that even the simplest of plot elements didn't work. Black Mask did not have a single redeeming quality aside from the fact that it ended.

I have never actually walked out of a movie, but this time I came darn close.------------------------0.5/10

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