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Joss, why are you doing this to us?!
Joss, Angel is a great show...and one of the things that made it so great was the great chemistry the cast had. How can you even THINK of killing off Doyle? I know you planned this from the start, and I know Glenn Quinn knew this from the start as well, but a also I know many people who were not avid Buffy watchers got hooked onto Angel because of Glenn Quinn's great character. I loved his personality, I loved watching him get his visions and I loved the potential relationship he had with Cordelia, and I'm not the only one who feels this way about those things. Plus, I just got the news that WESLEY of all characters is going to be doing spots in his place...Joss, please!

Movie Stars

Hilarious...so funny, I'm laughing for days!
This show is the best comedy on television. It is wonderfully acted and SO well written and...oops, I thought this was the message board for F*R*I*E*N*D*S. Anyway since I'm on the Movie Stars board, I might as well put my two cents in. This show is the absolute...WORST "comedy" I have ever seen! These writers cannot think of any good jokes besides those godawful celebrity namedroppings? And the cast? The show shouldn't be called Movie Stars, rather a more appropriate title would be Acting Class. Especially Marnette Patterson. That girl is the typical "California-Girl-Blonde-Airhead" stereotype (BTW, she just makes us Californians look bad because that label is so untrue). Oh! Wait, it's seven o'clock. Time to watch F*R*I*E*N*D*S...now it's time for a real comedy.

Noah's Ark

Beautiful, Breathtaking and Spectacular...
...are words that describe GOOD films like "The Ten Commandments", "Elizabeth" and "The Odyssey" rather than this terrible excuse of a mini-series. When NBC was advertising this "gripping" television movie, I was convinced that this movie was going to be good. I was comparing it to "The Odyssey" which was another on-sea epic. But that was the only similarity. "The Odyssey" was an excellent, captivating, ACCURATE true-to-the-real-story film. "Noah's Ark" was probably the worst piece of garbage that has come out of my t.v. What an insult to the Catholic faith! If you want a movie, that is faithful to the its real story, rent "The Odyssey" and "The Mission". You want to see a better performance out of Alexis Denisof? Watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" his role as the uptight Wesley Wyndham-Pryce suits him better than this the feeble character he played here. And you want to see an excellent mini-series this year? Watch the CBS movie "Joan of Arc". Now THAT was a good movie.

The Odyssey

After seeing other "Greek Mythology" films...
I have always been a huge fan of greek mythology and after seeing movies such as "Clash of the Titans" and the trailer for that Disney animated "Hercules" film (I could not bring myself to see the actual thing) I was sorely disappointed. However, after seeing a film that was based on my favorite greek myth, I was very impressed! This film is true to the real story, and any fan of the story will enjoy it as well. A few things that I was a bit nitpicky about were the way Odysseus lost the remainder of his ship and crew. He lost them because his men ate the forbidden cattle of Helios and Zeus struck the ship w/ a thunderbolt. Another thing, wasn't Charybdis a whirlpool-creating monster? Finally (this was the only one that REALLY got me) the portrayal of Nausiciaa in this movie was a bit...I don't know, bleah. She did more than just find him on the beach, she convinced him to come out of hiding, and out of all the women on his trip, she was the only one that wasn't a seductress. Despite all that, I thought the film was excellent and I urge anyone who is a greek mythology fan, or even just a fan of movies, to see it.

Joan of Arc

Hauntingly Beautiful....
There are few movies that bring me to tears. Epic movies such as "The Mission" and "Braveheart" succeeded in that. However "Joan of Arc" surpassed them all. I taped the mini-series, and it is the only movie that has me sobbing EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch it. Coming from an actor, this is wonderfully written and beautifully acted by Peter O'Toole, Neil Patrick Harris (far from his Doogie Howser days!), Chad Willet, and, of course, Leelee Sobieski. She didn't play the Maid of Lorraine...she WAS the Maid of Lorraine. I give credit to the people behind the musical score, it fits the movie perfectly, and 12-year old Charlotte Church's vocals were just the thing for the battle scenes. This is one movie I will cherish always.

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