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Three Loves Has Nancy

Delightful comedy. I found myself laughing out loud. Robert Montgomery, as usual, has comic timing down to a fine art. Franchont Tone plays his usually sophisticated drunk to near perfection. Funny characters and a funny plot with just enough sexual tension to hold your interest.

Too Late for Tears

minor classic
I watched this one with little anticipation that it would be as great as it was. Unlike many so called film noirs, this one had a femme fatale. Lizabeth Scott got the guys to do what they new were wrong, but then they are guys. I watched with a group of people and by the end of the movie we were shouting "Too late for Tears" everytime Lizabeth Scott's character did something mean to a man and she started regretting it. Dan Duryea's character is wonderful. He has sex with Lizabeth Scott then becomes a raving alcoholic, but he is happy. The only problem with the movie is the "code" would not let Lizabeth Scott get away with it. Wonderful plot, wonderful acting and very atmospheric.

Paths of Glory

There is more than one side to the story
I will not repeat the other very favorable comments (with which I agree) listed for this movie. However, I have one observation that I believe makes it even a more interesting movie. Kubrick is such a genius that he realized that there had to be a gray area. The soldiers may have been guilty of the crimes they were accused of when they did not reattempt to take anthill. By at least allowing this interpretation, it makes the movie more than just a preachy sermon against war. It makes a movie a metaphor for other moral decisions.

The Hitch-Hiker

Almost a film-noir
It is a suspenseful movie that has likeable characters (except for the killer). William Talman is extremely good. I would never have thought he was so capable especially since he never had the opportunity to show his true acting abilities in Perry Mason. There is no femme-fatale, so in my opinion the movie does not quite fall into the film-noir category. One of the hidden themes of the movie is said by the killer. He tells his hostages you two would had been able to escape if you did not care about each other.

Follow Me Quietly

Short and sweet
For the most part, a very believable movie. There is one silly exception in the middle (the killer sits in the dummy's chair). It is not quite a film noir. I always believe to be a true film noir you need a femme fatale. Follow Me Quietly does not have a femme fatale it has a femme as likeable as she can be. The movie is just the right length (which is very short) and it tells a story with hardly wasting a word.

Mission to Moscow

Good for representing attitudes at that time
Some of the newsreel footage can easily be fastforwarded. The trial scene is hard to believe that Americans would really believe that Stalin was right to round up his officers. Walter Huston is always a delight. The story holds your interest. Although, it does make the hero look a little too good. With hindsight, we see that he made many more mistakes than he admits to.

Bad Day at Black Rock

More bad guys than good guys
The suspense and tension are the real stars of the movie. Many fine performances by many talented actors. Walter Brennan especially had a good role. His character changed the most. Only one women in the cast. And, she is probably the most evil character in a movie full of evil characters.

Mrs Dalloway

Good movie to watch when you are in a thinking mood. I think it would not be a spoiler to know before watching that the young soldier is not ever personally known by Mrs. Dalloway. Yet, there lives are interwoven. All actors were superb. It is fun to watch with someone because the movie poses many questions about live and living.

Johnny Eager

Entertaining gangster movie with a hidden homoerotic theme.
Maltin calls the plot "convoluted". I believe he is a little to harsh. There is much more character development than one usually sees in a gangster movie. The plot could be followed. The plot surprised me once or twice. "Is he really dead?" However, the movie is more of a character study. Lana Turner once again shows that she can act when she has a good director. She has much sex appeal. However, if you watch closely the real love story seems to be between Van Heflin and Robert Taylor. I thought in the last scene that Heflin would finally get the kiss he was waiting for from Taylor. It was a little unclear as to how could of friends they really were. Did they live together? Even with the underly homoerotic theme Johnny Eager is a good gangster movie.

Charlie Chan on Broadway

A real who done it.
This is better than most of the Charlie Chan. It has number one son, Keye Luke. As usual, it has the right mood, but, it also has a plot that actually almost makes sense. It is possible to solve along with Charlie on this one. Definitely, see if you can figure out who did it along with Charlie.

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