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The Foreigner

Total nonsense
Imagine this...

Whenever two people meet in this movie, one of them is shot. The plot just does not exist - it appears that someone shot some action sequences and then tried to put them together to make a movie out of it. If you decide to watch it, you will regret it.


Romantic comedy, enjoyable but the plot is thin
A story about two young people who make their living by seducing rich people. When they run into each other, sparks start to fly. Good quality DVD with proper English subtitles. The plot is light, but acting is competent. Beata Tyszkiewicz is excellent. Watch it if you have nothing better to do.

Ostatnia misja

A good thriller; great cast; great ending.
This is a movie that surprises. A few good movies were made in Poland, however this one is clearly in a class of its own - it can challenge world's best. In some aspects similar to the Day of Jackal, but it has its own strong story, which keeps you guessing to the very end. Peter J. Lucas and Janusz Gajos give strong performances. The quality of English subtitles is excellent and so is the quality of the DVD picture.


Not an easy movie to watch, but it is a true masterpiece.
Based on true events, the movie shows the dilemma faced by law-abiding people confronted by ruthless, petty criminals. The Police is simply not interested - there is not enough evidence to get a conviction, so why bother. In the meantime, the victims and their families are being gradually destroyed as the criminals are trying to force them to re-pay an imaginary debt. This movie will make you think - how would you react - what would you do differently to avoid the final tragedy. Excellent acting, strong plot, high quality DVD with excellent English subtitles - well worth watching.


A really bad movie. Rating of 1 is too high.
Bad picture quality - the movie was probably made using a video camera. The plot is full of holes and nonsense, but not enough to turn the movie into a comedy. Add poor acting to it and that's "Wirus". Don't watch this one - save your time. How did they manage to engage a few well known actors to play in it is beyond my comprehension.


A masterpiece. Based on true events, a gripping story about Soviet Military Intelligence.
Based on an autobiography of a senior intelligence officer of Soviet GRU. It is a Polish-German-Ukrainian co-production and it is interesting that it is now very difficult to get a copy of this film - too close to the inconvenient truth? If you can get it with English subtitles - definitely see it, it is on pair with the best espionage thrillers. It shows a normal person being gradually pulled into ever more secret circles of the Soviet Military Intelligence, where to remain human becomes increasingly difficult. The rules are cruel, nobody is your friend - even if they appear to be so - and everyone is watching you. Top acting, well told (real) story, and a true and disturbing picture of life behind the Iron Curtain make this one a top movie. Janusz Gajos is excellent in his role - he stars as an experienced GRU officer, a mentor for the main character.

Operacja Samum

A gripping true story about attempts to rescue CIA agents from Iraq in 1990
In 1990 Polish Intelligence was asked by the CIA to assist in pulling out of Iraq 3 CIA operatives who were stranded within the country. At the same time the Iraqis had arrested a son of a retired Polish intelligence officer who then went to Iraq to help his son. In a ruthless manner, the Polish Intelligence leaked to the Iraqis that it was him who was trying to rescue the Americans, using him as a decoy. A gripping story, sometimes complicated, as real life sometimes tends to be. Excellent movie.

U Pana Boga za piecem

A mix of romance, comedy and real life in a small town at a Polish/Russian border in 1990s
An excellent picture of daily life in a small Polish town near the Russian border in 1990s. A mixture of romance, comedy and real life makes it a unique film. The dialogues depends heavily on in-depth understanding of Polish culture and Polish way of life - this makes the movie great, but unfortunately it also makes it of little value for foreign viewers - even if a subtitled version is ever released.


An interesting action comedy with a twist at the end
An 18 year old boy works hard on stealing a large sum of money from a corrupt businessman. He employs high tech tools and convinces businessman's attractive young secretary to help him. The plan is moving along well, but not everything is what it seems...

Surprising and positive ending, a pleasure to watch.

Demony wojny wg Goi

A story about soldiers who suddenly find out that it's for real
A great movie if you're prepared to look a bit deeper. It shows a group of soldiers who never participated in real combat are sent to Bosnia as peacekeepers. Arguably, they are civilians in uniforms. Faced with a real enemy, they are forced to handle their fears and endure the shock of shooting at people and being hurt themselves. The finale makes you think whether fighting against the 'bad guys' makes any sense anyway - what difference does it make? The 'good guys' get hurt in the process too.


A re-make of 1938 romance/drama; a famous surgeon stricken by amnesia
An excellent story about a talented surgeon who is abandoned by his wife with a young daughter. Stricken with grief he gets drunk, is robbed and badly beaten. As a result he suffers from amnesia and for years wonders from settlement to settlement working as a laborer. Finally he gets a job in a mill and driven by an impulse helps mill-owner's son to walk again after an accident. Gradually people start crowding to see the famous 'quack'. In the meantime, in the neighboring town a young lady who works as a shop assistant is courted by a son of local count, who opposes his son's choice. The lady and the young count get badly hurt in a motorcycle accident and the quack saves their lives. Arrested for practicing medicine without qualifications he gets rescued by the grateful patients. During the court hearings he regains his memory and realizes that the young lady he saved is his daughter. Well acted, good script - well worth watching. One can only hope that one day it will released on a DVD with English subtitles.


An excellent spoof of gangster movies.
A great story about a taxi driver who is mistakenly arrested as a professional killer. The guy's name is ... Kiler, which is a Polish, phonetic equivalent of English killer. The media, police and the public make the guy famous. And... you need to see it to find out about the ending. It's a good story, with romance, suspense and surprise. Have fun.

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